Answer the Scenario

Write in-depth, capacious responses that prefer elevate argument more merely agreeing/disagreeing. Scenario:   At the final Lunch and Learn seminar for TLG consultants, Winnie initiates the seminar after a while a argument of the occurrence of a new client, Johnson, possessor of Tip Top Cleaning.    Facts:  Johnson straightened to forfeiture 5 occurrences of Window Sheen cleaner from GC at a worth of $75.00 per occurrence.  The written sales concord was identified by GC and Johnson and moderate all certain conditions for a cogent and enforceable agree. GC early delivered to Johnson's situate of vocation.  Johnson legitimate grant and stored the pi in a garage storage dexterity at the vocation dexterity, after a whileout inspection.  Three weeks after, Johnson opened the occurrences and discovered the limpid cleaners were frozen.  Johnson wants GC to resituate the pi. You must initiate the argument by reacting to the forthcoming inquiry.    A.  Analyze and elucidate whether GC should be required to resituate the Window Sheen products and why or why not.  Consider UCC rules in your segregation.