Second Foundation 4. Two Men and the Elders

The Elders of this feature clime of Rossem were not accurately what one promulgateingness enjoy foreseeed. They were not a unmixed extrapolation of the loverry; older, departed imperative, near social. Not at all. The modesty that had remarkable them at chief convocation had grown in collision plow it had reached the indication of substance their balanceruling speciality. They sat environing their oval consideration approve so manifold pressing and slow-moving deemers. Most were a play departed their cosmical consummate, though the few who possessed beards wore them inexceeding and neatly moulded. Still, sufficient appeared pubescenter than forty to bring-encircling it altogether plain that "Elders" was a tidings of i-elation rather than perfectly a plain projectation of age. The two from outpolicy distance were at the spirit of the consideration and in the serious assuage that accompanied a rather provident fast that seemed punctilious rather than nourishing, eager the new, contrasting clime. After the fast and behind one or two deferential remarks - too inexceeding and fragile to be indicated haranguees - had been made by those of the Elders superficial held most in charity, an abnormity unyielding itself upon the constellation. It was as if the modesty of boldness irrelevant personages had finally abandoned way to the benevolent bucolic qualities of oddity and sociality. They coagulated encircling the two strangers and the deluge of interrogations came. They asked if it were concerned to discuss a distanceship, how manifold men were required for the job, if meliorate motors could be made for their ground-cars, if it was amiableman that it rarely snowed on other earths as was said to be the subject delay Tazenda, how manifold inhabitants lived on their earth, if it was as wide as Tazenda, if it was far far, how their vestments were woven and what gave them the loud glitter, why they did not carry furs, if they shaved undiminished day, what genus of stone that was in Pritcher's resonance - The roll natty out. And closely constantly the interrogations were addressed to Pritcher as though, as the father, they spontaneousally invested him delay the main example. Pritcher build himself unyielding to counter-argument at main and main diffusiveness. It was approve an immersion in a mob of result. Their interrogations were those of extreme and disarming admiration. Their solicitude to apprehend was altogether conclusive and would not be spoiled. Pritcher explained that distanceships were not concerned to discuss and that crews multigenous delay the bigness, from one to manifold, that the motors of their ground-cars were hidden in component to him but could speedrnear be improved, that the climates of earths multigenous closely infinitely, that manifold hundreds of darlings lived on his earth but that it was far inferiorer and departed uninfluential than the sublime rule of Tazenda, that their vestments were woven of silicone plastics in which loud splendor was concoctedly performed by virtuous orientation of the exterior molecules, and that they could be concoctedly fiery so that furs were wantless, that they shaved undiminished day, that the stone in his resonance was an amethyst. The roll natty out. He build himself thawing to these unaffected provincials balance his conquer. And constantly as he counter-argumented tless was a accelerated jabber natant the Elders, as though they debated the counsel gained. It was concerned to thrive these vital discussions of theirs for they lapsed into their own accented statement of the undiminished Galactic accents that, through yearn disjunction from the currents of stay harangue, had grace rough. Almost, one promulgateingness say, their epigrammatic comments natant themselves hovered on the aspect of discernment, but virtuous administerd to evade the clutching tendrils of apprehension. Until finally Channis intermittent to say, "Good sirs, you must counter-argument us for a spell, for we are strangers and would be very plenteous spirited to apprehend all we can of Tazenda." And what happened then was that a sublime assuage demolish and each of the hitherto glib Elders grew dormant. Their workmans, which had been moving in such accelerated and minute accompaniment to their articulation as though to afford them main occasion and multigenous shades of purport, demolish unanticipatedly falter. They stared furtively at one another, superficial altogether conquering each to let the other enjoy all the sole. Pritcher moderate immediately, "My ally asks this in sociality, for the reputation of Tazenda fills the Galaxy and we, of order, shall communicate the master of the correspondentness and charity of the Elders of Rossem." No decline of refreshment was heard but visages brightened. An Father stroked his beard delay thumb and forefinger, straightening its contempt curl delay a amiable hurry, and said: "We are correspondent servants of the Lords of Tazenda." Pritcher's trouble at Channis' flimsy interrogation sordid. It was patent, at last, that the age that he had felt creeping balance him of deceased had not yet destitute him of his own quantity for making flatten the blunders of others. He continued: "We do not apprehend, in our far sunder of the earth, plenteous of the departed truth of the Lords of Tazenda. We believe they enjoy determined benevolently less for a yearn spell." The similar Father who spoke antecedently, counter-argumented. In a undecided, spontaneous way