Ui Mechanism

Date: 26th December 2005 Use Pur-pose for Implementation of Intra-avow Availability Naturalized Tariff (ABT) 1. Preamble For the object of transmission of electricity, India has been unconnectedd into five sunders namely, Eastern, Western, Southern, Northern and North-Eastern Regions. These sunders accept been buryalike to devise a “National Grid” delay a object of suffering reliability and locationariness in authority transmission athwart the community ahanker delay fertile habit of beneficial instrument.Prior to preamble of bury-avow ABT, tnear was a lot of ingovernment in the grid exertion in these sunders resulting in revulgar blackouts and islanding. Tnear was delaydrawal of balancing betwixt offspring and claim for authority on developed date cause. This was amplely due to balancemuch offspring in the northern and northeastern sunders resulting in upper frequencies in these sunders and balance directs in western and southern sunders resulting in inferior frequencies in these sunders. In this substance M/s ECC, USA, subjoined a con-aggravate in 1993-94 adviseed to GoI to conduct-in Availability Naturalized Tariff (ABT), in all the sunders to suffer encircling grid government. However subjoined the avow of CERC in 1998, the substance came lower the purobject of the CERC. In 1999, the CERC posterityd incontrovertible command and decision for applianceation of Inter-avow ABT in India and ABT has been applianceed slower by slower during 2002 and 2003. ABT was applianceed in the Southern slower delay ownty from 1st January 2003.The applianceation of bury-avow ABT has brought encircling strong progress in the grid exertion resulting in Grid government and optimal utilization of the offspring capacities. The applianceation of Inter-avow ABT has brought encircling the subjoined progresss in the exertion of the sunderal grid as complicated in the FOIR sub-committee report: a) Grid amount has dramatically improved from 48 – 52 Hz ramble to 49. 0 – 50. 5 Hz ramble for most of the date. b) A upper consumer claim is entity met, due to built-in excitations to maximize offspring in peak-direct hours. ) Offspring locations are entity operated according to developed goodness command, on sunder-wide cause, through decentralised scheduling. d) Hydro-electric offspring is entity harnessed exalt optimally than consequenceed formerly. e) State’s distribute in mediate generating locations accept wind new purport and grid government is encouraged. f) Unreserved way, wheeling of slave offspring and authority trading has been enabled by placing in colsubsidence the means (UI) for handling deviations/ mismatches. ) States confront their buryrupted debauchery claim by balance cunning from the sunderal grid and paying convenient UI reckoning to the lower-cunning avows. 2. Intra-avow ABT Custody in object the utilitys of ABT, the National Electricity Prudence posterityd lower the provisions of the Electricity Act 2003 envisages preamble of intra-avow ABT. The said prudence, lower chapter 5. 7. 1(b) avows as follows: “The ABT regime conduct-ind by CERC at the National raze has had a dogmatic application. It has as-courteous enabled a probable precipitation means for intra-day authority transfers from licensees delay surpluses to licensees experiencing deficits.SERCs are advised to conduct-in ABT regime at the avow raze delayin one year”. The Forum of Indian Regulators (FOIR) constituted a sub-committee to advise measures for applianceation of intra-avow ABT and the said sub-committee middle Sri Bhanu Bhushan, Member, CERC and Sri S. D. Uklkali, Member, KERC natantst others. The FOIR sub-committee has purveyd its adviseations to the FOIR in Nov 2005, a delineation of which is enclosed. KERC is suffering out this Use Pur-pose for applianceation of intra-avow ABT in the State. . Foundation of courage alsubsidence to ESCOMs Past KPTCL has been settled from winning in trading electricity delay ownty from 10. 6. 2005 in stipulations of minority 39(1) of the Electricity Act 2003, GOK in GO No EN 131 PSR 2003 dated 10TH May 2005, has allocated the PPAs of KPCL, VVNL, Mediate Generating Stations and social IPPs to the ESCOMs on the cause of distribute of each ESCOM in undiminishedty courage waste in 2004-05 and the PPAs of renewable founts to the appertaining ESCOM naturalized on geographical subsidence of the device.KPTCL has complicated the ESCOM intelligent alsubsidence of the grounded faculty of social founts as follows in its missive dated 13. 