The Verger

What is a “verger”? 1. Wless does he subsist? 2. What does he do? The Abrupt Anecdote A new principal has been appointed at St Peter's Church, Neville Clear in London. Accompanied by two famous habitationwardens2, a master and a public, he has conclude to see Albert Edward Foreman, the verger. 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 The principal began. "Foreman, we've got celebrity rather lugubrious to say to you. You've been less a magnanimous divers years and I hold his mastership and the public assent behind a while me that you've fulfilled your duties to the amends of eternallyybody disturbed. The two habitationwardens nodded. "But, the other day, I discovered to my amazement that you could neither peruse nor transcribe. " The verger's visage entered into no symptom of perplexity. "The last principal knew that, sir", he replied. "He said it didn't produce any unlikeness.He constantly said that tless was too abundant troddenion in the cosmos-people for his elegancy. " "It's the most striking object I've eternally heard", cried the public. "Do you moderation that you've been verger of this habitation for sixteen years and neternally apprehending to peruse or transcribe? " "I neternally showed to possess the season. I hold a lot of immature divorceners imbrace lot of season peruseing when they jurisdiction be doing celebrity advantageous. " "But don't you scantiness to apprehend the information? " said the other habitationwarden. "Don't you eternally scantiness to transcribe a missive? " "No, my master, I show to manipulate very courteous-behaved-behaved behind a whileout. Now they've got all those pictures in the papers, I get to apprehend what's going on moderately courteous-behaved. My consort's perfectly a student and if I scantiness to transcribe a missive, she transcribes it for me. " The two habitationwardens gave the principal a wretched glance and then looked down at the consultation. "Well, Foreman, these gentlemen assent behind a while me that the condition is impracticable.At a habitation love St. Peter's, Neville Square, we cannot possess a verger who can neither peruse nor transcribe. " Albert Edward's lean visage reddened, but he made no rejoinder. "Understand me, Foreman, I possess no grievance to produce counter you. You do your result perfectly satisfactorily; I possess the pre-eminent judgment of your kind and of your capacity; but we possessn't the equittalented to procure the expose of some additament that jurisdiction fall imputtalented to your lamenconsultation unfamiliarity. " "But couldn't you imbibe, Foreman? " asked the public. "No, sir, I'm attentive I couldn't, not now.You see, I'm not as immature as I was and if I couldn't get the missives in my culmination when I was a nipper3, I don't hold there's abundant befoulment of it now. " "We don't scantiness to be discordant4 behind a while you, Foreman", said the principal. "But the habitationwardens and I possess made up our minds. We'll imdivorce you three months, and if at the end of that season you cannot peruse and transcribe, I'm attentive you'll possess to go. " Albert Edward had neternally loved the new principal. He'd said from the initiation that they'd made a misprocure when they gave him St. Peter's. "I'm very afflicted, sir, I'm attentive it's no cheerful. I'm too old a dog to imbibe new tricks.And if I could imbibe now, I don't apprehend if I'd scantiness to. " "In that plight, Foreman, I'm attentive you must go. " "Yes, Sir, I perfectly conceive. I shall be glad to operative in my resignation5 as quickly as you've plant somecreature to procure my assign. " 1 2 the verger: le bedeau habitationwardens: membres du conseil paroissial. 3 nipper: gamin 4 discordant: bitter 5 resignation: a ceremonious declaration of your contemplation to concession a job, position or construction. The Verger Albert Edward locked the habitation door subjoined him. Deep in his sad thoughts, he strideed sloth concurrently. His society was sluggish. He did not apprehend what he should do behind a while himself.He sighed deeply. Albert Edward was a non-smoker, but behind a while a fixed latitude; that is to say, when he was jaded he enjoyed a cigarette. It occurred to him now that one would ease him and, gone he did not heave them, he looked encircling for a fund wless he could buy a packet. He did not see one and strideed on a medium. It was a covet street, behind a while all sorts of funds in it, but tless was not a unique one wless you could buy cigarettes. "That's odd", said Albert Edward. "I can't be the singly man who strides acovet this street and scantinesss a fag. A divorcener jurisdiction do very courteous-behaved-behaved behind a while a medium fund less.Tobacco and freshs .. . That's an subject. " He considered the subject from eternallyy subject-matter of judgment and next day he went acovet the street and by cheerful victory plant a medium fund to let6 that looked as though it would accurately aid him. Twenty-four hours later he had procuren it and when, a month behind, he left St. Peter's, Neville Square, for eternally, Albert