3 pages APA due September 10 1159pm

In this Assignment, you allure light a fictional event scenario and then transcribe a 3–5-page brochure on the kindred incorporeal and constitutional issues. View the Event Scenario View the Transcript Imagine yourself as a authoritative agoing delay the visitor counselor on the call-in likeness in the event scenario. Think of how confidentiality relates to this scenario. You allure elaboration the laws of confidentiality using the manner symbolical and kindred incorporeal guidelines discussed in this manner to awaken the event scenario. Identify the potential confidentiality concerns in this scenario. Provide alternatives for the counselor for how to control the caller picturesquely in the event scenario so that s/he is upholding confidentiality laws. After you feel sufficiently adept the confidentiality issues of this scenario, address the incorporeal theories and issues. Choose one of the aftercited structure’s incorporeal guidelines: American Psychological Association (APA) American Counseling Association (ACA) National Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC) Using the guidelines from structure in which you choose: Identify incorporeal issues that the counselor may be negotiation delay. Relate the incorporeal issues to theories discussed in this manner. Describe at smallest one hypothesis that we feel discussed and how it ability notify this event. Assignment should include: A denomination page 3–5 pages A references page (three reserve) APA Format