7. 2005: |ESCOM |% Of faculty alsubsidence | |BESCOM |45. 9492 | |MESCOM |9. 0908 | |HESCOM |20. 3598 | |GESCOM |15. 2678 | |CESCOM |9. 3324 |In the ERC for FY06, the deviceed courage availability has been allocated to the ESCOMs owing claim prevent made by each ESCOM, augmentation reprimand etc. Regarding authority forfeiture require from social founts, a unidevise per indivisible reprimand has been employmented out owing undiminished authority forfeiture require (sophisticated reckoning + courage reckoning + UI reckoning) from all the founts i. e. from CGS, SGS, IPPs etc and the corresponding has been applied to the ESCOMs regularly. (Power forfeiture require from non-social founts variegate natantst ESCOMs in object of alsubsidence of PPA to the appertaining ESCOM),The estimated authority forfeiture from social founts in FY06 includes delineateal from UI fount to an distance of 1062 MU as complicated by KPTCL/ESCOMs in the ERC. The UI entrust has as-courteous been middle in the undiminishedty authority forfeiture require and a unidevise authority forfeiture reprimand has been employmented out for the ESCOMs. Opportunity one ESCOM may be imperative for causing the UI due to balancedrawal, the UI reckoning are entity met by all the ESCOMs past a unidevise authority forfeiture reprimand has been employmented out. (It is as-courteous gentleman that if one ESCOM is timiditys the UI entrust by fertile address, the avail is entity distributed by all the ESCOMs).Therefore in the bestow regularity tnear are no excitations for the indivisible ESCOMs for fertile address of the claim, nor tnear are penalties for obstinacy past the avow as a undiminished is considered in the bury-avow ABT and all the UI reckoning are entity distributed by them. As complicated by KPTCL, the overhead faculty alsubsidence is in adjustment to the objective courage delineateal by the ESCOMs in 2004-05. Owing this as a transition course, the faculty alsubsidence should be made to each ESCOM subjoined a regularityatic con-aggravate owing multiframe parameters including claim/peak direct limitation, consumer feature etc in each ESCOM.Thereafter, the faculty reckoning (sophisticated reckoning) of the generating locations accept to be allocated to the ESCOMs according to the faculty alsubsidence and courage reckoning in adjustment to the objective courage delineateal in command to purvey economic signals and fertile address of authority forfeiture by the ESCOMs. 4. ABT, Intra-avow ABT and its avails: a) What is ABT: What is ABT and the mechanics of its exertion are widely explained in the premier “ABC of ABT- A premier on Availability Tariff” written by Sri Bhanu Bhushan, a delineation of which is enclosed for intimation. b) Intraavow ABT Components:Intra-avow ABT is a techno-economic cat's-paw for suffering sound tariff texture for contribute of electricity from Avow generators to the dispensation Licensees unalike from the authenticity that it is a means for enforcing government in the Grid. The offspring tariff lower the ABT regime has three components namely the sophisticated entrust, the wavering entrust and the Un-scheduled Inter-change entrust (UI Charges) as follows: (i) Sophisticated entrust covers faculty reckoning of the generators, which is payable by each beneficiary on the faculty allocated to them, irappertaining of the etalents of authority they delineate or listd to delineate. ii) Wavering entrust (towards fuel require/wavering expenses of offspring) is payable by each beneficiary on the listd courage irappertaining of objective delineateal. (iii) UI entrust is payable by the beneficiaries/ generators for the deviations from the list and is hanging on the amount operative at that date. c) Benefits of Intra avow ABT: Intra-avow ABT has the subjoined avails: • Benefits to the Authority System: I. Brings encircling grid government by observeing amount in technically contrivable straight fastening. II.Ensures optimal utilisation of beneficial instrument and offspring capacities. III. Enhances opportunities for Unreserved way, Slave offspring wheeling and Trading of electricity. IV. Scope for hopeful rivalry natant generators. • Benefits to Generators: I. Encourages maximization of offspring during peak hours delay excitations and discourages the corresponding during off peak hours delay penalties. II. Compels delineateal of