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Unit 3 HCM640 DB Responses to Classmates

Unit3 HCM640 DB responses due Friday, January 24, 2020:

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Remember, for a post to count towards the participation requirement, it must make a meaningful contribution that extends our discussion. To this end, all posts must intentionally draw from and cite credible, relevant reference materials. Be sure to re-read the “High-Quality Participation” announcement for details.

Willie Mae Jones

Unit 3 – Discussion Board

When developing strategies for not-for-profit and public health organizations, a needs/capacity assessment is performed.

Why must this special assessment be performed in lieu of another strategic alternative assessment, such as a SPACE analysis?


                  A Need assessment is a tool used to identify health needs,, it is done by collecting data and analysis. ( an need assessment is done to ensure that facilities have all the information that is needed to provide benefits that the community need.                 Strategic Position and Action Evaluation (SPACE), is  a instrument that  formulating alternative strategies. Where as assessment is used to determine the needs and benefits of a community.    Space analysis is used in orthodontic treatment plans an can be used in dentistry to  help dentists to choose between a variety of treatment approaches and to determine if permanent teeth must be extracted.  (  

Rhonda Wilson

Unit 3 – Discussion Board

Assessments are used to collect data to help non-profits evaluate if they are making progress towards goals or if people require the service you want to supply and if it will address their needs.  This is the foundation for planning and implementing a new initiative and aligning resources with strategy and clarifying any potential opportunities or issues.  There are questions that need to be asked during the assessment.  Is there another organization supplying the same service?   How many people need the service?   The target audience and demographic profile?  What are their needs/desires?  Perform a SWOT Analysis and decide if the initiative is a great need in the community.   (Social Solutions, 2019)  

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) says, “Community health needs assessments and implementation strategies are newly required of tax-exempt hospitals as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” The assessments and strategies create an important opportunity to improve the health of communities.  This ensures the hospitals have information needed to provide benefits to the community and the improvement of these benefits with efforts to improve community health.   (Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, 2019)  

Space analysis is a strategic position and action evaluation tool (predict key issues/concerns at the beginning of an exercise, at the end of a process, and evaluate individual strategic options), which is useful in developing and reviewing a company’s strategy.   It is an appraisal of four key issues that balance the external/internal factors (industry attractiveness, environmental stability, competitive advantage, and financial strength).  (Simister, 2011)  Combining the ratings of each one will guide the strategic agenda.


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Franklin Brown

Unit 3 – Discussion Board

A Capacity Needs Assessment should be conducted if you are to provide any interventions with the business because the assessment will act as a guide on the activities to be carried out and how to incorporate them in the development process. The Strategic Position and Action Evaluation Matrix or SPACE analysis is a way to find the wisdom of going through with a particular plan. The two are not the same. The capacity assessment is a way to move forward in the development process, while SPACE is where you are still deciding on what methods you want to use. The Capacity needs assessment is  a systematic approach has often been missing when it comes to assessing the health needs of a local or practice population.(Wright, J. Wilkinson J. 1998). That is why this particular assessment must be done, in order to know what the business will need, and how to address any problems.

Hypothetical example:


Neighborhood size and financial health

Race and gender percentages

Who are the competitors


How will we receive funding

Are grants included

Current costs of procedures

How involved are we with our employee pay

Will we accept Medicaid/Medicare

 Perceived health needs of consumers-



Public hearings

 Other information-

Any other information that can help us build our business

 Wright, J., Williams, R., & Wilkinson, J. R. (1998). Development and importance of health needs assessment. BMJ (Clinical research ed.), 316(7140), 1310–1313. doi:10.1136/bmj.316.7140.1310

Lynn Conlon

Unit 3 – Discussion Board

Dr. Earl and my fellow classmates,

Question #1:  An assessment that has to be done is generally to show that there is a strategy for it to be done is either a portfolio or a SPACE analysis that should be done to show the “why” it should be done which is generally done for a for-profit establishment  (AIUOnline: MUSE, 2020).  Not-for-profit businesses should have employed needs assessments (AIUOnline: MUSE, 2020). This way they can drill down the unique need(s) that need to be addressed.  This is necessary because different communities need different things that need to be handled expediently. 

Question #2:  In order for the hypothetical example to be selected hypothetical decision has to be made about a situation.  For example, if the Home Health Care Organization desires to expand and look for a similar business to expand into it would most likely in this area would be hospice care in the patient’s own home.  The Home Health business would need to do a portfolio analysis done on it’s unique needs for not just the company but for the patients that they will care for and their needs.  But then the Home Healthcare business would most likely need to hire in more LVNs, RNs and Chaplains to work with the hospice patients.



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LaShauna Ezell

Unit 3 – Discussion Board

When developing strategies for not-for-profit and public health organizations, a needs/capacity assessment is performed. 

Why must this special assessment be performed in lieu of another strategic alternative assessment, such as a SPACE analysis? 

A needs assessment is an essential part of planning for a nonprofit program. Like any other business, a nonprofit organization should not start the business without determining if there is a need for the service that will be offered. The needs assessment should be conducted early on as it determines the organization’s needs, “gaps” between current conditions and desired conditions or “wants”. A SPACE analysis focuses on designing a strategy based on the organization’s internal and external environment. Because a nonprofit is created to further a social cause or advocate for a specific belief, the needs assessment is more appropriate for this specific type of business.

Strategic Alternative assessments such as SPACE (Strategic Position and Action Evaluation), is a very helpful tool to develop and review the company’s strategy. SPACE analysis the systematic appraisals for four key issues that balance external and internal factors. SPACE can be used in the initial process of the assessment to predict overall key theme, to evaluate individual strategic options and as a check process at the end.

 Provide a hypothetical example to show your rationale for the special assessment process. The example given is open for peer comment and discussion.



Management Mania (n.d.). SPACE Analysis. Available at:

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What is a needs assessment?




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