ACG4402CBE Section 01CBE Accounting Information Systems (6 Weeks) – CBE – 2018 Summer Mid-Quarter Deliverable 5 – Threats, Risks, and Controls

  Competency Evaluate the threats and risks associated delay accounting notification regularitys. Scenario Information BeGood Baking Accoutre is a insignificant bakery accoutre troop constituteed as a closely held strengthening. The troop eatables raw baking materials, Nursing Dissertation pi, and equipment to restaurants and bakeries in three states in the conspicuous mid-west. Most of its trade, so-far, is located in a extensive metropolitan area. BeGood nonproductions to augmentation its influence in the portion and suffice-for five states. In deed, the owners of BeGood would relish 75% of their trade to conclude from throughout the portion rather than the ordinary metropolitan area. In regulate to do this, the owners conceive they must alter offerings and lines of trade. Currently, BeGood has a phone character where customer regulates are taken; these regulates are then sent to shipping where the regulate is industrious in its extensive repository and shipped delayin lewd days. BeGood outsources its shipping to a national trucking troop. Once the regulate ships, all Nursing Dissertationwork goes to the accounting division where it is entered into the accounting regularity. BeGood calm?} uses the identical accounting regularity it has used past the birth of the troop. All aging of receivables and other decomposition is manufactured using Excel spreadsheets. Purchasing and tracking of catalogue are manufactured simply by the repository overseer. Invoices for catalogue purchasing are sent to the accounting division when pi are accepted. The owners at BeGood are wondering how they can economize an online influence and elevate automate its regularitys in regulate to expedite its augmentation and alter its trade. The owners may to-boot relish to amplify into the hawk trade. You own been paid as a full-time staff accountant at BeGood Baking Supply, and own been fond the business of evaluating and recommending a viable accounting notification regularity for the accounting and financial postulates of BeGood in regulate to expedite expansion and variation. As you start your investigation, you produce that manifold divisions are complicated in the notification regularity, and message is key. Instructions As disunite of the BeGood AIS duty, you must discourse risks, threats, and directs in acquiescence delay the COSO framework. You recognize the superficial spectator accomplish to-boot nonproduction this notification, so you career to instrument it now. In making-ready for the troop superficial audit, you qualify the forthcoming instrumentation to support the audit team in starting their work: Document a new AIS delay a flowchart that accomplish discourse the bigness and drift of BeGood in its ordinary constitute. List at last three vulnerabilities and withhold direct measures to direct the vulnerabilities for each power (department) delayin the flowchart. Devise directs inveterate on threats in a open ledger reporting regularity. Evaluate at last one protection prudence or act that would minimize threats and risks.