Analyzing Financial Statements for Planning and Cost (750-1000 words) APA format w/references

You entertain of-late hired a new coadjutor, Susan Thompson, who previously worked in a financial accounting duty preparing life entries, which furnish you after a while a recording of the day-to-day activities of the gang and financial announcements (allowance announcement, announcement of owners' equity estimate prevarication, and coin stream announcement). Although your new coadjutor has knowledge after a while and amply understands financial accounting, she has no knowledge after a while managerial accounting. Part 1 In a memo to your new coadjutor, Susan Thompson, exhaustive the aftercited: Explain to her the similarities and differences betwixt financial and managerial accounting. Provide examples of managerial accounting reports that she could rely-on to see after a whilein EEC, and interpret how skillful-treatment jurisdiction use the notification to form decisions. Keep in remembrance that although the allowance announcement, the announcement of owners’ equity estimate prevarication, and the coin stream announcement are generated in financial accounting, they are used to clear all of your managerial accounting reports. Examples of a few of those reports are the absolute analyzes, upright analyzes, and ratios. Part 2 In a memo to the consultation of directors, sift-canvass the notification ground in each of the aftercited financial announcements, and depict how accounting notification is used by managers for planning and control: Balance prevarication Income announcement Statement of coin streams Statement of stockholders’ equity