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Unit 3 HCM DB Assignment #2 Due ASAP

Unit3 HCM640 DB Assignment due Friday 1.17.20

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When developing strategies for not-for-profit and public health organizations, a needs/capacity assessment is performed.

1. Why must this special assessment be performed in lieu of another strategic alternative assessment, such as a SPACE analysis?

2. Provide a hypothetical example to show your rationale for the special assessment process. The example given is open for peer comment and discussion.

Running Head:

Unit 3 HCM640 DB Assignment

Unit 3 HCM640 DB Assignment 4

Unit 3 HCM640 DB Assignment

Valerie Hall

Needs analysis mainly refers to a systematic process that is usually aimed at identifying and evaluating specific needs that individuals or communities need thus impacting their development positively. Non –for-profit organizations, on the other hand, represents those organizations that are normally built to provide a diversified range of assistance to people living within a community means that they are mainly mission-driven.

Question 1

One of the most significant importance of needs analysis is that it serves the purpose of increasing community engagement among the community that is involved in the research process. This process is mainly involved in the planning stage of the project whereby activities and interventions are established (Mirzoev et al., 2013)). The data obtained from the needs assessment normally provide some critical insights as well as ideas on how to make the project more successful through the creation of more innovative questionnaires and addressing the community and ethical issues (Goytia, 2013).

Non-for-profit organization’s application of the needs assessment is usually very critical since their main objective is usually to provide some sought of assistance to target communities or audience who require some assistance in their lives (Sandilands, 2019). This means that the identification of the needs of a community forms the basis of operations of these organizations. However, the SPACE analysis, as an example of one of the analyses that are usually conducted during projects never analyzes the need for the project thus providing some gaps in regards to the impact of the projects and especially in the non-for-profit organizations.

Question 2

An example of such a process that requires assessment is the implementation of mobile clinics in arid and semi-arid areas which is a joint project to be undertaken by both the non-for-profit organizations and the public health organization. The main questions would be directed to the community so as to predetermine the viability and impact of the project among the community to be affected. If a larger percentage anticipates the project to be very helpful in the future, then it means that they will be in support of the initiative thus increasing the success probability of the project. Questions would also bring an insight into better ways of delivery of clinical services like diversification of services offered at those clinics that impacts the community like delivery services to reduce child mortality rates among others.


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