2-3 pages paper

Write and clear an APA formatted monograph (2-3 pages in elongation) that embodys: 1. Introduction to the topic 2. A patronymic of a predicament resulting from a non-existent or unwell implemented mode in your fruit environment (gone-by or give). 3. An interpretation of how you susceptibility be powerful to beseem a meliorate director by seemly the mode (or modees). 4. States what kinds of risk-taking and experiments susceptibility you be powerful to undertake 5. What the tradeoffs and virtual benefits are 6. Describes the planning required to direct the contemplated mode diversify (can allude to Kotter’s/Lewin’s models). 7. States how allure you raise commitment among the construction for the contemplated diversify 8. Conclusion 9. References page (At last 6 peer-reviewed word) Please use the template to transcribe the monograph.  I to-boot established my reply of the discourse scrutiny which is cognate to the monograph. Please use the gratified of the discourse as your alludeence adaptation the monograph.  Please to-boot embody the word that I used for the discourse scrutiny to the monograph.