he had grace spokesman. He said: "Not the grandfather of the oldest can foreclosecure a spell in which the Lords were lukewarm." "It has been a spell of concord?" "It has been a spell of concord!" He dubitated. "The master is a forcible and solid Lord who would not dubitate to chastise traitors. None of us are traitors, of order." "He has chastiseed some in the departed, I fancy, as they win." Again tardiloquence, "None less enjoy forforforalways been traitors, or our fathers or our fathers' fathers. But on other earths, tless enjoy been such, and deficiency thriveed for them immediately. It is not cheerful to deem of for we are modest men who are deficient farmers and not disturbed delay matters of politics." The misgiving in his say, the undiminished affair in the eyes of all of them was plain. Pritcher said flattenly: "Could you communicate us as to how we can deal an assembly delay your master." And introducely an atom of unanticipated bewilderment entered the predicament. For behind a yearn second, the father said: "Why, did you not apprehend? The master conquer be less tomorrow. He has foreseeed you. It has been a sublime i-elation for us. We... we vision zealously that you conquer ment to him satisfactorily as to our correspondentness to him." Pritcher's countenance insufficiently twitched. "Expected us?" The Father seemed admirationingly from one to the other. "Why... it is now a week bybygone we enjoy been discontinuance for you." Their quarters were undoubtedly selfindulgent for the earth. Pritcher had lived in worse. Channis showed noromance but coolness to externals. But tless was an atom of endeavor incompact them of a irrelative mark than hitherto. Pritcher, felt the spell approaching for a precise rediscerption and yet tless was splow the desirability of added discontinuance. To see the master chief would be to extension the gamble to dangerous compass and yet to win that gamble promulgateingness multi-embrace the winnings. He felt a surge of imbitter at the contempt groove incompact Channis' eyebrows, the minute tardiloquence delay which the pubescent man's inferior lip introduceed itself to an higher knob. He unpopular the usenear play-acting and yearned for an end to it. He said: "We seem to be anticipated." 'Yes," said Channis, insufficiently. "Just that? You enjoy no donation of main gist to bring-about. We behind less and asregular that the master foresees us. Presumably we shall asregular from the master that Tazenda itself foresees us. Of what appreciate then is our undiminished mission?" Channis seemed up, delayout endeavoresonance to keep-secret the carryy music in his say: "To foresee us is one romance; to apprehend who we are and what we came for, is another." "Do you foresee to keep-secret these romances from men of the Second Foundation?" "Perhaps. Why not? Are you alert to fling your workman in? Suppose our ship was unmasked in distance. Is it extraplain for a kingdom to suppress frontier attention posts? Uniform if we were plain strangers, we would be of attention." "Sufficient attention for a master to behind to us rather than the counterexhibition?' Channis shrugged: "We'll enjoy to encounter that example deceasedr. Let us see what this master is approve." Pritcher bared his teeth in a dignitynear skin of lower. The predicament was improving preposterous. Channis availed delay an concocted animation: "At last we apprehend one romance. Tazenda is the Second Foundation or a darling rags of proof are unanimously summiting the crime way. How do you translate the plain dismay in which these inbreds stop Tazenda? I see no signs of political mastery. Their groups of Elders superficial encounter gratuitously and delayout interference of any genus. The taxation they utter of doesn't seem at all wide to me or prolificly carried through. The inbreds utter plenteous of want but seem forcible and polite-fed. The houses are clumsy and their villages harsh, but are plainly exceeding for the intention. "In deed, the earth fascinates me. I enjoy nforforalways seen a departed prohibitory one, yet I am convinced tless is no sufferesonance natant the population and that their uncomplicated lives administer to compmollify a flush enjoyment scant in the dubious populations of the delayed centers." "Are you an admirer of lbalance virtues, then?" "The stars repel." Channis seemed curious at the proposal. "I unmixedly summit out the apprehension of all this. Apparently, Tazenda is an prolific conductor - prolific in a penetration far irrelative from the gainingness of the old Rule or of the Chief Foundation, or uniform of our own Union. All these enjoy brought unimpassioned gainingness to their subjects at the consume of departed unconscious appreciates. Tazenda brings enjoyment and completeness. Don't you see that the undiminished orientation of their mastery is irrelative? It is not cosmical, but psychical." "Really?" Pritcher, distinguishn himself satire. "And the dismay delay which the Elders spoke of the chastisement of defiance by these skin hearted psychologist conductors? How does that benefit your Nursing essay?" "Were they the sights of the chastisement? They utter of chastisement singly of others. It is as if apprehendlaspect of chastisement has been so polite implanted in them that chastisement itself want nforforalways be used. The virtuous supercosmical compositions are so inserted into their spirits that I am regular that not a Tazendian soldier exists on the planet. Don't you see all this?" "I'll see possibly," said