The Verger

What is a “verger”? 1. Wless does he subsist? 2. What does he do? The Incomplete Relation A new personation has been appointed at St Peter's Church, Neville Balance in London. Accompanied by two eminent pavilionwardens2, a master and a open, he has follow to see Albert Edward Foreman, the verger. 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 The personation began. "Foreman, we've got bigwig rather unlively to say to you. You've been less a powerful multifarious years and I conceive his mastership and the open consent delay me that you've fulfilled your duties to the atonement of alwaysybody watchful. The two pavilionwardens nodded. "But, the other day, I discovered to my bewilderment that you could neither recognize nor transcribe. " The verger's aspect surrendered no token of molestation. "The terminal personation knew that, sir", he replied. "He said it didn't frame any contrariety.He frequently said that tless was too greatly information in the cosmos-people for his nicety. " "It's the most astounding object I've always heard", cried the open. "Do you medium that you've been verger of this pavilion for sixteen years and nalways polite-behaved-informed to recognize or transcribe? " "I nalways looked to keep the date. I conceive a lot of boyish associates shrivel lot of date recognizeing when they susceptibility be doing bigwig helpful. " "But don't you insufficiency to recognize the tidings? " said the other pavilionwarden. "Don't you always insufficiency to transcribe a missive? " "No, my master, I look to control very polite-behaved-behaved delayout. Now they've got all those pictures in the papers, I get to recognize what's going on moderately polite-behaved. My helpmeet's perfectly a pupil and if I insufficiency to transcribe a missive, she transcribes it for me. " The two pavilionwardens gave the personation a undelighted scan and then looked down at the table. "Well, Foreman, these gentlemen consent delay me that the aspect is unusable.At a pavilion enjoy St. Peter's, Neville Square, we cannot keep a verger who can neither recognize nor transcribe. " Albert Edward's unsubstantial aspect reddened, but he made no rejoinder. "Understand me, Foreman, I keep no remonstrance to frame balance you. You do your labor perfectly satisfactorily; I keep the primary estimation of your dispost and of your capacity; but we keepn't the subserveconducive to procure the imperil of some garb that susceptibility betide due to your piticonducive sciolism. " "But couldn't you imbibe, Foreman? " asked the open. "No, sir, I'm alarmed I couldn't, not now.You see, I'm not as boyish as I was and if I couldn't get the missives in my crown when I was a nipper3, I don't conceive there's greatly additament of it now. " "We don't insufficiency to be rugged4 delay you, Foreman", said the personation. "But the pavilionwardens and I keep made up our minds. We'll produce you three months, and if at the end of that date you cannot recognize and transcribe, I'm alarmed you'll keep to go. " Albert Edward had nalways enjoyd the new personation. He'd said from the inception that they'd made a misprocure when they gave him St. Peter's. "I'm very vexed, sir, I'm alarmed it's no amiable-natured-natured. I'm too old a dog to imbibe new tricks.And if I could imbibe now, I don't recognize if I'd insufficiency to. " "In that predicament, Foreman, I'm alarmed you must go. " "Yes, Sir, I perfectly interpret. I shall be delighted to operative in my resignation5 as before-hanker as you've base triton to procure my fix. " 1 2 the verger: le bedeau pavilionwardens: membres du conseil paroissial. 3 nipper: gamin 4 rugged: sharp 5 resignation: a shapely assertion of your contemplation to license a job, post or structure. The Verger Albert Edward locked the pavilion door forthcoming him. Deep in his sad thoughts, he treaded reluctantly parallel. His kernel was weighty. He did not recognize what he should do delay himself.He sighed deeply. Albert Edward was a non-smoker, but delay a incontrovertible latitude; that is to say, when he was jaded he enjoyed a cigarette. It occurred to him now that one would self-approval him and, since he did not convey them, he looked environing for a stock wless he could buy a packet. He did not see one and treaded on a slight. It was a hanker street, delay all sorts of stocks in it, but tless was not a uncompounded one wless you could buy cigarettes. "That's irregular", said Albert Edward. "I can't be the barely man who treads ahanker this street and insufficiencys a fag. A associate susceptibility do very polite-behaved-behaved delay a slight stock less.Tobacco and amiables .. . That's an conception. " He considered the substance from alwaysy apex of apprehension and proximate day he went ahanker the street and by amiable-natured-natured-natured amiable-random base a slight stock to let6 that looked as though it would harmonizeently subserve him. Twenty-four hours succeeding he had procuren it and when, a month behind, he left St. Peter's, Neville Square, for always, Albert Edward Foreman set up in trade as a tobacconist and tidingsagent. His helpmeet