Accounting 201

In a three- to five-page tractate (not including the designate and allusion pages) examination and examine how the SEC’s EDGAR | Search Tools improves how investors furnish and use financial counsel. In your tractate, Explain how investors can use the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) postulatesbase at EDGAR | Search Tools (Links to an palpable post.) to examination a union’s operations and financial counsel. Assess the financial operation of, Inc. (AMZN) by determining the surrender of investing in the union through financial declaration decomposition. To bring-environing the balance duty and self-indulgence, go to Amazon’ (Links to an palpable post.) functional website, and establish the union’s Investor Relations combine. Using the Investors Relations combine, furnish financial counsel such as SEC Filings and Annual Reports. Conclude how investors can assess Amazon’ financial operation and surrender using Annual Reports. Explain the obtaining of each fame listed underneath in specialty and how it relates to your duty of Amazon’ financial operation. Form 10-K SEC filings Annual Reports Management Discussion and Analysis Management’s Responsibility for Financial Reporting Management’s Fame on Internal Control balance Financial Reporting Auditors’ Report Selected Financial Data, Inc. (AMZN) is the world’s largest electronic traffic and outdo computing union measured by produce and trade capitalization. The aftercited items were helpful from a modern Annual Fame of (Links to an palpable post.) for the year consummation December 31: In millions 1.                   Accounts payable $16,459 2.                   Accounts receivable 5,612 3.                   Cash 14,557 4.                   Cost of sales 62,752 5.                   Pay tax expense 167 6.                   Interest expense 210 7.                   Inventories 8,299 8.                   Net money supposing by easy activities 6,842 9.                   Net money flows used for investing activities (5,065) 10.               Net sales 88,988 11.               Other expense 118 12.               Other pay 76 13.               Property, introduce, and other long-term assets 16,967 14.               Selling, public, and negotiative expenses 26,058 15.               Retained hues (Dec. 31) 2,190 Indicate on which financial declaration you would furnish each of the previous items using the aftercited notations (note: an item may answer on more than one declaration): IS Pay declaration SE Declaration of stockholders’ equity BS Balance sheet SCF Declaration of money flow Prepare an pay declaration for the year consummation December 31, domiciled on the com, Inc. financial declaration postulates shown balance. The Developed Paper: SEC Filings and the EDGAR Database Must be three to five double-spaced pages in elongation (not including designate and allusions pages) and formatted according to APA designate as outlined in the Ashford Communication Center’s APA Style (Links to an palpable post.) Must conceive a severed designate page delay the aftercited: Title of tractate Student’s designate Course designate and number Instructor’s designate Date submitted For pconnect support delay the formatting and the designate page, connect to APA Formatting for Word 2013 (Links to an palpable post.). Must economize academic opinion. See the Academic Voice (Links to an palpable post.) contrivance for subjoined direction. Must conceive an importation and quittance section. Your importation section needs to end delay a apparent thesis declaration that indicates the point of your tractate. For support on communication Introductions & Conclusions (Links to an palpable post.) as courteous as Communication a Thesis Statement (Links to an palpable post.), connect to the Ashford Communication Center contrivances. Must add an APA denomination (Level 1 or Level 2) for each one of the topics examineed in the examination tractate as shown: SEC EDGAR Database Level 1Amazon’ financial operation Level 1 Form 10-K SEC Filings Level 2 Annual Reports Level 2 Management Discussion and Decomposition Level 2 Management’s Responsibility for Financial Reporting Level 2 Management’s Fame on Internal Control balance Financial Reporting Level 2 Auditors’ Fame Level 2 Selected Financial Postulates Level 2 Financial Declaration Notations (IS, SE, BS, SCF) Level 1Amazon’ Pay Declaration Level 1 Use the aftercited APA Designate blog to discover environing the APA Five Levels of Headings (Links to an palpable post.) Must use at smallest 14 erudite and/or trustworthy doctrines from ProQuest Business, Industry Databases:,, and Comprehensive Accounting Databases: FASB codification, AICPA, and SEC allusion library causes in adduction to the mode extract. The Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Trustworthy Sources (Links to an palpable post.) consideration offers subjoined direction on misspend cause types. If you keep questions environing whether a local cause is misspend for this assignment, gladden contiguity your schoolmaster. Your schoolmaster has the developed say environing the misspendness of a local cause for a detail assignment. Must instrument any counsel used from causes in APA designate as outlined in the Ashford Communication Center’s Citing Within Your Paper (Links to an palpable post.) Must conceive a severed allusions page that is formatted according to APA designate as outlined in the Ashford Communication Center. See the Formatting Your References List (Links to an palpable post.) contrivance in the Ashford Communication Center for localations. Carefully retrospect the Grading Rubric (Links to an palpable post.) for the criteria that obtain be used to evaluate your assignment.