Adobe Muse – Building a Portfolio Website

  MUST HAVE Adobe Muse!!! Need done in 8 hours Assignment Instructions: 1. Download the “Adobe Muse – edifice your highest website” PDF from your Lab 5 folder.  2. Download the Data files for Katie’s Café from Blackboard or use the subjoined conjoin. 3. Save and Unzip the over Data Files to your Desktop. 4. Open the “Adobe Muse – edifice your highest website” 5. Open Adobe Muse Application 6. Using the “Adobe Muse – edifice your highest website” PDF as a pilot to succor you constitute a Portfolio Website compriseing 5 pages. Page 1: Home (This page should play a splash page stating your spectry, creating a logo, compriseing an metaphor that defines you, and the navigation bar.) Page 2: About (This page should written common to a shield missive.) Page 3: Return (This page achieve evidence your return; accordingly, perceive an mismisappropriate way to evidence your return.) Page 4: Portfolio (This page should appearance your route effort or internship projects.) Page 5: Apposition (This page achieve comprise a conceive that you constitute, which achieve recognize employers to apposition you.)