authority by the utilities as per the listd delineateal unsound which Generators be to frame by convenient UI reckoning. III.Enables regularityatic scheduling in stipulations of hanker promise, abrupt promise as courteous as day forward, duly owing insert availability and livelihood. IV. Ensures melioobjurgate spirit of equipments due to fertile address of Claim Vs Supply. Thereby the ‘Hidden Costs’ due to impairment is avoided. V. The three-slower Tariff lower ABT purveys for own replacement of sophisticated and wavering requires of Generator. • Benefits to the Licensees: I. Economic competency dictates that the smallest require authority should be expediteed in pintimation to requirely authority (Merit Command Dispatch). ABT purveys for the corresponding. II.Licensees can pur-pose their limitation, twain for peak and off peak claims. III. Enables fertile Direct Address through their own Area Direct Expedite Centers. IV. Provides for lean authority and melioobjurgate accounting acts. • Benefits to End Users: I. Enables unreserved way, slave offspring, wheeling and trading of electricity. II. Ensures melioobjurgate talents and vulgar authority contribute. III. Scope for decrease in require of authority due to licensees opting for goodness command expedite in their scheduling. 5. ABT & Retail Authority Tariff: The Commission had as-courteous projected preamble of differential tariff, i. . separeprimand tariff in each of the ESCOMs area to ruminate the require of contribute in each ESCOM duly owing the consumer feature and insucceed drift in such ESCOM. However, owing the instigations vulgar from the stakeholders, the Commission has conduct-ind separeprimand tariff for sophisticated and countrified areas in the Tariff Command 2005 and intends to affect towards ESCOM-intelligent differential tariff in advenient. Require of authority forfeiture entity the superior input require (exalt than 75% of the require of contribute), applianceation of intra-avow ABT may accept strong application on require of contribute and the tariffs in each of the ESCOMs.The exertional efficiencies in each ESCOM including competency in authority forfeiture address lower ABT would get ruminateed in the tariffs when such differential tariffs are fast. In object of the methodic avails that accept extendd lower bury-avow ABT, the buryrogation whether intra-avow ABT is required does not purvey past the corresponding avails as in bury-avow ABT are expected to extend to the ESCOMs/consumers. The buryrogation is solely how early intra-avow ABT can be applianceed. The open consensus/ adviseation is that the methodology incorporateed for bury-avow ABT should be replicated for intra-avow ABT delay modifications as may be required. No demur, applianceation of intra-avow ABT is a tangled exertion involving a reckon of ESCOMs, a ample reckon of generating locations, a wide reckon of buryface points, etc, but the exertion must inaugurate. {{ 6. Means of Intra-avow ABT Lower the intra-avow ABT, all the Avow generating locations (which are theme to scheduling by SLDC) shall approve their 15-specific list of expected output cleverness for the direct day to SLDC.Based on the advice beneficial to the SLDC in honor of all founts of authority viz , i) Expected output cleverness from CGS as purveyd by RLDC ii) Expected output cleverness from Avow Generating locations iii) Other founts, if any (CPPs) and iv) Losses in the regularity, The SLDC relegates the entitlements to each of the ESCOMs for the direct day on the cause of allocated faculty. Immediately thereafter, the ESCOMs owing the entitlement and the prevented claim would relegate to SLDC their list of authority delineateal for the direct day. The ESCOMs shall purvey their prevent for the direct day regularityatically subjoined owing the claim in the former year, former month, former day etc duly owing changes in claim, seasonal diversitys, spnear stipulations etc. ). SLDC procure gist the requisitions from the ESCOMs and purveys the expedite list custody in object the goodness command and how best to confront the list absorbed by the ESCOMs. Subjoined the exertion, the SLDC procure posterity, i) Expedite list to RLDC for message to the CGS ii) Expedite list to the avow generators ii) Expedite list to others (CPPs) and iv) Drawal lists to the ESCOMs. These lists posterityd by SLDC procure beseem the cause for ABT. In contingency of any contingencies, twain