• Application 1 – Analysis and Synthesis of Prior Research (7 page) paper and your PowerPoint presentation (10 slides ) For DR. Dan15.

   · Collision 1 – Dissection and Body of Precedent Research At negotiative conferences, blocks of age may be set separate for what are termed "poster cabinets." A public-house ballroom or wide notorious area achieve be ringed delay men-folks who use displays such as posters or electronic donations displayed via projectors. These cabinets contribute an occasion to divide one's test in an nice enhancement, delay a diminutive assembly collected environing who divide a aaffect share. The seminar format of this series is very aaffect to this academic diversify. During one set of coupleed weeks, you achieve be appointed as a Assembly Leader. If you are one of the Assembly Leaders for this week, you are to qualify an academic donation, considerable affect a poster cabinet. Your donation should introduce dissection and body of precedent test and achieve inaugurate the interaction delay your colleagues. You achieve qualify an academic disquisition of betwixt 5–7 pages in APA format, as well-mannered-mannered as a PowerPoint donation of 7–10 slides. This dissection achieve be an notorious-ended vestibule to alienate topics of con-over touching e-commerce skillful-treatment counsel schemes. Your intent, as the introduceer, should be to incite your discussants that the avenue(es) you entertain analyzed and synthesized is/are a probe media for discovering new methods to conduct counsel schemes. You should own that there are other models, or media to con-over MIS, but you should aim to be as indulgent as feasible that the biased concepts you entertain reviewed are animated test avenues and that they are theoretically breakthrough areas for advancing the construction of counsel schemes, chiefly connected to e-commerce. Your disquisition and donation should include the forthcoming elements:   · An division and dissection of at lowest 5 of the required media from this couple of weeks · The division and dissection of 5 strong media from the Walden Library · An identification of first schools of reflection, tendencies in the academic learning, or commonalities that specify the academic lore touching your topic · An evaluation of the deep concepts delay a rendezvous on their collision to skillful-treatment custom and their application on enacted political modify In observation to the aloft elements, the Assembly Leader(s) for this week achieve rendezvous thematically on: · Specify each of the universally used acronyms, conditions and concepts listed under. For each, produce examples where alienate, and parallel and dissimilarity connected concepts (affect structured and unstructured problems):   ·   o TPS o MIS o DSS o Structured problem o Unstructured problem o Problem-solving arrangement o Decision-making arrangement · Evaluate the test touching assembly decision-making schemes and constabulary counsel schemes. Be strong to reveal your power to fulfill the intention or intents of each kind of scheme, the usual inputs, outputs and other components, and the usual users. Contribute examples whenever alienate. Post your 5-7 page disquisition and your PowerPoint donation as strong files to your judicious posting to your assembly's weekly Discussion area. Ressources · Articles · Fichman, R. G., & Kemerer, C. F. (1999). The vision-try evacuation of innovation: An test of assimilation gaps. Counsel Systems Research, 10(3), 255--275. Retrieved from the ABI/INFORM Thorough database   The constructor of this season beholds at how new advances in IT may be habitual, yet tranquil not largely deployed delayin their firms.   · Linck, J. S., Netter, J. M., & Yang, T. (2007). The property and unintended consequences of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and its era, on the yield and insist for directors. Review of Financial Studies, 22, 3287--3328. Retrieved from the Business Source Thorough database   The constructors of this season behold at the property the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has had on directors.   · Martinsons, M. G., & Martinsons, V. (2002). Rethinking the treasure of IT, repeatedly. Communications of the ACM, 45(7), 25--26. Retrieved from the Business Source Thorough database This season challenges the opinions of IT and the admission that IT is chargeable on for productivity gains.   · Poon, P. P., & Wagner, C. (2001). Censorious luck factors revisited: Luck and insufficiency facts of counsel schemes for important constabularys. Decision Support Systems, 30(4), 393--418. Retrieved from http://paul-hadrien.info/backup/LSE/IS%20470/litterature%20review/CSFs%20failulre%20senior%20exectuives.pdf This season beholds at censorious luck factors (CSFs) and how they are confused in the outgrowth of counsel schemes.   · Scott, J. E., & Vessey, I. (2002). Managing risks in execution schemes implementations. Communications of the ACM, 45(4), 74--81. Retrieved from the Business Source Thorough database The constructors of this season behold at determining factors of a luckful implementation.   · Wang, B., & Paper, D. (2005). A fact of an IT-enabled organizational modify interference: The privation pieces. Journal of Cases on Counsel Technology, 7(1), 34--52. Retrieved from the ABI/INFORM thorough database.   This season beholds at an organizational modify interference and how the arrangement could entertain been handled dissimilar.  · MANAGING INFORMATION SECURITY RISK: ORGANIZATION, MISSION AND INFORMATION SYSTEM VIEW retrieves from  http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/nistbul/March2011-ITL-Bulletin.pdf  · eGovernment Initiatives Fact Study: New Models for Luck Douglass P. Smith Emporia State University retrieves from http://scholarworks.waldenu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1138&context=ijamt · Does the Luck of Counsel Systems Really Matters to Firm Performance?  Retrieves from https://file.scirp.org/pdf/IB20120200012_27983838.pdf · Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing In Counsel Systems Outgrowth Projects