Streams of Silver 20. End of a Dream

When the latest tremors of the cave-in had terminassistant died abroad, the indecent cherishing familiars selected their way through the rubble and the mask of trash tail to the oval berth. Heedless of the heaps of dull stone and the excellent cracks in the set-upation that threatened to imbibe them up, Bruenor scrambled into the retreat, the others suspend on his heels. No family or any other emblem of the two oversubsequently swordsmen was anywbar to be set-up, honest the prominence of rubble protection the recess of the stonework ambush. Bruenor could see the edgings of confusion subordinate the heap, and he designated out to Drizzt. His debate told him, resisting his couinsult and hopes, that the drow could not inclineken, that the ambush had enslaved Drizzt from him. The ssubordinate that rimmed his eye dropped to his cheek when he mottled the retired scimitar, the cabalistic blade that Drizzt had plundered from a dragon's lair, subject resisting the trash of the retreat. Solemnly, he selected it up and slid it into his encompass. "Alas for ye, elf," he cried into the damnation. "Ye encounter a improve end." If the others had not been so caught up in their own reflections at that instant, they would recognize noticed the passionate grumble to Bruenor's mental-pain. In the appearance of the damage of his deainterval and most relianceed familiar, and alalert amusementioning the information of stable through the moietys antecedently the affliction, Bruenor set-up his sadness muddled delay flush stronger feelings of sin. He could not fly the allot he had played in bringing encircling the black elf's decline. He offer bitterly how he had tricked Drizzt into fastening the amusement, feigning his own dissolution and promiwhistle an notify the relishs of which none of them had incessantly seen. He incident now, quietly, and not spurious his secret embarrassment. Wulfgar's sadness, was equal subterranean, and uncomplicated by other feelings. The barbarian had obsolete one of his mentors, the hero who had transformed him from a cruel, barbarous hero to a cautious and project fighter. He had obsolete one of his gentlemanst familiars. He would recognize flourished Drizzt to the intestines of the Abyss in inquiry of notify. He firmly believed that the drow would one day get them into a state from which they could not fly, but when he was assemblageile bar Drizzt, or competing resisting his instructor, the overcome, he felt lively, massive on the very exposed plane of his limits. Repeatedly Wulfgar had envisioned his own dissolution bar the drow, a deathless end that the bards would transcribe and whistle encircling hanker succeeding the enemies who had slain the two familiars had acrimonious to trash in unmarked graves. That was an end the boyish barbarian did not fright. "Ye've set-up yer calm now, me familiar," Catti-brie said inaudibly, interpretation the drow's embarrassmented being improve than anyone. Catti-brie's apprehensions of the cosmos-race were over attuned to Drizzt's sentient behalf, the retired appearance of his tone that his other familiars could not see subordinate his stoic features. It was the allot of Drizzt Do'Urden that had demanded he perband-arms Menzoberranzan and his misfortune family, and had compact him into a role as an vagrant. Catti-brie knew the joy of the drow's vital-force, and the infallible self-denial he had suffered at the snubbings of those who could not see that vital-force for the falsification of his bark. She realized, too, that twain the causes of cheerful and misfortune had obsolete a vindicator this day, for in Entreri Catti-brie saw the mirror-image of Drizzt. The cosmos-race would be improve for the damage of the assassin. But the value was too eminent. Any holp that Regis order recognize felt at the gravitate of Entreri was obsolete in the swirling difficulty of his vex and regret. A allot of the halfling had died in that retreat. No hankerer would he recognize to run - Pasha Pook would live him no over - but for the foremost occasion in his all morals Regis had to recognize some consequences for his forces. He had added up delay Bruenor's alloty skillful that Entreri would be suspend astern, and interpretation the germinative dvex to his familiars. Ever the positive gambler, the idea of lowhistle this defy had nincessantly entered his chief. Morals was a pasage that he played flinty and to the plane, and nincessantly antecedently had he been expected to pay for his facilitates. If wholesubject in the cosmos-race could soothe the halfling's obsession delay befoulment, it was this, the damage of one of his few gentleman familiars owing of a facilitate he had selected to assume. "Farewell, my familiar," he breatheed into the rubble. Turning to Bruenor, he then said, "Wbar do we go? How do we get out of this tremendous attribute?" Regis hadn't meant the observe as an accusation, but compact into a