Omega Inc. Bia

BACKGROUND Omega Scrutiny is a astride growing scrutiny and consulting decided. They entertain a unmarried ocean station located in Reston, VA and three mean sprig stations located in San Diego, CA, Salem, OR, and Kansas City, MO. Omega is not generally compromised in e-commerce or trade-totrade relationships. Two weeks ago, Omega skilled a weighty forfeiture of proprietary grounds (estimated treasure $550,000. 00) that was stored electronically in an Oracle groundsbase in their ocean station in Reston. The grounds was unrecovertelling and endups were not entity routinely oceantained, so no redintegration was potential. Although he has no harsh proof, Omega’s CTO believes that the forfeiture issueed from unprejudiced deletion of refines by a contemplations conductor from the Kansas City station that had been “let go” distinct weeks foregoing to the forfeiture. Neednear to say, the CTO has been tasked to “get things lower guide. ” You entertain been paid as a consultant to enunciate a all guile for succeedly the congregation’s reinstatement birth in dispose to anticipate forthcoming outage of Omega’s ticklish contemplations and netis-sue instrument. Your peacerain and observations get neverthenear be used to enunciate a long-term procedural and contemplation answer for Omega Research. The CTO has stepped up to the pdeceased and made the commitment to do whatever it captivates to oration these issues. Baserow Netis-sue Infraconstitution * Omega leverages AT&T Mansenile Internet Services for each of its station locations. * Omega owns and conducts the bdispose routers for each of their station tops. * Offices in Reston, San Diego, and Kansas City entertain liberal T-1 labor. * Offices in Salem entertain 256k F-T1 circumference labor. Systems Trade processes granted by AIX Environment 1. Financial 2. Reporting 3. Grounds Warehouse LAN Vendor| Services| Address| Phone| Contacts| IBM| Tape LibraryTSM Server| 522 South RdPoughkeepsie, NY 12601| 214 451-7747| Steve Barretta| SunGard| Reinstatement labors for server environment| 401 N Bhighway St. Philadelphia, PA| 877 456-3966215 351-1300| * Don Meltin (Test Coord. ) * Jack Fabrianni (Acct. Rep) * Lincoln Balducci (Resource Coord. )| BASELINE ARCHITECTURE Persomal Area Edifice (Reston Office) AIX Environment * Perimeter guard granted by screening router. Configured for dynamic packet filtering using interchanged Way Guide Lists (ACL’s). Remote way is granted to employees continuance at abode or on excursion through PPTP VPN, and, dial-up RAS offered by a Microsoft Windows NT 4. 0 Server ®. * All servers in the Reston station entertain been mediately located to a grounds feeling. * The Reston grounds feeling livelihoods a 5-keypunch co-agency lock that is required to entertain way to the persomality. That co-agency is shared delay all IT personnel and is occasionally rotated. * The grounds feeling is guideled for dampness through HVAC antidote. * The grounds feeling is guideled for sphere delay rudimentary HVAC labors. The grounds feeling is not on a rising foot to guide static electricity. * The grounds feeling does not entertain a top-wide UPS. Each server and netis-sue equipment livelihoods their own mini-UPS. * Internal Omega E-mail is befriended by a Microsoft Vary ® 2000 mail server prevalent on a Microsoft Windows ® 2000 Server. Omega has grounded an SMTP mail gate to livelihood Internet mail vary. * Omega is the registered proprietor of omegaresearch. com and oceantains a DNS Server at the Reston dexterity for spectry reanswer livelihooding Omega users and to confer Internet way to publicly wayible notice (web and e-mail). Web reckoning labors are granted on a Microsoft Windows ® 2000 Server prevalent Internet Notice Services (IIS). * X. 500 directory labors are profittelling through Active Directory although their implementation is proportionately imperfect – they are permitted in a adulterated environment. * Server and client o/s environments entertain not been routinely patched. * Reston station printers are all netis-sue conjoined. * The IT Department is lawful for treatment of the networks and networked instrument at the Reston dexterity. They conduct further than 170 is-suestations and 6 servers fulfiling the exertions previously feeling. Client muniments pause of Microsoft Windows ® 95, 98, NT Workstation 4. 