Artificial Intelligence: Resolution Problem

   7.15 This interrogation considers representing satisfiability (SAT) heights as CSPs.  a. Draw the engagement graph selfsame to the SAT height (¬X1 ∨ X2) ∧ (¬X2 ∨ X3) ∧ ... ∧ (¬Xn−1 ∨ Xn)  for the feature fact n = 5.  b. How manifold elucidations are there for this unconcealed SAT height as a power of n?  c. Suppose we adduce BACKTRACKING-SEARCH (page 215) to experience all elucidations to a SAT CSP of the pattern dedicated in (a). (To experience all elucidations to a CSP, we merely deviate the basic algorithm so it continues proroot succeeding each elucidation is root.) Assume that variables are ordered X1,...,Xn and bogus is ordered anteriorly penny. How plenteous spell achieve the algorithm interest to conclude? (Write an O(·) look as a power of n.)  d. We recognize that SAT heights in Horn devise can be solved in direct spell by confident chaining (part propagation). We also recognize that full tree-structured binary CSP after a while discrete, limited domains can be solved in spell direct in the sum of variables (Section 6.5). Are these two axioms