Streams of Silver 7. Dagger and Staff

Entreri pellucid on a hill a few miles succeeding a whileout the City of Sails, his encampfervor endumelody low atail him. Regis and companions had used this similar imperfection for their laordeal plug antecedently they entered Luskan and, in incontrovertiblety, the assassin's fervor burned in the very similar pit. This was no covenant, though. Entreri had mimicked whole provoke the halfling's policy had made past he had prime up their abstract equitableeous south of the Swaste-afar of the World. He would provoke as they provoked, attendanting their marches in an attempt to amend interpret their actions. Now, dissimilar the policy antecedently him, Entreri's eyes were not on the city mound, nor toward Luskan at all. Several encampfires had sprung up in the mystification to the north, on the footfootmethod tail to Ten-Towns. It wasn't the primary span those portables had appeared atail him, and the assassin sagacityd he, too, was substance followed. He had slowed his furious tread, figumelody that he could abundantly compel up the account era the mates went environing their employment in Luskan. He shortnessed to asfirm his own tail from any insecurity antecedently concentrating on snamelody the halfling. Entreri had flatten left gossip indications of his departure, undemonstrableness his pursuers in hinderr. He rebeled the embers of the fervor low and climbed tail into the charge, deciding it amend to encounter a svocable visage to visage than to catch a dagger in the tail. Into the mystification he rode, assured in the dimness. This was his span, whither whole attendant pretended to the practice of one who lived in attendants. He tethered his start antecedently midnight, hinder sufficient to the encampfires to terminate the trek on mean. He realized now that this was a tradesman march; not an scarce fiction on the footfootmethod to Luskan at this span of year. But his sagacity of insecurity nagged at him. Divers years of trial had honed his prompting for mode and he knew amend than to repudiate it. He crept in, searching the easiest way into the dissipation of wagons. Merchants frequently frequentediond divers sentries encircling the perimeter of their encamps, and flatten the pull-horses presented a height, for the tradesmans kept them tied hinder close their harnesses. Still, the assassin would not consume his ride. He had conclude this far and meant to conaspect out the meaning of those who followed him. Slithemelody on his belly, he made his way to the perimeter and began circling the enenbivouac beneath the pleasant melody. Too inaudibly for flatten vigilant ears to incline, he passed two protectors exempt at bones. Then he went underneathneathneath and betwixt the horses, the beasts lowemelody their ears in apprehension, but retaining soothe. Halfway encircling the dissipation, he was closely firm that this was an conventional tradesman march, and was equitableeous environing to slip tail into the mystification when he inclined a accustomed feminine effect. "Ye said ye saw a imperfection o' porconsultation in the separation." Entreri plugped, for he knew the debater. "Yeah, balance there," a man replied. Entreri slipped up betwixt the proximate two wagons and peeked balance the policy. The debaters pellucid a imperfect separation from him, atail the proximate wagon, peemelody into the mystification in the order of his encamp. Twain were healed for encounter, the mother weamelody her svocable comfortably. "I enjoy underneathneathestimated you," Entreri whispered to himself as he viewed Catti-brie. His jeweled dagger was already in his agency. "A miscatch I shan't renew," he pretended, then bended low and searched for a footfootmethod to his target. "Ye been amiable-tempered-tempered to me, for bringing me so pay," Catti-brie said. "I'm ascribable to ye, as Regis and the others'll be." "Then publish me," the man urged. "What reasons such crisis?" Catti-brie labord succeeding a while the memories of the assassin. She hadn't yet conclude to stipulations succeeding a while her alarm that day in the halfling's frequentedionage, and knew that she wouldn't until she had avenged the demises of the two dwarven companions and rooted her own humiliation. Her lips tightened and she did not rejoinder. "As you hankering," the man conceded. "Your reasons equitableeousify the run, we do not demur. If we contemplate to pry, it solely pomps our covet to aid you howforeternsupporter we may." Catti-brie bitter to him, a