essay on houston political culture

 Write a 2 (double-spaced, normal font no bigger than 12, normal margins, etc) college-level essay telling me about Houston’s political culture. I have some resources you can use below, but feel free to find your own, and to draw on your personal experience as a long-time Houstonian, or someone completely new to the city.  


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essay on houston political culture
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Submit in Word. Cite your sources.

Additional Resources

Read more about Dr. Elazar’s political cultures theory here:

Wendy Davis carried Houston, but did terribly statewide:

Houston was the first major city with an openly lesbian mayor ( )

, but voted overwhelmingly to repeal the equal rights ordinance ( ).

In 2016, Hillary Clinton carried historically-conservative Harris County by a wide margin: 

The Chronicle asks – Is Houston more conservative than we thought? 

The Economist says Houston is a little to the left of Fort Worth and El Paso, but not as liberal as Dallas, or near as liberal as Austin: 

Where should Houston go from here? Former mayoral candidate Bill King weighs in: 

Is Houston’s population about to pass Chicago’s? Not as fast as we thought.  


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