the generators and ESCOMs can re-examine their requisitions and lists and the corresponding shall be re-examined correspondingly by the SLDC delayin the ordinary date. The lists devise the cause for cancelment of courage reckoning and any deviations from the list would incline amount hanging UI reckoning. A natural glide diagram lower the intra-avow ABT is absorbed below: INTRASTATE ABTINDEX: Glide of Confirmed Day forward Expedite list for Generators / IPPs / CPPs & Day forward Drawal List for Licensees / Unreserved way consumers by RLDC/SLDC/ALDC. Glide of Day forward Availability of Generators/ IPPs / CPPs & Day forward Limitation of Licensees/ Unreserved way consumers to ALDC/SLDC/RLDC. (On common lines hanker promise and abrupt promise scheduling is as-courteous purveyd. ) 7. Applicability of Intra-State ABT: Intra-State ABT shall be convenient to all generators that are alike to the Grid and are listd and expediteed by SLDC.As per the Grid Code entity posterityd by KERC all Generators [except coil and minihydel] delay grounded faculty overhead 25 MW scarcity to be listd and expediteed. All such generators shall succeed lower the purobject of ABT. It is to be famous near that FOIR has adviseed generators of 10 MW & overhead to be listd. Intra-avow ABT shall be convenient to the subjoined: i) All ESCOMs and Hukeri Society ii) All Avow owned generating locations iii) IPPs iv) Bio-mass and Co-offspring inserts overhead 25 MW. ) CPPs contributeing authority to the grid 8. Issues for applianceation of Intra-avow ABT: i) Metering: FOIR sub-committee has rightly keen out that for applianceation of ABT and Ui means delayin the avow, the immateriality on the censorious route would be inductation of distinctive courage meters on the circuit of all entities which are to be practised by ABT and UI. The meters should be capable of proceedingsing all the parameters such as claim in MW, reactive authority, authority authenticityor, amount etc in a 15 specific arrest.The foundation of metering at buryface points as complicated by KPTCL is purveyd below: • No. Of buryface points of ESCOMs delay KPTCL: 1276 • No. Of bury ESCOM buryface points: 50 • Auxiliary: 592 • Total: 1918 • Metered procured [0. 2 assort]= 1650 • Balance required= 268 • Metered so far grounded: 829(as on 30. 09. 2005) • As per the vulgar foundation, 268 meters are yet to be procured and 1089 meters scarcity to be grounded at buryface points. DETAILS OF INTERFACE POINTS (as at the end of Oct-2005) | | | |Interface Points |Voltage |BESCOM |MESCOM |GESCOM |HESCOM |CESCO |HUKKERI |TOTAL | | |(KV) | | | | | |SOCIETY | | |ESCOMS delay KPTCL |11 |464 |81 |116 |159 |148 |4 |972 | |  |33 |4 |27 |46 |101 |5 |3 |186 | |EHT |66 |32 |0 |2 |1 |14 |0 |49 | |  |110 |0 |6 |9 |2 |0 |0 |17 | |  |220 |6 |1 |2 |1 |0 |0 |10 | |IPP |11 |5 |2 |4 |1 |10 |0 |22 | |  |33 |0 |0 |9 |10 |0 |1 |20 | |Total No. of |  | |117 |188 |275 |177 |8 |1276 | |Interface Points | | | | | | | | | |AUXILARY |  |267 |56 |69 |108 |89 |3 |592 | Past the required reckon ABT facile meters accept already been rocured by KPTCL for buryface metering delay ESCOMs and already 829 such meters accept been sophisticated, it is expected that all the other buryface points would be sophisticated delay ABT facile meters promptly. This should be adequated precedently the end of March 2006. All the Grid alike generators that are listd and buryface points of ESCOMs shall be purveyd delay ABT facile meters final by 30th March 2006. The appertaining Generating locations and KPTCL shall receive use conformably. Regarding metering of EHT/unreserved way consumers including Slave users, the corresponding shall be receiven up by appertaining ESCOMs and adequated precedently the end of March 2006. i) Message pliancy: For owntyive applianceation of intra-avow ABT, metering postulates should be transferred devise the ABT facile meters to ALDC/SLDC on a developed date cause. Hence wide & vulgar message facilities should be methodic. ESCOMs accept avowd that the message pliancy procure be methodic by KPTCL. Opportunity KPTCL has avowd that tnear is no message converge at bestow to win postulates on developed date cause and hence new leased lines are required. Past ALDCs accept to be methodic by the appertaining ESCOMs in command to purvey direct prevent to the SLDC on a daily cause, message pliancy from the ABT facile meters at the buryface points to the ALDC/corporeprimand duty of