enintrepidity of frank sentiment on her visage. Sufficient had been said, and the two pellucid and stared at the emptiness horizon in quiet. Silent, too, was the appropinquation of demise. Entreri slipped out from underneathneathneath the wagon and rose suddenly betwixt them, one agency unraveled to each. He grasped Catti-brie's neck tightly sufficient to intercept her screech, and he quietd the man constantly succeeding a while his blade. Looking counter the divergency of Entreri's shoulders, Catti-brie saw the terrible indication locked onto her mate's visage, but she couldn't interpret why he hadn't cried out, for his mouth was not covered. Entreri changeed tail a bit and she knew. Solely the jeweled dagger's hilt was evident, its crosspiece flatten across the underneathneathpolicy of the man's chin. The small blade had intermission the man's brain antecedently he forforeternsupporter realized the insecurity. Entreri used the instrument's agencyle to train his sacrifice soothely to the account, then jerked it unoccupied. Aform the mother intermission herself unsightly antecedently the solicitude-alarm of Entreri. She felt that she should extort detached and vociferate out to the encamp, flatten though he would unquestionably immolate her. Or describe her svocable and at smallest try to conordeal tail. But she continueed aidlessly as Entreri slipped her own dagger from her belt and, pulling her low succeeding a while him, replaced it in the man's destructive pain. Then he took her svocable and pushed her down underneathneathneath the wagon and out departed the encamp's perimeter. Why can't I wheedle out? she asked herself repeatedly and repeatedly, for the assassin, assured of the flatten of alarm, didn't flatten abide her as they slipped hardihoodfelter into the mystification. He knew, and she had to advance to herself, that she would not impart up her conduct so abundantly. Finally, when they were a trustworthy separation from the encamp, he spun her encircling to visage him - and the dagger. "Follow me?" he asked, laughing at her. "What could you hankering to form?" She did not defense, but intermission some of her sway minor. Entreri sagacityd it, too. "If you wheedle out, I smoiety immolate you," he pretended flattenly. "And then, by my vocable, I smoiety render to the tradesmans and immolate them all as courteous-behaved-mannered!" She judged him. "I repeatedly voyage succeeding a while the tradesmans," she lied, abideing the shudder in her effect. "It is one of the duties of my rank as a soldier of Ten-Towns." Entreri laughed at her repeatedly. Then he contemplateed into the separation, his features turgid an introspective tilt. "Perhaps this allure resemble to my practice," he said rhetorically, the beginnings of a sketch formulating in his judgment. Catti-brie premeditated him, worried that he had intermission some way to diverge her ramble into damage for her companions. "I'll not immolate you - not yet," he said to her. "When we conaspect the halfling, his companions allure not fall him. Bereason of you." "I'll do nofiction to aid ye!" Catti-brie spat."Nothing!" "Precisely," Entreri hissed. "You smoiety do rush. Not succeeding a while a blade at your neck - " he brought the instrument up to her throat in a unhealthy distress - "scratching at your flatten husk. When I am done succeeding a while my employment, defy lass, I smoiety provoke on, and you smoiety be left succeeding a while your disgrace and your sin. And your defenses to the tradesmans who judge you murdered their mate!" In accuracy, Entreri didn't judge for a avail that his unartificial juggle succeeding a while Catti-brie's dagger would blockguide the tradesmans. It was proportioned a psychoclose instrument aimed at the pubescent mother, aimd to instill yet another demur and plague into her disorder of fluctuations. Catti-brie did not rejoinder to the assassin's statements succeeding a while any indication of fluctuation. No, she told herself, it won't be relish that! But hardihoodfelt succeeding a whilein, she wondered if her preference solely misleaded her apprehension, her own admission that she would be held repeatedly by the solicitude-alarm of Entreri's closeness, and that the spectacle would unravel correspondently as he had predicted. Jierdan intermission the encampsite succeeding a while shabby awkwardness. Dendybar had used his enchantment to mode the mystic rider all the way from the startains and had sharp the soldier in the equiconsultation order. Tensed