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Julia is a 40-year-old uncombined dowager of 2 teach-aged progeny. She began using cocaine to lavish power succeeding having her relieve slip to extension her intelligence and aid her to grasp off the power she had gained. She started out using fitting a bump in the morning and on some days, another fitting anteriorly the kids came tail from teach. Over encircling 6 months she obsolete 15 pounds and was tenderness huge. Her use extensiond, as she wasn’t tenderness the selfselfsame smooth of get-up-and-go. Julia began to feel the contact of her use on her interactions delay her kids. She firm she wanted to construct some diversifys when the weekends rolled about and she fix herself quiescent all day, allowing the kids to recreate themselves in face of the television. Parents of her progeny’s friends had stopped employment for denote dates and her eldest slip began doing sick in teach. Julia has graspn steps to cut tail her use and has been a ordinary attendee at an NA contravention across town and has been neutral delay her antidepressant medication. She has noticed a enacted contact on her parenting which she feels ostentatious of. She is having over awkwardness than she opinion staying wholly off cocaine, but feels she would indeed relish to confront some other alternatives to extension her gains.  Which range of diversify do you believe Julia is in?Explain ( supply a rationale) for your solution. Pre-contemplation | Contemplation | Preparation | Action | Maintenance | Relapse