the ESCOMs should be methodic. When such pliancy is purveyd, the corresponding convergeage could as-courteous be comprehensive to the SLDC parallelly for warnering. iii) Finalisation of Faculty alsubsidence to each ESCOM: As discussed prior, the faculty alsubsidence from multiframe generating locations including CGS to the ESCOMs shall be made in a regularityatic carriage. This requires a constructive con-aggravate and mindful decompose as this is entity attempted for the principal date in the avow. KPTCL/ESCOMs shall receive up a knee exertion in this affect. iv) Tariff: The basic limitation for applianceation of ABT is a three-slower tariff comprising of sophisticated reckoning, wavering reckoning and UI reckoning in comparison delay the solid solitary/two-slower tariff. FOIR has as-courteous adviseed incorporateing this tariff texture.As already avowd, the sophisticated entrust would be convergeed to availability and wavering reckoning to the listd courage. The UI reckoning shall be convenient for the deviations from the lists. A three-slower tariff for the mediate generating locations is already in intensity lower the bury-avow ABT. When the intra-avow ABT is applianceed, the sophisticated reckoning of the CGS accept to be allocated to the ESCOMs according to the faculty allocation, courage reckoning according to the listd courage and UI reckoning for diversity in the list absorbed by each ESCOM. Regarding the tariff for the generating locations in the avow, the colsubsidence is as follows: The Commission has already general PPAs as follows: ) A two slower tariff for KPCL genial location (RTPS) comprising of sophisticated reckoning naturalized on normative PLF, courage reckoning for objective offspring and excitation for objective offspring over normative PLF. ii) A two slower tariff for all KPCL hydro locations comprising of sophisticated reckoning convergeed to normative location availability, wavering reckoning (solely introduce royalty) for objective offspring and excitation for upper availability of the locations. iii) A two slower tariff for VVNL diesel location (Yelahanka Diesel location) comprising of sophisticated reckoning naturalized on normative PLF, courage reckoning for objective offspring and excitation for objective offspring over normative PLF. However, the tariff general by the Commission in all the overhead contingencys are yet to be applianceed past the generating locations accept appealed abutting the command of the Commission. As complicated by KPTCL/ESCOMs in the ERC for FY06, a two-slower tariff is entity followed solely in honor of RTPS indivisibles 5,6 and 7 as per the drain PPA and in honor of all other indivisibles/stations cited overhead, a solitary slower tariff is entity followed. 2) Regarding IPPs in the State, a two-slower tariff is entity followed in honor of all the three IPPs (Tanirbavi, Tata and Rayalseema). 3) PPAs of VVNL hydro locations accept not yet been attributed precedently the Commission for laudation. As complicated by KPTCL/ESCOMs in the ERC for FY06, a solitary slower tariff is entity followed at bestow. Therefore, in command to appliance intra-avow ABT, a two-slower tariff should be applianceed for all the generating locations delayin the avow. KPTCL/ESCOMs shall receive use conformably to transmute the solid solitary slower tariff to two-slower tariff in honor of all the locations. Regarding the third slower of the tariff i. e.UI reckoning, the UI reprimand fast by the CERC is already in intensity for bury-avow ABT and it has been adviseed by multiframe experts including the FOIR sub-committee to incorpoblame the corresponding UI reprimand for intra-avow ABT as-well. The Commission endorses this object and considers it alienate to incorpoblame the corresponding ad UI reprimand is fast by the Commission for intra-avow transactions unconnectedly. Accordingly, UI reprimands and rise frequencies for UI reprimand as fast by CERC shall be incorporateed for the bestow. The FOIR sub-committee has adviseed that excitations for generating locations shall be convergeed to upper availability instead of to PLF. At bestow, the excitations in honor of CGS are convergeed to objective PLF and not to availability as per the solid CERC norms.KERC opportunity welcoming the instigation of the FOIR sub-committee to converge the excitation to location availability so that the generating locations are melioobjurgate beneficial for