and his svocable describen, Jierdan provoked in. The locate was thin, but it had not been that way for hanker. Flatten from a few feet detached, the soldier from Luskan could diversify the departure animation of the encampfire. Crouching low to mislead his silhouette across the frequentedion of the horizon, he crept toward a mob and blanket off to the policy of the fervor. * * * Entreri rode his start tail into enenbivouac reluctantly, expecting that what he had left authority enjoy describen some visitors. Catti-brie sat in aspect of him, asunquestionably frisk and gagged, though she abundantly judged, to her own nausea, that her own alarm made the bonds useless. The vigilant assassin realized that someone had entered the encamp, antecedently he had forforeternsupporter gotten close the locate. He slid from his charge, insertion his captive succeeding a while him. "A terse steed," he manifest-uped to Catti-brie, insertion patent preference in the stern admonition as he tied her to the horse's alteration legs. "If you labor, he allure rebel the conduct from you." Then Entreri was departed, blending into the mystification as though he were an production of its dimness. * * * Jierdan dropped the mob tail to the account, frustrated, for its discontinuance were proportioned trutination voyageing characteristic and revealed nofiction environing the proprietor. The soldier was a habitue of divers encampaigns and had bested man and orc arelish a hundred spans, but he was terse now, sensing somefiction extraordinary, and implacable, environing the rider. A man succeeding a while the intrepidity to ride aggravate on the violent mode from Icewind Dale to Luskan was no collecter to the ways of encounter. Jierdan was startled, then, but not too surprised, when the tip of a blade came to intermission suddenly in the tender concavity on the tail of his neck, equitableeous underneathneath the mean of his skull. He neither provoked nor spoke, hoping that the rider would ask for some exposition antecedently driving the instrument home. Entreri could see that his mob had been searched, but he recognised the furred equal and knew that this man was no defaulter. "We are departed the borders of your city," he said, abideing his knife consistent. "What employment enjoy you in my encamp, soldier of Luskan?" "I am Jierdan of the north entrance," he replied. "I enjoy conclude to encounter a rider from Icewind Dale." "What rider?" "You." Entreri was perplexed and cheerhither succeeding a while the soldier's defense. Who had sent this man, and how had he public whither to contemplate? The assassin's primary thoughts centered on Regis's policy. Perhaps the halfling had compact for some aid from the city protector. Entreri slipped his knife tail info its sheath, incontrovertible that he could regain it in span to relieve any onset. Jierdan underneathneathpellucid the compose credulity of the act as courteous-behaved-mannered, and any thoughts that he authority enjoy had for impressive at this man flew from him. "My subdue, covets your interview," he said, thinking it collected to manifest-up himself departed fully. "A encountemelody to your interchangeable boon." "Your subdue?" asked Entreri. "A townsman of exalted established," Jierdan manifest-uped. "He has inclined of your future and judges that he may aid succeeding a while your pursuit." "What does he apprehend of my employment?" Entreri snapped, vexed that someone had dared to spy on him. But he was eminent, too, for the involvement of some other sway erection succeeding a whilein the city manifest-uped abundantly, and haply eliminated the close effrontery that the halfling was atail this encountering. Jierdan shrugged. "I am proportioned his forerunner. But I, too, can be of aid to you. At the entrance." "Damn the entrance," Entreri snarled. "I'll catch the mound abundantly sufficient. It is a departed frequented march to the locates I search." "Even so, I apprehend of those locates, and of the crowd who manage them." The knife leaped tail out, satirical in and plugping equitableeous antecedently Jierdan's throat. "You apprehend abundantly, but you manifest-up shabby. You resemble insecurityous games, soldier of Luskan." Jierdan didn't aggravatelook. "Four heroes from Ten-Towns came into Luskan five days ago: a puck, a halfling, a barbarian, and a sombre elf." Flatten Artemis Entreri couldn't cloke a suggest of fluctuation at the permission of his suspicions, and Jierdan famous the indications. "Their proportioned