0, 2000, and XP. Mac permitted contemplations embody OS/8 and OS-X, Panther. * Productivity applications entertain not been beardized. Some user communities relish Corel OfficeSuite ® continuance others recognize Microsoft Station ®. There are sundry editions of these packages grounded on client muniments. BASELINE ARCHITECTURE Persomal Area Edifice (San Diego Office) * The San Diego is essentially a heed of the netis-sue edifice granted at the Reston dexterity. * Differences: o San Diego does not reckon a web server. San Diego does not livelihood VPN or RAS connections. o There are fewer employees afloat out of the west strand station. The persomal IT staff pauses of one engineer who conducts all networks and networked instrument delayin the San Diego station. o There are near than 50 client muniments in San Diego delay homogeneous conformations as the ocean station. o All servers entertain been located in a unplentiful station in San Diego. * There is not a guideled way exclusion love in the ocean feeling. * The station is not guideled for sphere, dampness, or static. * There are no overflowing dominion preparation. BASELINE ARCHITECTURE Persomal Area Edifice (Salem Office) * Salem is a mean top delay solely 30 is-suestations configured in plenteous the harmonious way as the peace of the congregation. * Sale livelihoods a unmarried wholly shared refine and print server reckoned on a Microsoft Windows ® NT 4. 0 Server. * Mail labors are obtained through the San Diego station, using mailboxes set up on the San Diego Vary Server. * There are no publicly profittelling networked instrument at the Salem station. * Remote way to Salem’s infraconstitution is granted to inconstant and abode employees using VPN client to gate connectivity. Salem has an IT staff of one engineer that conducts all networks and networked instrument at this top. * All servers entertain been located in a unplentiful station in San Diego. * There is not a guideled way exclusion love in the ocean feeling. * The station is not guideled for sphere, dampness, or static. * There are no overflowing dominion preparation. BASELINE ARCHITECTUREARCH Persomal Area Edifice (Kansas City Office) * Kansas City is very homogeneous in extent to the Salem station delay the separation that Kansas City runs a Microsoft Vary ® 2000 server for mail labors. Kansas City has a persomal contemplation conductor for livelihood. * All servers entertain been located in a unplentiful station in Kansas City. * There is not a guideled way exclusion love in the ocean feeling. * The station is not guideled for sphere, dampness, or static. * There are no overflowing dominion preparation. Figure [ 1 ] - Ocean Application Equipment List CONSIDERATIONS Netafloat and Systems Administration 1. Way to any top LAN automatically guarantees way to the generous WAN. This media that user totalitys signed in the Salem station entertain next way to instrument in San Diego, Kansas City, and Renton. . User totalitys and way exclusions are independently conductd by each station’s contemplation engineer. There is not a vulgar user contemplation – rules regarding how passwords are created an enforced, cycled, senile, lockout, user totality grasp, and so on, are created and oceantained per station. 3. There is no pompous endup and toil reinstatement contemplation at any top. Backups are decentralized. Off-top succession solely happens at the Reston station. Salem generally fulfils DASD to DASD endups delayout Tape copies entity made. 4. The persomal contemplation conductors at the attendant stations captivate all superscription from the mediate station and are not identified to fulfil interval router varys. They do not entertain pattern to vary integralthing delayout mediate IT plaudit. They entertain no top biased budget; they entertain liberal totalitypower for their LAN’s. 5. All muniments run antivirus software although persomal IT staff occasionally oceantains their limitation refines and relies on user intercession to fulfil refine updates. No muniment has spyware guard. 6. There is no absorbed program for trailing employees on avoiding threats love, say, Phishing. . Firewall logs, reckon packet partition, application logs, accident and fallacy logs are generally ignored abutting the table. Trade Requirements 1. The form is growing astride in malevolence of new accidents. 2. Their force is in enunciateing trade delayin the persomal market and providing on-top consulting labors. The scrutiny end of the trade is the well-behaved-spring from which they entice their competitive party, but Omega is realizing that consolidating the scrutiny is-sueforce adds synergy to their efforts, and reduces useless aloft. 3. They guile to live down that elevatedway. As a issue, persomal tops get enlarge their consulting is-sueforce and scrutiny get live to be one at the Reston and San Diego facilities. As this diverge lives to enunciate, way to the scrutiny grounds stored at the east and west strand facilities beseems ticklish. Additionally, they cannot confer a homogeneous forfeiture of proprietary notice as was newly skilled.... and they apprehend it could entertain been plenteous worse. Known Environmental Risks 1. The San Diego station is located in a 20-year earthquake zone. Uninterruptedly integral 20 years, it prized that a 6. -Richter flake earthquake or elder get lower the dexterity, lovely causing impairment to the dexterity/computer equipment; treatment assumes forfeiturees to computer proceeds could be prized at 20%. As a countermeasure, the congregation has donationd prophylactic delay $18,000. 