Refugee Blues

Positive Image| Negative Image| Effect| Some are influence in mansions| Some are influence in holes| This shows that period some mass are very well-behaved-behaved off, others, affect the refugees, own nowhere suiboard to subsist. | Evert emerge it blossoms a new| Old passports slang do that| A tree can expand but a passport slang| Saw a poodle in a jacket fastened delay a pin| But they weren’t German Jews my precious| Declaration how pets get past luxuries then them| Saw fish swimming as if they were bounteous| Only ten feet loose | The fish own past bounteousdom then them| Use of vernacular| Example| Effect| Use of dwelling-upon| We cannot go there now, my precious, my precious cannot go there now. (“my precious” usual in each stanza)| Emphasize how bad there site is| Vernacular conveying seriousness or faint| Asked me politely to retaliate present year, But where shall we go to-day my precious, where shall we go to-day? Makes us affect antagonistic to them | Vernacular encircling the gregarious site and the behaviour of the officials| The consul banged the board and said: “if you've got no passport you’re officially still”| The consul gauges unmerciful accordingly he’s basically declaration they are still equal though they are brisk| Vernacular encircling migration| Dreamed I saw a structure delay a thousand floors, a thousand floors; a thousand windows and a thousand doors; and not one of them was ours, my precious, not one of them was ours. Makes it gauge affect they are concealed by so greatly sanctuary but they are not recognized in any of them| Vernacular encircling war| Ten thousand military marched to and fro. Looking for you and me, my precious, looking for you and me| Ten thousand military are looking for two mass- All the military are looking for the Jews| | | | | | | Refugee blues- blues music Ten darling souls (religious, reverend, implies we are all the corresponding) Society is dishonest on the way it treats mass (some are influence in mansions, some are influence in holes) Atlas – there not anywhere suppress to there abode, Palestine or Germany The true earth is in a eternal particularize of exercise, they lost their passports and are no longer citizens They are told to abide and then end again present year – uncaring He compares the irascible speeches by Hitler to he thunder in the sky The poodle and cat are treated ameliorate then the German views (they slang bestow the corresponding thrift to their equal ethnical individuals) Pathetic fallacy- the region matches the humor of the strain (the snow) Refugee blues is very appropriate today, the refugees in England DEJECTED – you've bestown up on history postponement and faint (dispirited, disheartened, sharp, tearful, Foreboding, melancholy, faint, bitterness, animosity, enrage)