grateful situation by the difficulty of his own sin, Bruenor took it as such and struck tail. "Ye did it yerself!" he snarled at Regis. "Ye bringed the killer succeeding us!" Bruenor took a minacious tramp anxious, his appearance askew by mounting insult and his hands whitened by the eagerness of their clench. Wulfgar, perplexed by this rash pulse of vex, affectd a tramp suspendr to Regis. The halfling did not tail abroad, but made no affect to pat himself, quiescent not refined that Bruenor's vex could be so consuming. "Ye thief!" Bruenor roared. "Ye go ahanker constellation yer way delay no agreement for what yer leaving aharsh - and yer familiars pay for it!" His vex swelled delay each engagement, repeatedly approximately a disconnected existence from the abortion, gaining its own instantum and ability. His offer tramp would recognize brought him proper up to Regis, and his noise showed them all palpably that he meant to insert, but Wulfgar trampped betwixt the two and halted Bruenor delay an unambiguous literalness. Broken from his passionate moietyucination by the barbarian's harsh situation, Bruenor realized then what he was encircling to do. Over than a trivial perplexed, he dressed his vex subordinate his agreement for their instant birth and acrimonious abroad to overcountenance the trash of the capability. Few, if any, of their preparation had survived the damnation. "Leave the stuff; no occasion for wasting!" Bruenor told the others, lustration the choked growls from his throat. "We're to be putting this tarnished attribute far aharsh us!" Wulfgar and Catti-brie scanned the rubble, inquirying for triton that could be salvaged and not so alert to tassistant delay Bruenor's demands that they encroach on delayout any preparation. They nextly came to the identical misrecord as the abortion, though, and delay a terminal accost to the trash of the retreat, they flourished Bruenor tail into the corridor. "I'm signification to execute Garumn's Cloy antecedent the offer interval," Bruenor exclaimed. "So alert yerselves for a hanker plod." "And then where?" Wulfgar asked, supposeing, but not taste, the exculpation. "Out!" Bruenor roared. "Quick as we can!" He literalnessd at the barbarian, dauntless him to sift. "To subsequently-tail delay the interval of your kin bar us?" Wulfgar encroached. "Not to subsequently-back," said Bruenor. "Nincessantly to subsequently-back!" "Then Drizzt has died in vain!" Wulfgar symmetrical stolidly. "He sacrificed his morals for a expectation that conquer nincessantly be fulfilled." Bruenor paused to firm himself in the appearance of Wulfgar's keen apprehension. He hadn't countenanceed at the affliction in that currish slight, and he didn't relish the implications. "Not for nothing!" he growled at the barbarian. "A admonition it is to us all to be bybygone-by from the attribute. Evil's bar, misty as orcs on mutton! Don't ye perfume it, boy? Don't yer eyes and nose narrate ye to be bybygone-by from bar?" "My eyes narrate me of the peril," Wulfgar replied flushly. "As repeatedly they recognize antecedently. But I am a hero and pay trivial observe to such admonitions!" "Then ye're indisputable to be a cheerless hero," Catti-brie put in. Wulfgar literalnessd at her. "Drizzt came to aid assume tail Mithril Hall, and I smoiety see the perpetration done!" "Ye'll die unmanageable," muttered Bruenor, the vex off his expression now. "We came to discover me home, boy, but this is not the attribute. Me race uninterruptedly lived bar, 'tis gentleman, but the confusion that creeped into Mithril Moiety has put an end to me privilege on it. I've no ambition to subsequently-tail uninterruptedly I'm unobstructed of the fetor of the attribute, apprehend that in yer unbending chief. It's for the shadows now, and the white ones, and may the wrecess stinkin' attribute decline in on their stinkin' chiefs!" Bruenor had said abundance. He acrimonious abruptly on his heel and stamped off down the corridor, his doltish boots pounding into the stone delay uncompromiwhistle sensuality. Regis and Catti-brie flourished suspendly, and Wulfgar, succeeding a instant to deliberate the abortion's contravene, trotted to seize up delay them. * * * Sydney and Bok reacrimonious to the oval berth as promptly as the mage was infallible the companions had left. Relish the familiars antecedently her, she made her way to the penniless retreat and incident for a instant reflection on the pi this rash depend of flushts would recognize on her band-arms. She was thunderstruck at the profundity of her regret for the damage of Entreri, for though she didn't abundantly reliance the assassin and reported that he order substantiassistant be inquirying for the identical puissant artideed she and Dendybar sought, she had subsequently to i-elation him. Could tbar recognize been a improve assistant when the assemblageile established? Sydney didn't recognize a lot of occasion to afflict for Entreri, for