Observational Stages of Piaget/Erikson

CDC Observational Experience, 1-2year old opportunity 1) Age: 22 months, male * Physical Development and Bud Milestones 1. Physical Characteristics- Past equal exhibition as compared to the wide-based, top oppressive exhibition of younger toddlers (besides introduce in the assembly). 2. Gross motor ability- Walked and ran after a while enjoyment as compared to the younger posterity. Past natural, hither “waddling” grade. Subvert 1 spell. 3. Refined motor ability- Manual deceit bud shown when adapting pages of a product that I was calling during “dissipation spell”. Observed making a dissipation on the soak consideration after a while a diminutiveer wand- shaped toy. . Sensory Ability- Telling to verbally fulfill colors, shapes, animals (and animal sounds). * Developmental Level of the Child- The observed cadet was in the “Autonomy vs. Shame/Doubt” position of Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development. His discourse was past improved as compared to the poor vote of the younger posterity. He was telling to pronounce in very humble sentences. I pristine observed autonomy when looking at what he was hollowing, a Batman outfit after a while a cape! The caregivers told me that he relishs to hollow those things and besides has a Superman cape that he chooses to hollow. When absorbed a humble charge such as “Come and sit down at the consideration”, he replied “NO! ” and kept gratuitous. The caregivers known him a few spells of disaffection, then refined him up and put him in the chair for lunch. The cadet was fussy for a few minutes in the chair, but did happiness up when absorbed his lunch. He was absorbed a diminutive whole of separate irrelative foods and chose merely a few to eat. The cadet fed himself. He was not toilet trained yet. He seemed to be direct in the intermediate of this position, which is from 1 ? to 3 years. In intimation to Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development, the cadet was in the” Mental Combinations” sensorimotor position. This was conspicuous in balbutiation our delineate product, which had illustrations of irrelative animals and vehicles. He pned from naming colors in the product, to fulfilling a truck/bus/etc. , to expressing a “roar” for a delineate of a oddity. * Psychosocial Development- 1. The cadet personateed after a while irrelative toys on the soak consideration, including buckets, cups, and brushes. He laughed at himself spinning a toy environing very reckless and watching the soak sprig environing. He did trace eulogy for this. As he was doing it, he looked at the caregivers and general it as we laughed. He seemed to relish gratuitous after a while two other boys environing his age (23 and 21 months). 2. As systematic anteriorly, the cadet’s message was abundantly past separate than the 1 year olds. He spoke in diminutive sentences and was telling to fulfill shapes, colors, and conversant objects. After a while the overhead statements, I impress that this cadet falls after a whilein the development and budal norms for his age assembly. 2) The CDC staff encouraged development in the overhead areas by allowing the cadet to produce his own choices after a whileout reprimanding, but maintained the natural daily sequence (example: sit down for lunchtime). Related essay: Shame is Worth a Try They gave the cadet laud for aftercited rules. Appropriate toys and personate ideas were granted for the cadet. 3) The soak consideration essence enhanced refined motor aptitudes and sense. A product and anthem “dissipation spell” enhanced pre-balbutiation and sequence. The posterity participated in frequent sing-a-long anthems after a while refined motor aptitude charges such as “put your finger on your nose”. 4) I was not introduce for the dissociation regularity betwixt the maker and cadet (was doing introduceation after a while 4th floor CDC posterity). However, this cadet had an exceedingly harsh spell reversion heedless for nap spell. He cried forever and was very uneasy. The CDC employees patted the cadet’s end rhythmically until he finally subvert heedless. 5) Five insurance rules were as follows; put detached toys (“clean up spell”), sit when eating, “Nice touches” (No hitting or pinching), shoes are regularly on, and everyone takes a adapt after a while a toy. 6) I observed a plight where the cadet niggardly another boy environing his age. The other boy niggardly him end. The caregivers unconditionally reprimanded the cadet by maxim “nice touches” and distracting twain posterity after a while a new essence. The technique did product, but twain of the posterity did it intermittently about an hour succeeding.