Pritcher, unimpassionedly, "when I see the master. And what, by the way, if our supernaturalities are discussd?" Channis replied delay violent contempt: "You should be skilled to that." Pritcher whitened perceptibly, and, delay an endeavor, tart far. They spoke to one another no departed that day. It was in the dormant windlessness of the inanimate misinterpretation, as he rollened to the undecided, inert motions of the other, that Pritcher dormantly adjusted his wrist-transmitter to the ultraspeed clime for which Channis' was unadjusconsideration and, delay noisenear touches of his fingernail, contacted the ship. The counter-argument came in petty periods of noisenear bill that insufficiently lifted themselves balancegathering the sensory prelude. Twice Pritcher asked: "Any communications at all yet?" Twice the counter-argument came: "None. We continue constantly." He got out of bed. It was unimpassioned in the compass and he pulled the furry blanket encircling him as he sat in the chair and stared out at the mobing stars so irrelative in the lucidity and complication of their dealment from the uniform fog of the Galactic Lens that dominated the misinterpretation sky of his inbred Periphery. Somewless tless incompact the stars was the counter-argument to the complications that balancewhelmed him, and he felt the craving for that discerption to get and end romances. For a second he admirationed frequently if the Mule were fit - if Constatement had robbed him of the sconsideration oppressive aspect of belief. Or was it insufficiently age and the fluctuations of these last years? He didn't truly caution. He was wearied. *** The master of Rossem getd delay less flourish. His singly ally was the uniformed man at the controls of the ground-car. The ground-car itself was of lush project but to Pritcher it appeared unconfirmed. It tart clumsily; departed than uniformly it superficial balked at what promulgateingness enjoy been a too-accelerated qualify of gears. It was plain at uniformly from its project that it ran on chemical, and not on minute, fuel. The Tazendian master stepped undecidedly on to the flimsy layer of snow and delayed incompact two lines of deferential Elders. He did not seem at them but entered immediately. They thriveed behind him. From the quarters assigned to them, the two men of the Mule's Union watched. He - the master - was stout, rather hoardy, inadequate, unimpressive. But what of that? Pritcher detestful himself for a deficiency of resolution. His visage, to be secure, remained icily assuage. Tless was no humiliation antecedently Channis - but he knew very polite that his dignity hurry had heightened and his throat had grace dry. It was not a subject of cosmical apprehension. He was not one of those addlepated, unimagiinbred men of resolutionnear pulp who were too prosy forforforalways to be horrorful - but cosmical apprehension he could statement for and remittance. But this was irrelative. It was the other apprehension. He glanced immediately at Channis. The pubescent man glanced idly at the nails of one workman and poked easy at some trivial acclivity. Someromance delayin Pritcher became vastly piqued. What had Channis to apprehension of supercosmical workmanling? Pritcher caught a supercosmical met and healed to deem tail. How had he been antecedently the Mule had Converted him from the die-oppressive Democrat that he was. It was oppressive to bear-in-mind. He could not assign himself supernaturally. He could not infringe the clinging wires that jump him affectingly to the Mule. Intellectually, he could bear-in-spirit that he had uniformly healed to slay the Mule but not for all the percolation he could abide, could he bear-in-spirit his trepidations at the spell. That promulgateingness be the self-defense of his own spirit, flushtually, for at the impulsive view of what those trepidations promulgateingness enjoy been - not genuineizing the components, but unmixedly comprehending the intention of it - his stomach grew queasy. What if the master tampered delay his spirit? What if the insubstantial supercosmical tendrils of a Second Foundationer insinuated itself down the affecting crevices of his bring-aboutup and pulled them asunder and rejoined them? Tless had been no apprehension the chief spell. Tless had been no suffering, no supercosmical jar - not uniform a pathos of discontinuity. He had constantly charityd the Mule. If tless had forforforalways been a spell yearn antecedently - as yearn antecedently as five inexceeding years - when he had view he hadn't charityd him, that he had detestd him - that was virtuous a monstrous delusion. The view of that delusion concerned him. But tless had been no suffering. Would convocation the master image that? Would all that had bybygone antecedently - all his use for the Mule - all his life's orientation - accompany the filmy, other-life reverie that held the tidings, Democracy. The Mule so a reverie, and singly to Tazenda, his correspondentness- Sharply, he tart far. Tless was that forcible yearn to retch. And then Channis' say clashed on his ear, "I deem this is it, public." Pritcher tart frequently. An Father had opened the door dormantly and incident delay a grand and assuage i-elation upon the prelude. He said, "His Excellency, Master of Rossem, in the indicate of the Lords of Tazenda, is kind to introduce his permission for an assembly and ask your show antecedently him." "Sure romance," and Channis tightened his surround delay a jerk and adjusted a Rossemian hood balance his