4 Page homework

Every online direction has a required library assignment due.  Your library assignment is a 4-5 page desire exploration article including the meet and the references pages   The Library Exploration Assignment is to be on a “Type of Foundation used in Residential or CommercialConstruction” written in MS WORD DOCUMENT Form. You may besides do a con-over on "Common types of Foundation Systems in your area", or "Retaining Wall Designs", etc. If something would enjoy to do a exploration con-over on a kindred question that is not meeted in our quotationbook, then he/she needs to get the Instructor's laudation.   Supporting materials such as charts, Power Point Presentations or pictures can be used in making-ready of the Library Exploration Assignment. A"List of References" indicating the sources used to elevate your assignment must be middle in your article and cited in the whole of your quotation. The Library Assignment must be cheerful by using APA Format (no representation and paste from the references) and should ensue the Everglades University’s Library Guidelines contained herein.