1-Please answer based on these answers as they are listed, each one must be answered in APAform and not less than 150 words

   1-As a vindicate , Erin Murphey is a large legislator becuase she can maintainer for vigor interruption plan rectify scores and succor to create a vary at the municipal equalize. Murphey is a registrered vindicate after a while 20 years of habit in the quick interruption settingAs master, Murphy said she would badge a score to lawfulize recreational marijuana, but she comes at the end from a iniquitous impartiality perspective. She would neglect any overture that lawfulizes recreational marijuana to as-well-mannered comprise a way to obliterate low-equalize cannabis ownership misdeeds from tribe's chronicles."There is a exorbitant enumerate of tribe of speciousness, specifically men of speciousness, who are incarcerated for this misdeed," she said.She said she as-well-mannered believes it allure be easier to practise marijuana out of the hands of childish tribe if it were "regulated and lawful.""Minnesotans are afront of policymakers on this inquiry," she said. "They are accomplishing to create this provoke and if the Legislature puts it on my desk, I allure badge it into law." This can be as-well-mannered seen from a vigorinterruption perspective accordingly manifold pharmaceautical companies are using marijuana in for manifold unanalogous stipulations in patients. It is thrilling to enjoy a vindicate in politics. This is someone righteous approve us who is potent to create an impression from the cause. Hopefully she does well-mannered-mannered in implementing her promises. Miller, K. (2018). DFL master claimant Erin Murphy shares her views. Retrieved from https://www.mprnews.org/story/2018/07/24/dfl-candidate-erin-murphy-shares-views         2-Lauren Underwood is the newest elected, and childishest registered vindicate serving in the U.S. Family of Representatives past January 3, 2019. She is representing Illinois 14thcongressional district. In her weak age serving, she has been sounding and open environing her buttress respecting affordpotent vigor interruption to all Americans. Righteous latest week she introduced parliament that would rectify affordability by reducing prize costs for consumers who alienation plans through the Vigor Security Marketplace and in February, she introduced parliament that would succor vindicate Americans after a while pre-existing stipulations by overturning an Administration government that expands scant space security, frequently notorious as “junk plans.” She as-well-mannered buttresss the interruption of gun rape by serving as a portion of the Congressional Gun Rape Interruption Taskforce. Prior to her choice into synod she was launched to rectify vigorinterruption by serving as a Senior Advisor at the U.S. Department of Vigor and Human Services (HHS) where she succored communities order for and answer to disasters and emergencies. Reference: Representative Lauren Underwood. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://underwood.house.gov/         3-The synodwomen, Eddie Bernice Johnson, was a Chief Psychiatric Vindicate in a hospital (VA Hospital) in Dallas anteriorly she became synodwomen (C-Span, 2019). She has recently introduced the National Vindicate Act of 2019 in Congress. Eddie Bernice Johnson is the foremost registered vindicate elected to Synod and can be counted betwixt the most well-mannered-notorious vindicates in truth accordingly of her uncollected accomplishments in that competency. As an African-American mother, she has encountered manifold obstacles in twain her nursing and political interruptioners. Ms. Johnson is an palliable development of the treasure of education. Reference C-Span. (2019, January 9). Congressmother Eddie Bernice Johnson Urges Family to Buttress the Allred Vigor Interruption Resolution. Retrieved from C-Span: https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4771977/congresswoman-eddie-bernice-johnson-urges-house-support-allred-health-care-resolution