ANT 202 Human Origins and Prehistory WK3-D2

 Field Note Collaborations for Week 3        Field notes are a very leading distribute of ethnical examination.  Anthropologists use their scope notes to gain registers environing what they  are seeing and thinking period conducting examination. For your  collaboration you are entity asked to gain your own scope notes, based on  the assigned career esthetics. As you peruse the assigned esthetic or  watch an assigned video for this week, download the Weekly Study Scope Notes (Links to an exterior position.)  document and glut out a new set of scope notes in which you are  expected to transcribe down leading concepts, distributes of your peruseing that  you energy feel questions environing, or flush pleased that you experience vast  or interesting. Just affect the notes that an anthropologist gains in the  field, your notes must be distinct and not-difficult to peruse accordingly you achieve be  uploading and sharing them after a while your peers in the collaboration. Guided Response: Save your improve in the subjoined format: StudentName-Field_Notes.docx. Attach your Scope Notes Worksheet to your judicious posting in the argument forum. (View the Attaching Documents to Discussions video (Links to an exterior position.) to acquire how to do this).