1: Searching for Solutions 0 unread of 0 messagesThis is your fortuity to retrospect some of the extra instrument supposing — and perchance perceive a new best friend! Click on "View Full Description" underneath for the directions.View Full Description The internet can be a potent coadjutor when you are reserved to type out how to reresolve a gist. The Handy Helpers add takes you to a page delay adds to videos, math tops, PowerPoints, artifice sheets and other materials that expound the topics mature in the lessons. HANDY HELPERS Pick one of the Handy Helpers from Weeks 1 or 2 that no one has reputed on, click on Start a New Conversation, and make the matter the indicate of the add (for example: YouTube PatrickJMT: Finding the Slope of a Line). Then confer us a retrospect of the "helper" in at smallest 150 signification. Include what you affect or don't affect encircling it and why you apprehend it may be advantageous to others. The top that you retrospect must be on the Handy Helpers list! Then, for the fostering two posts, accord to two classmates delay comments encircling their post - or a advantageous impulse encircling connected instrument.