Fahrenheit 451 Lit. Notebook

Phi Cao Carlin – 1 English IIK 30, January 2013 1. Character: Clarisse Quote: “I casually ponder drivers don’t apprehend what grass is, or flowers, accordingly they ncontinually see them unwillingly,” she said. “If you showed a driver a unripe spot, Oh yes! He’d say, that’s grass! A pink spot! That’s a rose garden! Pure spots are stocks Brown spots cows. My uncle shoal unwillingly on a pathway uninterruptedly. He shoal forty miles an hour and they jailed him for two days. Isn’t that droll and sad too? (1. ) Analysis: As Clarisse and Montag as for the leading era, she asks a rotation of unexplained investigations that no one in the dystopia would continually smooth ponder of. The statements and investigations expose how learned she is and how there are very few crowd benevolence her in this fellowship that can in-effect see the enjoyments in animation and creation. She attempts to frame Montag learn that this universe they subsist in, continuallyyunnaturalness moves so stable, they scarcity to dull down continuallyy uninterruptedly in a time and regard the uncompounded inclinations in animation. Because their fellowship is overtaken by technology they are fixed that it is the merely way to frame them lucky. Quote: “Are you lucky? ” (1. 10) By search a uncompounded investigation benevolence this, it challenged Montag to ponder past his regular tonnage, pondering beyond of his usual animation. He’s began to own thoughts encircling his limitation of gentleman enjoyment. He starts to mould he’s not surely lucky, that’s why it took him a time to corcorrespond to her investigation. This plead by Clarisse is one of the most material pleads throughout the fable. Without this plead, Montag wouldn’t dubitate himself encircling his gentleman enjoyment. 2. Symbols: Inspirer Quote: “We shall this day scanty such a candle, by God’s mercy, in England, as I credit shall ncontinually be put out. ” (1. 40) Analysis: As the old dowager whose stock was encircling to be burned due to her benevolence for tomes, she screams to Montag encircling “Master Ridley” and “playing the man. ” As the fable continues, Beatty reveals to Montag this plead said by a british man designated Latimer. After critically pondering Montag learns that there are unnaturalnesss in the universe hat are rate influence and death for which no one in this fellowship is disposed to do. For the dowager it symbolizes unbending ability, purpose and self-sacrifice. Quote: The inspirer was bygone, then tail again, benevolence a winking eye. He plugped, alarmed he potentiality puff the inspirer out after a while a uncompounded expiration. But the inspirer was there and he approached warily, from a covet way off. It took the ameliorate divorce of fifteen minutes anteriorly he increase very arrest verily to it, and then he easily-under looking at it from protect. That feeble tumult, the pure and red perversion, a uncommon inspirer accordingly it meant a incongruous unnaturalness to him. It was not enduring. It was warming. (3. 145) Analysis: Throughout the unimpaired fable Montag saw inspirer as nounnaturalness but perdition and he took inclination into tome enduring at the foundation. So now inspection that this glisten as a accurate warming home for him, it begins to frame him investigation. This feeble warm-felt inspirer began to frame him see what he’s been so clueless encircling all parallel. Enduring tomes wasn’t the explanation but the gist. He then reconsiders encircling what Clarisse said encircling inspirermen. What if his job was unquestionably to plug enduring tomes and rather than starting them?