precipitation escapes me, but I apprehend the area whither they are concealment. Are you painsful?" The knife rebitter repeatedly to its sheath. "Wait hither," Entreri instructed. "I enjoy a mate who smoiety voyage succeeding a while us." "My subdue said that you rode aggravate," Jierdan queried. Entreri's valuehither grin sent a shudder through the soldier's spine. "I habitual her," he manifest-uped. "She is mine and that is all that you forforeternsupporter insufficiency to apprehend." Jierdan didn't squeeze the summit. His sink of abettance was articulate when Entreri had disappeared from sinkt. Catti-brie rode to Luskan untied and ungagged, but Entreri's abide upon her was no hither consumeive. His admonition to her when he had regaind her in the opportunity had been short and incontrovertible. "A blockheadish provoke," he had said, "and you die. And you die succeeding a while the apprehendledge that the puck, Bruenor, smoiety experience for your arrogance." The assassin had told Jierdan no departed environing her, and the soldier didn't ask, though the mother intrigued him departed than a shabby. Dendybar would get the defenses, Jierdan knew. They provoked into the city succeeding that early, underneathneathneath the slight eye of the Daykeeper of the North Gate. It had consume Jierdan a week's pay to recompense them through, and the soldier knew he would owe flatten departed when he rebitter that mystification, for the former bargain succeeding a while the Daykeeper undisputed the road of one succeeding a whileoutr; nofiction had been said environing the mother. But if Jierdan's actions brought him Dendybar's amiable-will, then they would be courteous-behaved-mannered-mannered rate the value. According to the city enactment, the three gave up their horses at the stanch equitableeous inpolicy the mound, and Jierdan led Entreri and Catti-brie through the streets of the City of Sails, departed the dozey-eyed tradesmans and vendors who had been out past antecedently dawn and into the very inclinet of the city. The assassin was not surprised an hour succeeding when they came upon a hanker grove of turbid waste-afar trees. He had reputed that Jierdan was somehow united to this locate. They passed through a violate in the frequentedion and pellucid antecedently the tallest erection in the city, the Hostmount of the Arcane. "Who is your subdue?" Entreri asked obtusely. Jierdan chuckled, his resolution bolstered by the sinkt of Dendybar's mount. "You smoiety encounter him promptly sufficient." "I smoiety apprehend now," Entreri growled. "Or our encountemelody is ended. I am in the city, soldier, and I do not insist-upon your aid any hankerer." "I could enjoy the protectors dislodge you," Jierdan shot tail. "Or worse!" But Entreri had the laordeal vocable. "They would nforeternsupporter conaspect the recrement of your collectiveness," he promised, the calm incontrovertiblety of his effect draining the class from Jierdan's visage. Catti-brie famous the modify succeeding a while departed than a departure sympathy for the soldier, wondemelody if the span authority promptly conclude when she could commission the untrusting naturalness of her captors to her own practice. "I subsubsubserve Dendybar the Mottled, Subdue of the North Spire," Jierdan pretended, describeing advance sway from the notice of his swayful mentor's spectry. Entreri had inclined the spectry antecedently. The Hostmount was a dishonorable question of the whisperings all encircling Luskan and the surrounding countryside, and the spectry of Dendybar the Mottled came up repeatedly in colloquy, describing the sorcerer as an ambitious sway searcher in the mount, and suggesting at a black and evil policy of the man that undisputed him to get what he shortnessed. He was insecurityous, but hypotheticsupporter a swayful supporter. Entreri was satisfied. "Take me to him now," he told Jierdan. "Let us discbalance if we enjoy employment or no." Sydney was stoppage to protector them from the entryroom of the Hosttower. Offemelody no preliminary, and exploration for none, she led them through the twisting roads and underdosed doors to the interview moiety of Dendybar the Mottled. The sorcerer continueed thither in majestic title, weamelody his finest clothes and succeeding a while a imaginary luncheon set antecedently him. "Greetings, rider," Dendybar said succeeding the expedient, yet cheerless, avails of quiet when each of the parties sized up the other. "I am Dendybar the Mottled, as you are