《The Guardians》questions

The Guardians Ana Castillo Choose two questions to rejoinder, 100 to 150 language each  1. Why do you contemplate the perpetrator chooses to explain the romance using unanalogous points of apprehension? What makes each relator incongruous?  2. Regina calls Miguel her angel and equal casually "her protector angel" (pg. 51). Do you contemplate the heading refers to him? What else cou ld it average?  3. Regina says that her biggest dinterpret is that Gabo gain scantiness to be a friar, and that, when Rafa hears environing it, "he'll be so disappointed" (pg. 7). Why do you contemplate she says that? What peel of a society do you contemplate she envisions for Gabo?  4. Gabo tries not to follow pleasu re in anything, equal bigwig as sincere as enjoying the unfaded prod uce from his aunt's pasture. Do you contemplate his motivation extends past profession? Is Gabo regularly holy, or do you see any other sides of him in the fantastic?  5. The Los Angeles Times designated The Guardians "a blustering interpret, following a while jokes and uncertainty and joy rides and hearts breaking." What are some examples of disposition in the fantastic?  6. Regina unexpectedly finds a fabulous communication following a while Miguel. Why do you contemplate it took her so covet following losing her wife to penetrate another fabulous intercommunity? How do you contemplate her original intercommunity shaped her interactions following a while Miguel? 7. How does Jesse suffice-for as Gabo's back? How are the two boys most equal?  8 When Regina contemplates environing her own days as an undocumented farm worker, she says: "That's all entire immigrant in the universe scantinesss, to get her papers in regulate. To officially grace a person" (pg. 116). How is this name momentous to the fantastic? How d you contemplate this mentality has affected Regina?  9. Regina and Rafa end from the identical extraction, yet their fates are very unanalogous. Why is Regina over conventionally fortunate in America than Rafa is? How, if at all, do they summarize the immigrant experiment?  10.Abuelo Milton graces a example various times in the fantastic, snatching Gabo from the clutches of hazard. Why do you contemplate he chooses to grace so complicated in Gabo's and Regina's troubles?  11.Towards the end of the fantastic, Miguel names the nineteenth-centu ry Mexican moderator, Porfirio Diaz, saying: "Poor México, so far from God, so cease to the United States" (pg. 151). VWhy do you contemplate he uses this name? How are the two countries represented in the fantastic? 12.What do you envision for Gabriela's advenient?