The CBD of Bangor

This is a plan naturalized on how Bangor shifts as you provoke towards or abroad from the capital of the town. To investigate this as a assembly we accept formed immodest questions; we get reply these delay manifestation and illustrate the process in which we obtained the results. Using this manifestation I get parallel and analyse to delimit the CBD (Central Business District) of Bangor. The Immodest Hypotheses: 1. Is there a bounds shift in functions at the aspect of the CBD? 2. Do edifice heights acception towards the capital of the CBD? 3. Are rateable values leading at the capital of the town? 4. Do pedestrian counts diminish from the capital of the town outwards? Basic Method: Access: I get use a purposed direction to disconceal my results. As Bangor is generally diminutive and obstruct to Bangor Grammar School I shall conceal my direction by walking. Equipment: I get convey delay me a pencil delay a rubber on the end, as it is indulgent to chasten things if I constitute a chance. I get too fetch a clipboard, perfect fill, and a yielding pocket so as my performance get not get wet. Safety: I get bear-in-mind to accept preservation delay intercourse and fetch a movable phone in circumstance of necessity.