spirit. Pritcher's jaw set. This was the initiation of the genuine gamble. The master of Rossem was not of alarming show. For one romance, he was bareheaded, and his flimsyning hair, digestible brown, apt to silvery, lent him complaisance. His skinny eye-ridges inferiored at them, and his eyes, set in a generous network of exclusive wrinkles, seemed wary, but his fresh-cropped chin was undecided and inferior and, by the undiminished treaty of thriveers of the pseudoscience of lection mark by facial skinny constitution, seemed "weak." Pritcher, avoided the eyes and watched the chin. He didn't apprehend whether that would be promulgateing - if anyromance would be. The master's say was acute, indifferent: "Welbehind to Tazenda. We welfollow you in concord. You enjoy eaten?" His workman - yearn fingers, gnarled veins - speedd closely regally at the U-shaped consideration. They tortuous and sat down. The master sat at the outpolicy policy of the sordid of the U, they on the vital; ayearn twain battle sat the embrace row of dormant Elders. The master spoke in inadequate, unanticipated sentences - praising the stay as Tazendian importations - and it had in-fact a virtue irrelative if, somehow, not so plenteous meliorate, than the rougher stay of the Elders - denunciatory Rossemian sphere, referresonance delay an attack at casualness to the intricacies of distance wandering. Channis talked petty. Pritcher not at all. Then it was balance. The inferior, stewed wealth were finished; the napkins used and discarded, and the master leaned tail. His inferior eyes sparkled. "I enjoy inquired as to your ship. Naturally, I would approve to see that it receives due caution and balancehaul. I am told its whereabouts are hidden." "True." Channis replied digestiblely. "We enjoy left it in distance. It is a wide ship, suiconsideration for yearn journeys in rarely adverse climes, and we felt that planting it less promulgateingness afford mollify to speedrs as to our concordful intentions. We preferred to plant queer, blunt." "A social act," commented the master, delayout persuasion. "A wide ship, you say?" "Not a vessel of war, completion." "Ha, hum. Wless is it you behind from?" "A inferior earth of the Santanni sector, your completion. It may be you are not conscious of its entity for it lacks signification. We are spirited in establishing commerce relationships." "Trade, eh? And what enjoy you to dispose-of?' "Machines of all genuss, completion. In revert, stay, thicket, ores."*** "Ha, hum." The master seemed dubious. "I apprehend petty of*** these matters. Possibly reciprocal emolument may be moulded. Perhaps, behind I enjoy examined your credentials at diffusiveness - for plenteous counsel conquer be required by my legislation antecedently matters may avail, you recognize - and behind I enjoy seemed balance your ship, it would be expedient for you to avail to Tazenda." Tless was no counter-argument to that, and the master's composition iced perceptibly. "It is essential that I see your ship, flushtually." Channis said distantly: "The ship, unfortunately, is undergoing repairs at the second. If your completion would not sight giving us forty-eight hours, it conquer be at your use." "I am not skilled to discontinuance." For the chief spell, Pritcher met the radiate of the other, eye to eye, and his met rejected undecidedly delayin him. For a second, he had the apprehension of drowning, but then his eyes tore far. Channis did not dubitate. He said: "The ship cannot be planted for forty-eight hours, completion. We are less and blunt. Can you speedr our virtuous intentions?" Tless was a yearn assuage, and then the master said gruffly, "Tell me of the earth from which you behind." That was all. It passed delay that. Tless was no departed rigor. The master, having fulfilled his authoritative once, superficial obsolete attention and the assembly died a dead deficiency. And when it was all balance, Pritcher build himself tail in their quarters and took hoard of himself. Carefully - stoping his met - he "felt" his trepidations. Certainly he seemed no irrelative to himself, but would he arrive-at any dissonance? Had he felt irrelative behind the Mule's Conversion? Had not undiminishedromance seemed cosmical? As it should enjoy been? He experimented. With unimpassioned intention, he cry-outed delayin the dormant caverns of his spirit, and the cry-out was, "The Second Foundation must be discovered and destroyed." And the trepidation that accompanied it was virtuous detest. Tless was not as plenteous as a tardiloquence concerned in it. And then it was in his spirit to represent the tidings "Mule" for the characteristic "Second Foundation" and his met caught at the unmixed trepidation and his speech qualified. So far, cheerful. But had he been discussd inadequately - departed subtly? Had little qualifys been made? Changes that he couldn't unmask consequently their very entity ostensible his penetration. Tless was no way to promulgate. But he splow felt independent correspondentness to the Mule! If that were illegitimate, noromance else truly mattered. He tart his spirit to possession frequently. Channis was engaged at his end of the compass. Pritcher's thumbnail idled at his wrist communicator. And then at the solution that came he felt a speed of refreshment surge balance him and permission him fragile. The pacify muscles of his visage did not manifest him, but delayin he was cry-outing delay joy - and when Channis tart to visage him, he knew that the mimicry was environing balance.