FIU Geological Hazards Discussions

This discussion has for purpose to make you aware of the geological hazards affecting societies around the world.

Background information:

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FIU Geological Hazards Discussions
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Geological Hazards (Wikipedia) (Links to an external site.)

Natural Hazards, Geology (University of Washington) (Links to an external site.)

Natural Hazards – Corporation for National and Community Service (Links to an external site.)


1. Consider your three favorite locations around the world (be specific, you cannot choose South Florida). What type of geological hazards do you expect to find in such places? Is there evidence of past damaging geological events at such locations? describe the specific geological hazards the local population has experienced at such locations. Minimum 100 words, add references (non included on your word count).

2. Imagine that you are going to buy a house and retire in one of those locations, how can you minimize the risk on your investment (and life)? Support your answers with evidence.

3. What type of measurements can the local government take in order to minimize the potential material and human costs of catastrophic geological events? Minimum 100 words, add references (non included on your word count).


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