00/year annual premiums that acception 5% integral year. 2. The Reston station is located in a 500-year deluge zone. Uninterruptedly integral 500 years, it is prized that a deluge get lower the dexterity lovely causing impairment to the dexterity/computer equipment; treatment assumes forfeiturees to computer proceeds could be prized at 40%. The congregation has opted to not donation prophylactic. Annual premiums would run ceasely $25,000. 3. The Kansas City station suffers a weighty gale accident uninterruptedly integral five years. When the gale hits, keen electrical separation interests the equipment and the station suffers 10% forfeiturees on computer proceeds. The congregation pays $14,000 in annual prophylactic premiums. Appendix A. Balance Sheet Reston| | Magnitude Value| Actual Value| | | 81,290 45,690 27,390 13,330| 17,250 9,450 4,309 0| Netafloat Equipment Server EquipmentWorkstation Equipment Peripherals| | | | | TOTAL:| 167,700| 31,009| Kansas City| | | | Netafloat Equipment| | 12,700| 11,900| Server Equipment| | 4,009,250| 3,400,000| Workstation Equipment| | 18,200| 13,400| Peripherals| | 4,433| 0| | TOTAL:| 4,044,583| 3,425,300| Salem| | | | Netafloat Equipment| | 4,300| 0| Server Equipment| | 3,600| 0| Workstation Equipment| | 7,200| 500| Peripherals| | 4,433| 0| | TOTAL:| 19,533| 500| San Diego| | | | Netafloat Equipment| | 81,290| 17,250| Server Equipment| | 45,690| 9,450| Workstation Equipment| | 27,390| 4,309| Peripherals| | 13,330| 0| | TOTAL:| 167,700| 31,009| Appendix B. The Trade Impact Interviews Bill Hermann - We are a labor-installed congregation and our power to captivate in and magnitude important is ticklish. Externally strong important issue or absorbs acception exponentially in the very incomprehensive continuance of interval. In individualization our important birth which I mentor through the SAP contemplation confers us to conduct our stock and incomprehensive-term investmenting. I would prize delayin two days we would entertain to borrow specie which could acception our absorbs and aloft. Tiffany Sabers – The I. T. form is in a continuance of transition when it succeeds restoreability. Implementation of SAP was very extravagant, interval-consuming, and enticen out. We entertain built-in a roll of accumulation to support origination should any reckon of things fall-abrupt delayin a grounds feeling itself. So-far we are not in as cheerful a figure as we should be to secure your form to the generous grounds feeling beseem unprofittelling for any weighty continuance of interval. Distinct truthors succeed into embody when because the reinstatement of a mediate contemplation such as SAP. The availpower of the technology we've separated at our reinstatement vendor has been a dare to say the lowest. SunGard demands to attain and investment the alienate IBM servers that we use to run the SAP application. Secondly there is for a terabytes of origination grounds that demands to be restoreed from tape uninterruptedly a toil is manifest. The reinstatement spectre using the general tape library technology on the foot is prized to captivate 3 to 4 days disregarding any problems. For tape to be a vitelling discretion going presumptuous we demand to upgrade to surpassing expedite surpassing inobservance devices and media to converge the demands of the trade which is another important absorb. I purpose we all knew and verittelling the waste of having to retool delay the implementation of SAP. Now that interval has succeed and this drill is discriminating to indicate the personal reinstatement manoeuvre and technology to converge the trade demands. John Sampolous - I acquiesce delay Bill that our finance constitution is key. Since we don't fulfil integralthing substantial our trade example relies on our important birth. I get say though delayout having finance notice profittelling we may originate borrowing on the assist day of an outage. The way the SAP contemplation is-sues delayout general grounds we get be a day aend at the interval of trade rouse the assist day. We're unquestionably treasurey of oceantaining trade exertion but get originate to facilitate $3-$500,000 per day in intepeace singular. The deep row is stock exertion that is oceantained via a finance module delayin SAP is ticklish from our rendezvous. Linda Okonieski - from a pulean agency rendezvous we are generally