About Your Signature Assignment  Signature/Benchmark Assignments are intentional to align delay particular program novice erudition issue(s) in your program. Program Novice Erudition Outcomes are coarse statements that recount what novices should distinguish and be telling to do upon accumulateion of their extent. Signature/Benchmark Assignments are graded delay a grading influence or an automated rubric that permits the University to accumulate basis that can be aggregated athwart a colony or college/school and used for course/program improvements.  Purpose of Assignment  The point of this assignment is to permit novices the opening to introduce a trade conception befriended by fortified financial notification. The novice earn be telling to establish the feasible challenges of doing trade in a exotic dominion and how to arrival them. Assignment Steps  Resources: Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Signature Assignment: Financial Statement Analysis and Firm Performance Template Prepare a 16- to 20- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® donation showing the details of a trade you are assiduous in starting in a exotic dominion, and for which you deficiency $300,000. The introduceation should understand the subjoined notification: Business name Executive summary Description of the exotic dominion Business description and structure Market and crew analysis Marketing and sales operational drawing How you drawing to use the $300,000 Financial statements forecast (3 years) Business bloom impost - using the subjoined ratios: Liquidity ratios Solvency ratios Asset conduct ratios Profitability ratios Market rebuke ratios Analyze and calculate the subjoined scenarios in 525 vote, including which one would you pick-out and why, and which financing discretion is best for your busines: Investor #1 resolute to mortgage you the $300,000, paying all of the curiosity-behalf (8% per year) and highest in one hunch sum at the end of 5 years. Investor #2 offers you the $300,000, paying curiosity-behalf at the rebuke of 8% per year for 4 years and then a last acquittal of curiosity-behalf and highest at the end of the 5th year. Discuss in 525 vote the challenges and risks you may aspect in starting a trade in a exotic dominion including the subjoined: Cultural, trade, and gregarious risks. How you drawing to escape operational, action, and translation charybdis. Format your assignment accordant delay APA influencelines. Resources Center for Writing Excellence Reference and Citation Generator Grammar and Writing Guides Learning Team Toolkit Copyright 2018 by University of Phoenix. All hues bashful. Use this immeasurableness to institute your inferiority. You can add passage, images, and files.Add Content Details & Information Due date7/9/19, 2:59 AM (EDT)