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Introduction Visualizing manneres and the course of grounds is ticklish to interpretation an accounting counsel classification. The aftercited event consider describes a scenario cognate to a interest. You get achievement on this event consider balance three divergent weeks to expand a course chart that accurately captures and describes a unfair accounting counsel manner in a specific and exhaustive habit. Activity Instructions Review the event consider and exhaustive the aftercited strides respecting the allied defence manner: Identify each of the participants and settle their role in the manner. Identify the progresss done by each of the participants. Break down the progresss into the smallest stride potential. Create a specific progress schedule per participant. You get use this counsel to accomplish the proximate stride in Week 4. Case Study Dan Matt, a younger testifier for Kramp and Company was assigned the commission of conducting a proemial contact resurvey of a client bank's advance branch operations. Dan created a coursechart and sense of the advance manner and peevish it balance to his important. He was writing up his impost of the manner from his notes when his important occasional and asked what happened to the allied accepted on the advances. Dan recurrent the signification of this aggravatesight and assentd to restrain it out upupright detached. Collateral Defence Process Collateral can be everything of prize cheerful to the bank but it typically some character of protection. Dan establish that customers transmould balance any allied to their advance manager, who prepares and signs the proximate in ordain in a pre-numbered four-part mould that describes the allied and serves as voucher.  Each portraiture of the mould is a divergent complexion to mature identification. The customer receives the shapeer of the allied voucher mould, which is pink. The promote or stainless portraiture of the mould is sent immediately to the allied history clerk, who logs it in. The advance manager takes the third or bluish portraiture to the exhibit preserver parallel after a while the allied. The fourth or yellow portraiture is cancelled and discarded. The exhibit preserver compares the bluish portraiture of the voucher after a while the allied in the advance manager's closeness. If they assent, the exhibit preserver signs the bluish portraiture. The exhibit preserver then attaches a tag to the allied and carries it and the bluish portraiture of the allied voucher to the exhibit henchman. The exhibit henchman so compares the patronymic on the bluish portraiture after a while the tagged allied. If they tally, the henchman so compares the patronymic on the bluish portraiture after a while the tagged allied. If they tally, the exhibit henchman opens the exhibit and jointly after a while the exhibit preserver defences the allied after a whilein. The exhibit henchman notes the residuum on the bluish portraiture and signs it. The exhaustived bluish portraiture is then charmed by the exhibit henchman to the allied clerk. Until the bluish portraiture is accepted, the allied clerk keeps the fantastical stainless portraiture, polishd numerically in a discontinuance polish as a reminder for follow-up purposes. On receiving the bluish portraiture from the exhibit henchman, the allied clerk compares it to the stainless portraiture previously accepted immediately from the advance manager. If the bluish and stainless copies tally, the allied clerk exhaustives the initiation in the allied register in numerical ordain. The stainless portraiture and the bluish portraiture of the allied voucher are placed in a steady polish by designate. Any differences are unswerving after a while the advance manager's protection. Writing Requirements (APA mouldat) 1-2 pages (approx. 300 opinion per page), not including appellation page or references page 1-inch margins Double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font Title page after a while question and designate of student References page (as pertinent)   Grading and Assessment 1.  Examine interest manneres (sales/collection; acquisition/payment; other interest manneres; and interest manner administration). 2.  Identify the ticklish components of an audit cognate to accounting counsel classifications.