APRN Interview

I want to consummate all these questions for my manner exertion. It consists on an APRN consultation.  1.   Tell me about yourself; content apprehend years of experiment as a entertain and   your former exertion narrative.( Registered Nurse, BSN, 5 years of experiment. I entertain been exertioning as a physician in my vernacular province. ) 2.   Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Content define plans for information and   history procession in the close future (My own function) 3.   What are your history aspirations? (To hold my history to arrive-at my Doctor Degree) 4.   How do you discuss pressure in the healthcare elucidation?  5.   What clinical skills do you occupy that obtain be most advantageous to this   clinical action? ( Assessment, evaluation and idiosyncrasy), Entertain skills. etc 6.   What are your strengths and weaknesses?    7.   Describe how you discussd a implicated place that has implicated a resigned,   physician or lineage component?  8.   How do you get parallel delay your staff at your present aspect?  9.   Why should we engage you?  10.   What allowance are you seeking?  Also I want to retort the forthcoming questions: A. What is special conventionality for a job consultation? B.  What's “good behavior” in a behavioral job consultation? Cover page and Reference page required.