2- to 3-page executive briefing memo

Hello, I demand a   2- to 3-page supporter briefing memo  by Friday 12/01/17   Assignment: Write a 2- to 3-page supporter briefing memo to technical example identifying a running rule among your form's network that you would tender emotional to the outrival using one of the aftercited services: IaaS PaaS SaaS In your memo, constitute positive to shelter why you applaud this vary and what benefits there are to the form. If you don't enjoy adit to advice about your form's network, try consultation delay the network director to after up delay some ideas. If this is not feasible, use the aftercited scenario: You are the IT Director of a mid-size marketable dispensation concern of 500 employees. The aftercited are a few rules that are used among your concern: Internal Exvary 2003 server - this is a substantial server Internal CRM rule - this is a potential machine Internal ERP rule using SAP ERP 6.0 - this is a substantial server Internal File server using 1.2 TB of axioms - this is a potential machine (2) Internal SQL Servers used for concern announcement - (1) server is potential and (1) server is substantial The network has the aftercited characteristics: A WAN delay (4) united standings - (3) dispensation centers, and a corporate function. Each standing is united via a 100 Mbps MPLS WAN and has a separate T-1 for a failover relationship. The axiomscenter is centralized at one of the dispensation centers. There are (2) internet relationships a 100 Mbps primitive relationship and a 10 Mbps backup. The network has superfluous firewalls that besides cater VPN adit for any unconnected adit that is demanded. Each standing has a LAN that is 1 Gbps Ethernet. Format your memo as a banner concern memo