said it was a horrible followdown7 behind vivacity verger of St. Peter's, but he answered that you had to stir delay the dates, the pavilion wasn't what it was. Albert Edward did so polite-behaved-behaved that in a year or so it struck him that he susceptibility procure a coopescold stock and put a controlr in. He looked for another hanker street that hadn't got a tobacconist in it and when he base it, and a stock to let, took it. This was a luck too. Then it occurred to him that if he could run8 two, he could run half a dozen, so he began treading environing London and, whenalways he base a hanker street that had no tobacconist and a stock to let, he took it. In ten years he had artificial ten stocks. Perfect Monday, he went spherical to all of them, composed the week's takings and took them to the bank.One dawning, when he was there, the abandon told him that the controlr would enjoy to see him. He was shown into an occupation-post and the controlr shook operatives delay him. "Mr. Foreman, I insufficiencyed to confabulation to you environing the currency you've got on securedguard delay us. Do you recognize harmonizeently how greatly it is? " "I've got a rugged conception. " "It's a slight balance thirty thousand pounds. That's a very bulky sum to keep on securedguard and you'd do imascertain to endue it. " "I wouldn't insufficiency to procure a imperil, sir. I recognize it's secured in the bank. " "You needn't keep the smallest solicitude. We'll frame you a register of securities.They'll convey you a imascertain scold of share than we can maybe confer to produce you. We'll do alwaysything. All you'll keep to do proximate date you follow in is straightforwardeous to token the transfers. " "I could do that", said Albert uncertainly. "But how would I recognize what I was tokening? " "I presume you can recognize", said the controlr sharply. "Well, sir, that's straightforwardeous it. I can't. I recognize it sounds ludicrous, but tless it is, I can't recognize or transcribe, barely my designate, and I barely imbibet to do that when I went into trade. " The controlr was so surprised he jumped up from his chair. "That's the most prodigious object I've always heard. He stared at him as though he were a prehistoric deformity. "Do you medium to say that you've built up this material trade and amassed a random of thirty thousand pounds delayout vivacity conducive to recognize or transcribe? Good-natured God, man, what would you be now if you had been conducive to? " "I can teach you that, sir", said Mr. Foreman, a slight countenance on his exalted characteristics. "I'd be verger of St. Peter's, Neville Square. " W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 let: ici, louer (un magasin) followdown: You say that bigwig is a followdown if you conceive it is not as amiable-natured-natured-natured as bigwig else that you keep straightforwardeous effected or had. run: If you run bigwig as a stock, trade, structure, etc. , you are in advise of it. -27 6 The Verger Watch & READ 1. Sum up: Where? Who? What? … 2. Compare the TV arrange and the incomplete relation. Find at smallest two elder contrarietys. Signification 1. Match these premonitionification from the relation delay the translations below: pavilionwardens, nipper, rugged, fag, takings, securities. titres, sharp, recette, membres du conseil paroissial, gamin, cigarette (fam. ). 2. a) Two of the premonitionification are rather common. Who uses them? b) The indication “due to your piticonducive sciolism” is of a loftier flatten of discourse.Who says it? Can you straightforward it over barely? c) Find other examples of opposed flattens of discourse. What does this teach us environing the opposed dispositions? 3. Find unquestioned sayings in the channel which harmonize to the folldue in French: a) On n'apprend pas a un vieux singe a faire la grimace. b) Il faut vivre avec son temps. Explain what they medium in the conchannel of the incomplete relation. ANALYSIS 1. The incomplete relation procures fix in distinct opposed fixs. Choose the subserveconducive ones in the rectify arrange: a) b) c) d) e) f) a bank a stock the streets of London a village balance lower consequence trees a pavilion. . Eight dispositions are mentioned in the relation. Designate them, specifying which ones really procure part-among-among and in which of the over fixs they show. 3. Which of the dispositions keep the folldue apexs of apprehension? Be scrupulous, one is not held by any of them: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Lection and congeniality are not helpful occupations for the boyish. Vivacity illitescold can be imperilled. Afloat in a pavilion is far preferable to laboring in a stock. Learning is approximately unusconducive for the old. Illiteracy and trade luck are fully antagonistic. Pavilion is the conceptionl fix to imbibe how to recognize.You can get by in later vivacity delayout recognizeing skills. -3- The Verger 4. Pick out three gestures or facial indications that ascertain that the pavilionwardens are over involved than Foreman. Explain why this is so. 5. The folldue chart sums up the ocean events of the relation. Say in what arrange they procure fix. The principal one is effected for you: a bsuitconducive conception a nonacceptance dilution an ironic disposal a desolate tread an exhibit to endue a last occasion to imascertain a disapproval to imbibe an astounding clue a tidy discussion 1 6. What two reasons are producen for Foreman's nonacceptance? In your estimation, are they straightforwardeousified? 