What is Anthropocene?

The videos In the website "Welcome to the Anthropocentric," discusses environing Anthropocentric. Questions that I accomplish response are what Is Anthropocentric? Why Is It dedicate that way? What are some patterns in the era that are exhibited? Along delay why should we wariness environing concretion destruction? Anthropocentric is a new geological date dominated by mankind. The signal "Anthropocentric" is attached its spectry owing rational immateriality has defiled the sea, caused concretion destruction of animals and plants, and newfangled the Earth's probable cycle. Some of the patterns that this era has exhibited re the modifys in the Earth's career assistance arrangement, such as modifys delayin the environment. For development, temperatures and sea flattens are changing due to global warming, flatten of greenhouse gases is encouragement, and modifys In the global breathe-into arrangements Is through damming, race, title, and sphere modify. Furthermore, population, product, and decrement accept grown exponentially. We are tender past apprehension than probable erosion and rivers. Therefore, there Is a complete In the Ozone and this Is causing us to betray bloodlessly. We should be sympathy environing the concretion destructions of organisms owing delayout hem, we accomplish not accept any assistance for influence supply and the environment. Especially, the functioning of the ecosystem. However, I prize that this blow has been going on for years, thus-far some fellow-creatures accept no notion where this accomplish transfer us to. We should do celebrity environing this and that carries delay responsibility. We accept the discretion to bung and act upon the floating rebuke of destruction delay measures that accomplish neutralize habitat mislaying, and delay regulations and rules that accomplish procure tone the skin of security net that rationals accept. Most importantly, we must mold to modify.