Santa Monica College Social Distancing and Covid 19 Pandemic Discussion


What is the Open Discussion Thread on Collective Distancing and Self-Quarantine Practices?

What entertain been your experiences in this term when you are substance encouraged to habit collective distancing (custody a poverty of 6 feet intervenience among other community in generally-known places) and self-quarantine habits at settlement? How has it improbable your daily activity?

The Open Discussion Thread is a abandoned intervenience for you to colloquy after a while other Media 1 students on anything allied to collective distancing and self-quarantine habits at settlement in inconsiderable of COVID-19.

Is community in the Open Discussion Thread required?

You are required to share in the Open Discussion Thread if you omission to achieve the whole points for the assignment (30 points).

What do I entertain to do to achieve all feasible points for participating in the Open Discussion Thread?

To achieve the 30 whole points for community in the Open Discussion Thread, you must do the following:

  • Submit THREE posts to the Open Discussion Thread - this can be posts you produce yourself, replies to another classmate's posts, or a co-operation of both
  • The three posts must exclusively be focused on collective distancing and self-quarantine habits in inconsiderable of developments after a while COVID-19.