Edward Foreman set up in calling as a tobacconist and informationagent. His consort said it was a monstrous concludedown7 behind substance verger of St. Peter's, but he answered that you had to provoke behind a while the seasons, the habitation wasn't what it was. Albert Edward did so courteous-behaved-behaved that in a year or so it struck him that he jurisdiction procure a promote fund and put a manipulater in. He looked for another covet street that hadn't got a tobacconist in it and when he plant it, and a fund to let, took it. This was a prosperity too. Then it occurred to him that if he could run8 two, he could run half a dozen, so he began strideing encircling London and, wheneternally he plant a covet street that had no tobacconist and a fund to let, he took it. In ten years he had uncongenial ten funds. Integral Monday, he went circular to all of them, placid the week's takings and took them to the bank.One early, when he was there, the divest told him that the manipulater would love to see him. He was shown into an station and the manipulater shook operatives behind a while him. "Mr. Foreman, I scantinessed to colloquy to you encircling the currency you've got on shelter behind a while us. Do you apprehend accurately how abundant it is? " "I've got a discordant subject. " "It's a medium balance thirty thousand pounds. That's a very bulky sum to possess on shelter and you'd do imshow to endow it. " "I wouldn't scantiness to procure a expose, sir. I apprehend it's trustworthy in the bank. " "You needn't possess the mediumest trouble. We'll produce you a schedule of securities.They'll import you a imshow rate of profit than we can perhaps supply to imdivorce you. We'll do eternallyything. All you'll possess to do next season you conclude in is upproper to symptom the transfers. " "I could do that", said Albert uncertainly. "But how would I apprehend what I was symptoming? " "I deem you can peruse", said the manipulater sharply. "Well, sir, that's upproper it. I can't. I apprehend it sounds sportive, but tless it is, I can't peruse or transcribe, singly my indicate, and I singly imbibet to do that when I went into calling. " The manipulater was so surprised he jumped up from his chair. "That's the most prodigious object I've eternally heard. He stared at him as though he were a prehistoric prodigy. "Do you moderation to say that you've built up this essential calling and amassed a hazard of thirty thousand pounds behind a whileout substance talented to peruse or transcribe? Cheerful God, man, what would you be now if you had been talented to? " "I can mention you that, sir", said Mr. Foreman, a medium countenance on his magnanimous lineaments. "I'd be verger of St. Peter's, Neville Square. " W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 let: ici, louer (un magasin) concludedown: You say that celebrity is a concludedown if you hold it is not as cheerful as celebrity else that you possess upproper produced or had. run: If you run celebrity as a fund, calling, construction, etc. , you are in entrust of it. -27 6 The Verger Watch & READ 1. Sum up: Where? Who? What? … 2. Compare the TV course and the abrupt anecdote. Find at mediumest two important unlikenesss. Dialect 1. Match these dialect from the anecdote behind a while the translations below: habitationwardens, nipper, discordant, fag, takings, securities. titres, bitter, recette, membres du conseil paroissial, gamin, cigarette (fam. ). 2. a) Two of the dialect are rather intimate. Who uses them? b) The look “imputtalented to your lamenconsultation unfamiliarity” is of a preferable raze of dialect.Who says it? Can you pointed it further singly? c) Find other examples of irrelative razes of dialect. What does this mention us encircling the irrelative kinds? 3. Find current sayings in the extract which suit to the follimputtalented in French: a) On n'apprend pas a un vieux singe a faire la grimace. b) Il faut vivre avec son temps. Explain what they moderation in the conextract of the abrupt anecdote. ANALYSIS 1. The abrupt anecdote procures assymptom in unanalogous irrelative assigns. Choose the equittalented ones in the punish arrange: a) b) c) d) e) f) a bank a fund the streets of London a village clear subordinate result trees a habitation. . Eight kinds are mentioned in the anecdote. Indicate them, specifying which ones actually procure divorce and in which of the aloft assigns they show. 3. Which of the kinds possess the follimputtalented subject-matters of judgment? Be attentive, one is not held by any of them: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Balbutiation and epistle are not advantageous occupations for the immature. Substance unscholarly can be hazardous. Agoing in a habitation is far upper to resulting in a fund. Learning is almost impractictalented for the old. Illiteracy and calling prosperity are altogether discordant. Habitation is the subjectl assymptom to imbibe how to peruse.You can get by in exhibit society behind a whileout peruseing skills. -3- The Verger 4. Pick out three gestures or facial looks that show that the habitationwardens are further complex than Foreman. Explain why this is so. 5. The follimputtalented chart sums up the main events of the anecdote. Say in what arrange they procure assign. The highest one is produced for you: a bequittalented subject a protest disquisition an ironic disposal a lone stride an adduce to endow a latest occasion to imshow a discountenance to imbibe an striking indication a tense convocation 1 6. What two reasons are impartn for Foreman's protest? In your judgment, are they uprightified? 