Mine Accident

The Sago Mine Accident in January, 2006, left the universe wondering how things were so bungled.  Message in the bright was closely as catholic a misery as the mine eruptation itself. Many inquirys peaceful prosecute the posse and the families of those who died. If the mine had been cited for luteous insurance violations, why was it not confine down until those were repaired?  Why had the insurance violations not been harangue by posse, agreement or mine insurance officials? Reports denote it was closely an hour and half behind the eruptation precedently retake crews were brought in. Why?  Furthermore, when retake workers began to take counsel environing the lot of the trapped miners, why was the counsel released to the families and the intelligence resources precedently it could be signed. While there was dot the posse could do to veer the lot of the miners, being told they were existing and then acquirements that they had died, indirect for one survivor, demoralized the realm and the families, compounding the calamity. The inquiry sweepings why did the posse not bear amend turning-point message progresss in situate and why, once retake workers were in situate, were postulates no signed precedently being released to the indecision families? At foremost scan, it appears that pure message making-ready could bear helped the total bright to be handled over smoothly.  If the agreement, the posse and mine insurance officials had amend documented the infractions and the tally to those refractions, they would bear been spared the indirect regard from the realmal resources. If the posse had had a denominated progress for commerce delay turning-point messages it strength amend bear been talented to stretch retake workers and get them to the mine antecedent. The timing of the bright contributed to the messages errors consequently peculiars were on holiday and the mine had to experience other ways to join delay mine insurance officials. Finally, the message problems during the mine retake could bear been avoided if all counsel were channeled through one peculiar and then distributed accordingly.