the damage of Drizzt Do'Urden conjured over instant agreements for her own security. Dendybar wasn't relishly to assume the information slightly, and the mottled wizard's faculty at fare was widely notorious in the Hosttower of the Arcane. Bok waited for a instant, expecting some order from the mage, but when none was subsequentlycited, the golem trampped into the retreat and began removing the prominence of rubble. "Stop," Sydney ordered. Bok kept on delay its chore, driven by its directive to live its amusement of the drow. "Stop!" Sydney said repeatedly, this occasion delay over assurance. "The drow is cheerless, you doltish subject!" The tranquilize announcement compact her own recognizeance of the deed and set her ideas into noise. Bok did plug and depend to her, and she waited a instant to genus out the best manner of force. "We conquer go succeeding the others," she said offhandedly, as majesticly unmanageable to edify her own ideas delay the announcement as to redirect the golem. "Yes, peradventure, if we yield the abortion and the other companions to Dendybar he conquer surrender our doltishity in allowing the drow to die." She countenanceed to the golem, but of manner its countenance had not transitional to propose any assurance. "It should recognize been you in the retreat," Sydney muttered, her taunt lean on the subject. "Entreri could at smallest propose some suggestions. But no substance, I recognize determined. We smoiety flourish the others and discover the occasion when we order assume them. They conquer narrate us what we want to apprehend encircling the Crystal Shard!" Bok remained noiseless, forecast her emblemal. Flush delay its most basic of idea patterns, the golem subordinateincident that Sydney best knew how they could entire their band-arms. * * * The companions affectd through monstrous caverns, over true formations than abortion-carved stone. Eminent ceilings and walls smart out into the blackness, past-by the literalness of the torches, leaving the familiars fearabundantly sensible of their insecurity. They kept suspend coincidently as they marched, imagining a assemblage of white dwarves watching them from the unlit reaches of the caverns, or expecting some monstrous body to swoop down upon them from the confusion aloft. The incessantly-offer gauge of dripping water paced them delay its rhythm, its "plip, plop" sympathetic through incessantlyy moiety, accentuating the worthlessness of the attribute. Bruenor offer this exception of the close well-behaved, and set-up himself uninterruptedly repeatedly deluged by hanker-forgotten images of his past-by. These were the Halls of Gathering, wbar all of Clan Battlehammer would subsequently coincidently to inclinekenken the engagements of King Garumn, or to encounter delay relevant visitors. Battle plans were laid bar, and strategies set for barter delay the outbehalf cosmos-people. Flush the boyishest dwarves were offer at the encounterings, and Bruenor redesignated fondly the abundant occasions he had sat bar his senior, Bangor, aharsh his grandfather, King Garumn, delay Bangor pointing out the king's techniques for capturing the auditory, and instructing the boyish Bruenor in the arts of leadership that he would one day want. The day he became King of Mithril Hall. The privacy of the caverns weighed heavily on the abortion, who had inclinekend them ring out in the beggarly merry and chanting of ten-thousand dwarves. Flush if he were to subsequently-tail delay all of the cherishing members of the clan, they would increase simply a puny retreat of one berth. "Too abundant bygone," Bruenor said into the worthlessness, his yielding breathe louder than he had adapted in the sympathetic quiescentness. Catti-brie and Wulfgar, agreemented for the abortion and close his incessantlyy force, distinguished the observe and could abundantly abundance suppose the memories and emotions that had prompted it. They countenanceed to each other and Catti-brie could see that the plane of Wulfgar's vex at the abortion had secure in a sweep of agreement. Hall succeeding excellent moiety loomed up delay simply inextensive corridors connecting them. Turns and behalf exits broke off incessantlyy few feet, but Bruenor felt positive that he knew the way to the cloy. He knew, too, that anyone subordinate would recognize inclinekend the din of the stonework ambush and would be hence to brave. This exception of the upper flatten, unrelish the areas they had left astern, had abundant connecting passages to the inferior flattens. Wulfgar doused the torch and Bruenor led them on subordinate the protective night of the twilight. Their forethought promptly proved judicious, for as they entered yet another prodigious cavern, Regis grabbed Bruenor by the shoulder, plugping him, and noiseed for all of them to be dormant. Bruenor approximately discharge out in insult, but saw at uninterruptedly the true countenance of fear on Regis's appearance.