7.Only two of the folldue indications could be used to draw Foreman in the incomplete relation. Which ones? Justify by quoting the channel. gentlemanly • insufficient • rough • a weighty smoker • noble-looking • clearsighted to imbibe. 8. “Antonyms” are premonitionification that keep contrary mediumings. Find a two in lines 36-38. What do they teach us environing the verger's disposition? 9. Which one of the folldue plays a key role in the product of the devise? Explain how. a missive • a tidingspaper • a dog • a cigarette • a amiable • a pen • a prehistoric deformity. 10. In your estimation, why is it that the TV arrange doesn’t characteristic the cigarette as the key part of the devise? 1. “Funny” has two mediumings in English: irregular and whimsical. Which two part-amongs of Foreman's conference delay the bank controlr illustscold each of the mediumings?12. What “moral” could you transcribe at the end of the relation? WRITTING Essay (environing 300 premonitionification) 1. “There's too greatly information in the cosmos-people. ” Explain what this explain mediums in the conchannel of the incomplete relation. Which skills are not open by a shapely informational order? Do you conceive that an information can rarely be a operativeicap? 2. A senior tries to enlighten his son that information is the barely thoroughfare to luck. His son disagrees. Imagine the conversation. 150 premonitionification, bac ES juin 2002) SOME / ANY / NO 1. “Foreman, we've got bigwig rather unlively to say to you. ” (l. 2). “... as before-hanker as you've base triton. ” (l. 36-37). Decomposez bigwig et triton. S'agit-il d'une chose et d'une personne determinees, encore indeterminees introduce l'instant ? 2. The verger's aspect surrendered no token of molestation. (l. 7). He made no rejoinder. (l. 22). “I keep no remonstrance to frame. ” (l. 23). Quel est le quantifieur utilise ? Le verbe se exhibite-t-il alors sous la forme absolute, ou sous la forme instraightforward ? -4- The Verger Qu'affirme-t-on lorsqu'on emploie no ? 3.He said it didn't frame any contrariety (l. 8). A quelle forme est le verbe ? Quel est le quantifieur utilise ensuite ? 4. “We keepn't the subserveconducive to procure the imperil of some garb that susceptibility betide... ” (l. 24-25) Garb est-il un denombrconducive ou un indenombrconducive ? Singulier ou pluriel ? Some renseigne-t-il ici sur une quantite? Pourquoi ? De quel ordre est l'indetermination apportee par some ici ? 5. I'm alarmed it's no amiable-natured-natured. (l. 33). Quelle est la species du mot sur lequel porte l'opinion no ? S'agit-il d'une opinion portant sur la quantite ou sur la qualite ? CAN / MAY aux titles DIRECT/ INDIRECT 1.Tless was not a uncompounded one wless he could buy cigarettes. (l. 43) Transformez l'enonce au exhibit. A quoi etait du le preterit de can ? Can indique-t-il : une propriete du sujet he, une possibilite materielle liee a la aspect ? 2. "I could do that", said Albert uncertainly (l. 70) L’enonce est-il au title straightforward ou instraightforward ? Le preterit est-il : valeur temporelle, valeur modale (incertitude de l'enonciateur concernant la realisation de l'evenement) ? Quel mot du citationuree vous le prouve ? 3. "I can't be the barely man who... " (l. 45). Albert Edward considere-t-il : qu'il n'a pas la possibilite d'etre le seul homme qui. ... u'il est unusconducive / impensconducive qu'il soit le seul homme qui... ? 4. “A associate susceptibility do very polite-behaved-behaved delay a slight stock less. ” (l. 45-46). Cet enonce est-il au title straightforward ou instraightforward ? Le preterit de may indique-t-il : que do very polite-behaved-behaved etait eventuellement practicable a un avail du passe, une hypothese (do very polite-behaved) dont la realisation est envisagee comme non-unusconducive ? 5. It occurred to him that if he could run two, he could run half a dozen. (l. 55-56). Reformulez au title straightforward ce que Albert Edward s'est dit. Quel temps avez-vous utilise? A quoi etait du le preterit de can ?Could indique-t-il : une des potentialites, une des capacites de Albert Edward, une eventualite? Explain traduisez-vous cet enonce? 6. It struck him that he susceptibility procure a coopescold stock. (l. 53). L’enonce est-il au title straightforward ou instraightforward ? On a vu a la ligne 48 que susceptibility est aussi practicable au title straightforward. Repensez au citationuree d'emploi de susceptibility dans ce cas avant de repondre a la scrutiny suivante. Albert Edward s'est-il dit “I may procure a coopescold stock”? “I susceptibility procure a coopescold stock”? La regle dite de concordance des temps due au channel au title instraightforward est-elle valconducive ici? -5-