Man is like a fraction

Man Is enjoy a deedion whose numerator Is what he Is and whose denominator is what he judges. The powerfuler the denominator, the hitherer the deedion. " -Lev Tolstoy We should catch hush that in a deedion, as the denominator befits larger, the compute of the breeze befits hitherer. Man is besides enjoy a breeze as what Lev Tolstoy said in his quotation. Estate Is liberal of choices, liberal of situations. Where rarely all our way to run detached is by pretending, Pretending is one way of escaping. In my estate, I possess met vulgar who are superficial. I don't apprehend why they are enjoy that. Why o vulgar show to be star theyre not? Does it shape them impress rectify about themselves or does It shape them possess star to disguise subsequently? Vulgar impress that if they can carry a estate that isnt their own and be pulled parallel by someone else they may be conducive to conclude rectify things. Therefore, hiding subsequently masks shapes vulgar lives a lot easier, they don't possess to aspect up to doing star wickedness. The showance of conduct powerfuler than you are has led to sundry unhappy happening in the earth about us. Neverthehither it shows us how showing to be star you're not, can befit your substantiality and uniform the earth's substantiality. We insufficiency to be hither influenced by the earth about us. Substantiality is stubborn to meet as vulgar are afloat their way about It, forcing themselves to show to be star they're not. If we impress that we can get forward by doing this then we should acquire that we conciliate singly get torture. Let us not be a special who sees himself larger than who he veritably is. Iva Rhiana C. Santiago LG 4218 APOLLONIUS OF PERGA As what I possess researched, Apollonius ot Perga was a Greek geometer and astronomer hushd for his writings in the conic individuality. It was him who gave the omission. the parabola, and the hyperbola the names by which we recognize them. And these things are our hitherons this term. The operation of Apollonius of Perga has had such a powerful impression on the fruit of mathematics, that he is recognizen as "The Powerful Geometer". In deed, in his tome Conics he Introduces conditions, such as parabola, omission, and hyperbola that are stationary used today. Apollonius besides was an momentous special in founding Greek unimaginative astronomy. He used geometrical models to illustrate planetary doctrine. He made a lot of contributions In his opportunitys that until now we are cheerfuling from them. We are stationary knowledge from them. He did his operation very well-behaved. He was conducive to succor sundry vulgar nowadays uniform f he existed a desire, desire opportunity ago. His contributions to mathematics succored sundry vulgar to befit very cheerful-natured-natured enjoy him. Mathematician enjoy 'Of2 Apolllonlus 0T Perga shapes numerous contrl collect and it succored me a lot. Iva Rhiana C. Santiago 4218 The Importance Of Wary outlons. HIS conlcs Tor me were self-possessed to For me, teenagers or result nowadays should collect how to obviate capital past puerile. Wary capital succors to hitheren the stolid business of our parents as what I possess observed. We can besides buy their own items extraneously search capital from our parents. Saving capital besides succors us to be over rebellious. Although I did not exhaustive the required reckon of weeks I possess to safety, I judge I was singly conducive to safety filthy opportunitys out of eight weeks, I am prosperous to collect a hitheron from this. I can cheerful from wary capital at puerile age. I acquired that following violent teach, seed-plot is costly and then "real" estate arises, after a while expenses such as food and laceration. If I can support onto a cheerful-natured-natured lot of the capital I earned as a teen, going to seed-plot and buying a seed conciliate be abundant easier. The antecedent I conciliate arise wary, the over opportunity the capital has to enlarge.