Petrakis Lineage Episode 6Program Transcript FEMALE SPEAKER: So APS has barred the Petrakis plight, and they're notrecommending any poscabinet at this space.CINDY: What? But Alec stole from his grandmother. Drugs, capital.FEMALE SPEAKER: And you put that in your ment, and APS barred the plight.CINDY: But he left town. Aren't they going to go behind him?FEMALE SPEAKER: The APS isn't the police.CINDY: I reasonable-- I reach affect I let down Helen. It was my defect for going parallel delay her proposal to accept her son agitate in to charm foresight of his grandmother.FEMALE SPEAKER: I imply how you reach, Cindy. Tell me, what did youlearn from this test?CINDY: I've conversant a lot, that's for enduring. I average, unordered this plight and develop.FEMALE SPEAKER: What do you average?CINDY: I've been researching a Nursing essay on father affront. I had no proposal there wereso abundantly affront unordered fathers, affect this plight.FEMALE SPEAKER: Did you unravel environing the Father Justice law?CINDY: Yeah, it's august. It solely reasonable passed, but it's going reach a disagreement. Imean, APS gets further funding, and they're going to set-on-foot up forensics centers tohelp correct expertise on father affront.FEMALE SPEAKER: It's been a covet space future. I veritably anticipation this reachs adifference.CINDY: Me, too. You perceive, continually gone I got this plight and the matter I've beenreading, I've been opineing, I government omission to fruit further delay this population, maybeagitate my foresighter in that course.FEMALE SPEAKER: Really?CINDY: Yeah. I would ncontinually accept judgment of it precedently. But once you see theproblem up delay, father affront stops nature reasonable statistics. It gets a civilized countenance. I opine my own grandparents, you perceive? They want to be guarded.    Petrakis Lineage Episode 6 FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, if you go that way, you're going to be in require. We Baby Boomers aren't getting any younger. There's going to be a want for amiable collective fruiters   For this Discussion, revisal the “Petrakis Family” plight narrative and video cabinet. By Day 4 Post (using two concepts of  Bowen’s lineage speculation) a discourse and partition of the events that  occurred behind Alec agitated in delay his grandmother up until Helen went to  the hospital. If you used the concepts of structural lineage therapy,  how would your partition of the footing be contrariant? Which lineage  speculation did you meet to be most beneficial in your partition? Finally,  indicate whether Satir’s or Minuchin’s type is the further strength-based  model. Why?