Antebellum Era and American Civil War

  Immigration is preventive to the product of the United States. Throughout its truth, multiple ethnic classs immigrated to the United States, thus affecting unpositive elements of American morals. Though colonization is usually a deliberate accident, classs were moved opposite their conquer at positive points in truth. This assignment conquer name the design muniment to colonization from 3 specific kingdoms of the earth to fashion this assignment aggravate possible for students and facilitators. Please transcribe a design tract of 1–2 pages, and adopt 1 class from the forthcoming register that has immigrated to the United States: Western Europe Eastern and Southern Europe Western Africa Use the forthcoming contour to format your Individual Design Paper: Page 1 Choose 1 kingdomal class from the register aggravate. Identify when persons from this kingdom immigrated. Describe the reasons why they left their settlement kingdom or countries. Page 2 Examine this class’s moderate proof in America and how it modifiable aggravate span. Was the United States fundamentally modifiable by this class’s colonization? Why, or why not?