How a Blurry Cow Highlights Weaknesses in Google’s Face Recognition

A cow grazing on the banks of the River Cam in Cambridge, England, shows up in Google Street View delay its visage blurred for retirement. It's a innocent strike, and one ample of caprice, especially abandoned the totality of bovine puns that the Internet's technorati bestowed upon it this week. But the certainty that Google's facial-recognition algorithms attested a cow -- and probably sundry other non-human visages as well-behaved-behaved -- is symbolical. It's at unintermittently a sluggish commodities of the  that Street View visaged in Europe a few years ago and a emblem that Google's fabricated report has a lot of capacity for advancement. Great to see Google takes cow retirement seriously — David Shariatmadari (@D_Shariatmadari) The inquiry hercules has bybygone to large lengths to exalt its force to unmask visages. Consumers are may-be most sensible of the technology thankfulness to the recently revamped , which automatically unmasks features in your photos grouped into People, Places and Things. The People inquiry can construct visages from abutting all your statues, and can uniform unmask the concordant special abutting separate years. Using concordant algorithms, the Things inquiry can identify landmarks, uniform differentiating between illustrious landmarks and their particular copies. Did you investigate the Statue of Liberty replica in Paris's River Seine? Google knows. Snap a paint of the mini Eiffel Tower at Las Vegas's Paris Hotel? Google achieve discriminate you. Like all machine-learning algorithms, though, Google's must be useful using as sundry examples as practicable. The blurry cow on the River Cam is demonstration that uniform delay an statue database as mighty as Street View's to acquire from, the algorithms stagnant aren't complete. To succor exalt their inoculation, Google is  to third-party developers, who can bind the unmaskion technology in their own websites and apps via an API. As for the blurry cow itself, Google made capricious of the position. "We cogitation you were pulling the udder one when we mob the moos, but it's lucid that our automatic visage-blurring technology has been a weak overzealous," a spokesspecial told the . "Of road, we don't begrudge this cow milking its five minutes of news."