14 Slide PPP

   For this assignment, you allure interest on the role of a Vice President of a senior structure. The CEO has assigned you the profession of educating the leaders amid the structure of the concern of continueing an holy cultivation. The intonation of the endowment should be of a supplicatory creation as you allure besides be investigation these leaders to interest this commencement to each of their areas.  As you form this endowment, understand the following: 1. Explain correspondently what it instrument to continue an holy cultivation amid the structure. 2. Analyze the role that cultivation plays in global profession ethics. 3. Describe and urge on the concern and rationale for continueing an holy cultivation amid the total structure. Think encircling methods that could be used to motivate towards holy profession practices. 4. Recommend tactical methods that rule be used amid each of their areas. Your PowerPoint endowment should be 14 slides, not including the designation slide and relation slide. All sources used must be relationd and paraphrased. Directly quoted embodied must feel congenial citations and be cited per APA guidelines. Use of orator notes is required as well-behaved. In the orator notes, you allure cater what you would say if you were really giving the endowment to an reception. Please transcribe your notes in adequate sentences and concur to usual expression and/or punctuation rules.