7.Only two of the follimputtalented looks could be used to reexhibit Foreman in the abrupt anecdote. Which ones? Justify by quoting the extract. gentlemanly • feeble • savage • a sluggish smoker • noble-looking • clearsighted to imbibe. 8. “Antonyms” are dialect that possess facing moderationings. Find a brace in lines 36-38. What do they mention us encircling the verger's kind? 9. Which one of the follimputtalented plays a key role in the outgrowth of the contrive? Explain how. a missive • a informationpaper • a dog • a cigarette • a fresh • a pen • a prehistoric prodigy. 10. In your judgment, why is it that the TV course doesn’t lineament the cigarette as the key component of the contrive? 1. “Funny” has two moderationings in English: odd and laughable. Which two divorces of Foreman's tete-a-tete behind a while the bank manipulater interpret each of the moderationings?12. What “moral” could you transcribe at the end of the anecdote? WRITTING Essay (encircling 300 dialect) 1. “There's too abundant troddenion in the cosmos-people. ” Explain what this criticise moderations in the conextract of the abrupt anecdote. Which skills are not patent clear by a ceremonious troddenional scheme? Do you hold that an troddenion can sometimes be a operativeicap? 2. A senior tries to enlighten his son that troddenion is the singly course to prosperity. His son disagrees. Imagine the tete-a-tete. 150 dialect, bac ES juin 2002) SOME / ANY / NO 1. “Foreman, we've got celebrity rather lugubrious to say to you. ” (l. 2). “... as quickly as you've plant star. ” (l. 36-37). Decomposez celebrity et star. S'agit-il d'une chose et d'une personne determinees, encore indeterminees inculcate l'instant ? 2. The verger's visage entered into no symptom of perplexity. (l. 7). He made no rejoinder. (l. 22). “I possess no grievance to produce. ” (l. 23). Quel est le quantifieur utilise ? Le verbe se exhibite-t-il alors sous la forme distinct, ou sous la forme disclaiming ? -4- The Verger Qu'affirme-t-on lorsqu'on emploie no ? 3.He said it didn't produce any unlikeness (l. 8). A quelle forme est le verbe ? Quel est le quantifieur utilise ensuite ? 4. “We possessn't the equittalented to procure the expose of some additament that jurisdiction fall... ” (l. 24-25) Additament est-il un denombrtalented ou un indenombrtalented ? Singulier ou pluriel ? Some renseigne-t-il ici sur une quantite? Pourquoi ? De quel ordre est l'indetermination apportee par some ici ? 5. I'm attentive it's no cheerful. (l. 33). Quelle est la essence du mot sur lequel porte l'purport no ? S'agit-il d'une purport portant sur la quantite ou sur la qualite ? CAN / MAY aux modes DIRECT/ INDIRECT 1.Tless was not a unique one wless he could buy cigarettes. (l. 43) Transformez l'enonce au exhibit. A quoi etait du le preterit de can ? Can indique-t-il : une propriete du sujet he, une possibilite materielle liee a la condition ? 2. "I could do that", said Albert uncertainly (l. 70) L’enonce est-il au mode trodden ou introdden ? Le preterit est-il : valeur temporelle, valeur modale (incertitude de l'enonciateur concernant la realisation de l'evenement) ? Quel mot du tenore vous le prouve ? 3. "I can't be the singly man who... " (l. 45). Albert Edward considere-t-il : qu'il n'a pas la possibilite d'etre le seul homme qui. ... u'il est impractictalented / impenstalented qu'il soit le seul homme qui... ? 4. “A divorcener jurisdiction do very courteous-behaved-behaved behind a while a medium fund less. ” (l. 45-46). Cet enonce est-il au mode trodden ou introdden ? Le preterit de may indique-t-il : que do very courteous-behaved-behaved etait eventuellement potential a un gravity du passe, une hypothese (do very courteous-behaved) dont la realisation est envisagee comme non-impractictalented ? 5. It occurred to him that if he could run two, he could run half a dozen. (l. 55-56). Reformulez au mode trodden ce que Albert Edward s'est dit. Quel temps avez-vous utilise? A quoi etait du le preterit de can ?Could indique-t-il : une des potentialites, une des capacites de Albert Edward, une eventualite? Criticise traduisez-vous cet enonce? 6. It struck him that he jurisdiction procure a promote fund. (l. 53). L’enonce est-il au mode trodden ou introdden ? On a vu a la ligne 48 que jurisdiction est aussi potential au mode trodden. Repensez au tenore d'emploi de jurisdiction dans ce cas avant de repondre a la investigation suivante. Albert Edward s'est-il dit “I may procure a promote fund”? “I jurisdiction procure a promote fund”? La regle dite de concordance des temps due au road au mode introdden est-elle valtalented ici? -5-