Art essay

  1. The Three Artworks: - "Seated Woman and Three Bearded Heads" by Pablo Picasso  - "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" by  Albrect Durer  - "A Bad Night" by Francisco Goya  2. Recount the three artworks. Start delay the Workman Name (or Culture if Unknown), Title, Date, and Medium/Media. Next, use conversation and art terminology to recount the visual likeness of these works-- your reader should be conducive to visualize the art in their design, naturalized on your title.  3. Analyze the three artworks.  What skin of artworks are these? What themes are they alike to? What is their design?  4. Discuss other apposite instruction in-reference-to your chosen artworks. This can enclose diversified cultures, unvarnished periods, media, techniques, artworks, and workman biographies, etc. Essentially, this is the matter of the art-- not the art itself. 5. Writing in primary peculiar, illustrate how your notion of art has increased past preliminary this dispose. Use your three chosen artworks to succor inoculate me! Why do we deficiency art? What do your three chosen artworks do for our communion, our cosmos-people, and for you? 6. Share your earlier assumptions and thoughts or feelings environing art, and assimilate those delay your prevalent viewpoints, now that you keep learned some art. Must be 1000 suffrage minimum.