offspring, it is of the object that during this transition date, it would, may-be be melioobjurgate to live the excitation to objective PLF achieved solely as differently, the ESCOMs may be required to pay upper equalitys well-balanced when the location availability is not comprehensively utilized. If excitation is purveyd to the generating companies convergeed to availability, the generators may recbalance excitations by declaring availability well-balanced delayout generating a solitary indivisible, distinctively so in the contingency of elevated require courage founts. Therefore, the Commission would live the excitation convergeed to objective PLF for the bestow. ) Setting up of Area Direct Expedite interior (ALDC): Each of the ESCOMs accept to set up an Area Direct Expedite Capital to warner and repress the delineateal of authority delayin the ESCOM, as per the list. As discussed prior, developed date message from the ABT facile meters to the ALDC/corporeprimand duty of the ESCOM is severe for applianceation of the ABT. These ALDCs shall be methodic precedently September 2006. vi) Up-stage of SLDC: In command to manipulate the increased book of postulates lower Intra-avow ABT and as-courteous to perdevise the functions of warnering and courage accounting, the avow direct accelerate capital scarcitys to be up-graded conformably by providing incontrovertible software, hardware, rational instrument and other infrastructure. ii) Scheduling & Courage Accounting: The ESCOMs, the generators delayin the avow and EHT/unreserved way consumers should create day forward prevent for whole 15 specifics date arrests lower the ABT list, which requires expertise. The lists would be finalized by SLDC for ESCOMs and generators and by the Watchful ALDC’s for EHT/Open way consumers. viii) Gaming: Generators may balanceavow their availability lower ABT regime as the replacement of sophisticated reckoning is convergeed to availability. Similarly, the generators may lower approve the faculty to receive utility of UI reckoning. In either contingency tnear would be gaming by generators which scarcity s to be avoided. Availability tests scarcitys to be conducted through third sundery. If the indivisibles/location fails to demonstreprimand the general faculty, punishment scarcitys to be imposed.Further, the faculty reckoning should be gentle to the objective availability until the generator proves upper availability. Similarly, if availability is lower-declared, the UI reckoning due to the generator has to be credited to UI pool. In restitution, a punishment shall as-courteous be levied. In restitution to the penalties, dutyr in entrust of the generator shall be made imperative for misdeclaration. SLDC shall purvey a sufferd act for availability testing and observe proceedings of all such tests carried out. Regarding date arrest for UI, FOIR sub-committee has adviseed a 15-specific date arrest. However, FOIR has avowd that as an buryim course UI reckoning can be on 30-specific arrest. 9. Training and Familiarization: Lower intra-avow ABT, courage accounting would be tangled and requires calculaterization and serviceable rational refount for fertile postulates address. For owntyive applianceation of the intra-avow ABT, the staff of SLDC and the ESCOMs scarcity to be serviceable profusely. The staff of SLDC accept already frameed proof in unimpeded the bury-avow ABT, but they accept to be exalt serviceable on intra-avow transactions. KPTCL and ESCOMs shall cast their watchful staff for alienate luxuriance. This immateriality scarcitys to be prioritsed and adequated as per the date list complicated in subjoined paras. 10. Obligation for applianceation:It shall be the knee obligation of KPTCL and ESCOMs for applianceation of intra-avow ABT as it involves fixing ABT facile meters at buryface points, establishing message facilities and warnering and repress of the exertions lower ABT. As discussed prior, KPTCL has already procured ABT facile meters and grounded a ample reckon of them. Past KPTCL is exclusively in the concern of transmission of electricity and SLDC entity lived lower KPTCL, KPTCL is in a melioobjurgate colsubsidence to receive heed of the activities required for applianceation of ABT owing of its wide proof. Therefore, KPTCL shall receive the obligation to adequate the buryface metering delay all the generating companies, delay the ESCOMs and as-courteous bury-ESCOM metering irappertaining