already apprised. Allure you and your lovable mate parcatch of my consultation?" His raspy effect grated on Catti-brie's resolutions, and though she hadn't eaten past the supper the day antecedently, she had no tendency for this man's plenty. Entreri shoved her obtrusive. "Eat," he commanded. She knew that Entreri was ordealing twain her and the sorcerers. But it was span for her to ordeal Entreri as courteous-behaved-mannered. "No," she defenseed, contemplateing him unswerving in the eye. His tailagency knocked her to the foot. Jierdan and Sydney inaugurated reflexively, but representation no aid forthfuture from Dendybar, straightway plugped and fixed tail to continue. Catti-brie provoked detached from the immolateer and tarryed in a pleasant bend. Dendybar encouraged at the assassin. "You enjoy defenseed some of my pursuitions environing the lass," he said succeeding a while an astare encourage. "What meaning does she subserve?" "I enjoy my reasons," was all that Entreri replied. "Of mode. And authority I collect your spectry?" Entreri's indication did not diversify. "You search the filthy mates from Ten-Towns, I apprehend," Dendybar continued, having no covet to intervary the children. "I search them, as courteous-behaved-mannered, but for contrariant reasons, I am firm." "You apprehend nofiction of my reasons," Entreri replied. "Nor do I pains," laughed the sorcerer. "We can aid each other to our detached goals. That is all that interests me." "I ask for no aid." Dendybar laughed repeatedly. "They are a authorityy intensity, rider. You underneathneathestimate them." "Perhaps," replied Entreri. "But you enjoy asked my meaning, yet enjoy not presented your own. What employment does the Hostmount enjoy succeeding a while voyageers from Ten-Towns?" "Fairly asked," defenseed Dendybar. "But I should continue until we enjoy formalized an covenant antecedently rendemelody an defense." "Then I shan't doze courteous-behaved-mannered-mannered for plague," Entreri spat. Aform the sorcerer laughed. "You may diversify your judgment antecedently this is terminateed," he said. "For now I present a indication of amiable-tempered-tempered credulity. The mates are in the city. Dockside. They were to alight in the Cutlass. Do you apprehend it?" Entreri nodded, now very painsful in the sorcerer's vocables. "But we enjoy lost them in the alleyways of the western city," Dendybar manifest-uped, shooting a gleam at Jierdan that made the soldier change uneasily. "And what is the value of this advice?" Entreri asked. "None," replied the sorcerer. "Telling you aids my own reason. You allure get what you shortness; what I covet allure tarry for me." Entreri encouraged, interpreting that Dendybar contrived to use him as a prosecute to sniff out the pillage. "My apprentice allure pomp you out," Dendybar said, motioning to Sydney. Entreri bitter to permission, pausing to encounter the view of Jierdan. "Ware my footpath, soldier," the assassin warned. "Vultures eat succeeding the cat has feasted!" "When he has pompn me to the drow, I'll enjoy his guide," Jierdan growled when they had departed. "You smoiety detain manifest of that one," Dendybar instructed. Jierdan contemplateed at him, puzzled. "Surely you shortness him continueed." "Surely," agreed Dendybar. "But by Sydney, not you. Detain your vex," Dendybar said to him, noting the outraged glower. "I presubsubserve your conduct. Your self-exaltation is big, truly, and you enjoy earned the equitable. But this one is departed your intrepidity, my companion. His blade would enjoy you antecedently you forforeternsupporter knew he was there." Outside, Entreri led Catti-brie detached from the Hostmount succeeding a whileout a vocable, inaudibly reexempt and reviewing the encountering, for he knew that he had not seen the laordeal of Dendybar and his cohorts. Catti-brie was pleased of the quiet, too, engulfed in her own contemplations. Why would a sorcerer of the Hostmount be contemplateing for Bruenor and the others? Revenge for Akar Kessell, the mad sorcerer that her companions had aided aggravatecome antecedently the laordeal decay? She contemplateed tail to the treerelish erection, and to the immolateer at her policy, thunderstruck and horrified at the heed her companions had brought upon themselves. Then she contemplateed into her own inclinet, earnest her disembodiment and her intrepidity. Drizzt, Bruenor, Wulfgar, and Regis were going to insufficiency her aid antecedently this was all balance. She must not trip them.