heavy in the impart if we can't get to our catalogues and billing notice for the individuals in the arena. We engender a locality darling dollars in fruits a daily discuss to our labor form. So if there is a harsh fall-abrupt of the SAP contemplation we be to entertain issues in two exertional areas. The elevatedest and most patent is that if we cannot invoice our clients in a intervally sort or important issue get dwarf weightyly at the end of the elevatedest week. The assist interest is his longer-term and allied to constitutional and curtailual ramifications if we could not oceantain trade as general as immediately as potential. In our trade customer assurance and mark treasure are pricenear and demand to be secureed. So if we are untelling to immediately restore we could very well-behaved-behaved facilitate forthcoming trade that could interest our vipower of the congregation. Nate Brown - Linda hit the nail on the ruler, we demand to secure that we entertain the lawful fellow-creatures in the arena generating insucceed through billtelling hours and we demand to live to coldeceased for their is-sue. So I would say the catalogue and billing delayin the SAP contemplation assorts very elevated for me. And to add to Windows decisive sharp-end customer assurance is how we've been telling to oceantain a preferred vendor standing delay most of these companies where we do trade, so manifold fissure in the armor could absorb us a weighty total of trade. Sandy Ales - Externally way to the SAP contemplation we can’t hawk labors we can’t hand. Most of our customers lean on us to be telling to discover and furnish the alienate consultant/instrument as immediately as potential. Since we are one of distinct preferred labor procurers we get originate to disregard out on new curtails and renewals to our two-of-a-trade. Our trust on up to continuance notice interests 30 to 40% of our incomprehensive-term curtails and their power to emudeceased or longer-term assignments for our surpassing treasure personnel. Since we converted from our old contemplation decisive year we had beseem entirely reliant on the SAP application. Tyler Amdahl - We entertain built-in on top accumulation for the SAP contemplation, but we are peaceful negotiating a new curtail delay SunGard labors for a reinstatement conformation at the hotsite. Given the total of grounds that is compromised delay the SAP contemplation we are looking at 12 to 16 hours partiality reinstatement. Rachid Chad – The SAP contemplation is contrived/architected for fall-shortover cleverness. Unfortunately the origination contemplation implementation is generally environing $14 darling dollars. There is no rule of flake for liberal accumulation or real-interval fall-shortover. There are distinct discretions treasure because if anyone the reinstatement interval objectives that we all acquiesce to. I can say that they get not be mean so we get demand to lowerbe the absorbs were regarding to an outage from the trade perspective to entelling us to fabricate the personal reinstatement manoeuvre. Reyes Emme – If you were to ask the employees they would assort getting their paychecks on interval as a reckon one foregoingity. So-far the truth is that by stubborn insuring our payroll investmenting for a week to 10 day continuance we could procure prized payroll and then correct manifold issues uninterruptedly we're end up and prevalent. We in HR besides entertain or long-term interests should an outage extends for further than a few days and began to interest our mark treasure. The discuss to be truly sincere is that we influence the best consultants not-wholly installed on their sight of our technical abilities as an form. Fionna O'Connor – The audit and yielding areas are not interested in the incomprehensive term should an outage supervene. However, timing is integralthing. Should the outage supervene during the c facilitate of SOX testing on the patch overhead financial reporting to the ttelling we could entertain issues delay the regulators get. Jackson Davis - We entertain an all-in birth delay the SAP contemplation. We are entirely reliant on the contemplation availpower for day-to-day agency. The waste we entertain delay the prolonged outage is that we get originate to meet penalties for our totalitys paytelling since we entertain been telling to forfeit to a just-in-interval liquidation habit. I am besides interested that we may not entertain the personal documentation to manually work should the contemplation be shut. I purpose so-far this drill turns out distinct of our departments demand to go end and contrived some casualty guiles should the grounds feeling be unprofittelling to us. The penalties for deceased liquidation would be 10% of $100,000 per day.