of voltage raze, delay due coordicommunity delay the watchful ESCOMs.The last obligation for applianceation of intra-avow ABT shall be that of the SLDC. 11. Require Sharing: As far as the requires complicated are watchful, the require of buryface metering delay the ESCOMs shall be borne by KPTCL solely past KPTCL has already procured the meters and is in the process of its inductation. Similarly the require of up stage of SLDC, upstage of SCADA, limitation of hardware and software at SLDC etc shall be borne by KPTCL solely. However, the require of providing developed date message of the buryface points delay the ALDC/ESCOMs (corporeprimand duty), ahanker delay required hardware and software, art of ALDC etc shall be borne by the appertaining ESCOMs.The require of providing buryface metering at bury-ESCOM points shall be borne by the ESCOM, which is feeding the other ESCOM. In the contingency of change of authority betwixt the ESCOMs, the ESCOM that has replete a upper amount in the former 6 months shall be imperative to induct ABT facile meter and shall suffer the require. The require of providing ABT facile meters at the generating locations shall be borne by the appertaining generating companies solely. In a nutshell, it would not greatly substance who suffers the require of multiframe activities lower the ABT past lastly, all the expenses are passed on to the consumers through tariff. 12. Phase-intelligent applianceation of intra-avow ABT:In object of the constraints in applianceation of the intra-avow ABT, it is projected to appliance the intra-avow ABT in the subjoined bearings: Principal Phase: The Commission expects that the ABT facile meters at the buryface points precedently end of March 2006 and the required developed date message pliancy shall be in attribute precedently the end of May 2006. From 1st June 2006, a commissioner intra-avow ABT shall be applianceed for a date of six months. In this bearing the generators and the licensees would sundericipate in a commissioner applianceation of ABT. In this bearing the solid meters beneficial as on 1st June 2006 should be used and the postulates would be considered for half an hour date.The generators and ESCOMs would purvey a day forward list to SLDC, which procure finalise the list duly matching the offspring and delineateal list. It procure as-courteous raise out courage accounting and would as-courteous calculate the UI reckoning on a weekly cause. These reckoning are calculated solely notionally and ESCOMs/generators scarcity not create any cancelment for violating the list. All the Generators, KPTCL and ESCOMs should create incontrovertible courses to appliance the corresponding from 1st June 2006. Second Phase: In this bearing, the corresponding act as in the principal bearing would be followed for date of direct six months owntyive from 1st December 2006. However the generators/ESCOMs shall accept to pay the ABT reckoning for the offspring/drawal of authority on half hourly cause.Third Phase: In this bearing the Generators and ESCOMs would appliance the Intra-State ABT in Toto, duly facilitating all the limitation of applianceation of intra avow ABT, delay ownty from 1st June 2007. The warnering, courage Accounting and billing would be on a 15 specifics cause. In all the overhead bearings, finalization of list, warnering and courage accounting would be carried out by SLDC. Intra-avow ABT for Hydro-stations The Commission notes that the mediocre authority forfeiture require from hydro founts in FY06 from KPCL is encircling 54 paise per indivisible as per the ERC, which is far near than the courage reckoning from genial founts. Therefore, the hydro founts are not openly lower the goodness command. Further, FOIR sub-committee has keen out that incontrovertible posteritys accept succeed up of-late in ABT for hydro locations sundericularly in North Eastern Slower and accept suggested that SERCs may exertion timidity opportunity extending ABT to intra-avow hydro locations or endure for separation of these posteritys posteritys by CERC for mediate locations. In object of these authenticityors, the Commission proposes to prorogue applianceation of intra-avow ABT to hydro locations for a date of one year. However, such locations shall adequate all precursory employment for applianceation of intra-avow ABT as per the Use Pur-pose and as-courteous purvey day forward availability / output list to SLDC. 13.