Minimum length: 3-5 pages Maximum length: 10 pages This strength claim some participant and environmental attention, and/or discussions delay inhabitants from the homogeneity. Note that this is 10% of your proceeding, so transcribe suitably.  Describe the Environmental and Gregarious Dynamics of a Fresh Extension in the City In the arrange we discussed contrariant doctrines and watched multifarious videos on the character of gregarious interactions in exoteric extensions and the ecosystem services supposing by oppidan fresh extensions. We feel discussed the harmony betwixt substantial extension and the gregarious extension.  Select a fresh extension/oppidan garden or circle in your settlement homogeneity. Spend 2-3 hours in the separated extension observing the character of the extension, the matter of the gregarious interactions happening at the extension, and the contrariant ecosystem services supposing by the extension. If certain, conference to inhabitants imperative for managing the extension.   A. Describe the substantial characteristics and character of the extension? Is it an oppidan fresh extension? A circle? What are the contrariant features of the extension?  B. Describe the character of the gregarious interactions gate settle in the extension? Are there contrariant types of interactions (inhabitants honest conferenceing or walking, parents brining their kids, inhabitants exercising, inhabitants enjoying character or lection books etc.)? C. How does the contrariant characteristics of the extension adapt contrariant gregarious interactions?  D. Describe the ecosystem services (Provisioning, controlling, cultural, and habitat) supposing by the extension?  E. Describe the homogeneity encircling the extension? Are there threats of gentrification? How does the ecosystem services supposing by the extension rectify peculiarity of morals in the exclusive homogeneity? Use pictures, figures, and other instrument if certain in your essay and call the instrument suitably (MLA, ASA, APA etc. Honest be congruous delay the diction of referencing).  Please use postulates and notification from the arrange lections and videos to prop your essay