Lust for Power; Destruction of Humanity

Lust for Power; Damnation of Compassion “Power”, the close purport of this vocable is “control”. Unfortunately, we are prop in a globe where the vehemence for rule has resulted in the damnation of compassion. From the inferior assort clerks to the industrialists of the leading assort, everyone is complicated in a career, a career to get to the top. And they are ready to use any instrument to get there. Leg pulling has beseem a humanization now a days, no one can prepare anyone else’s achievement. Everybody is blinded by this yearn for attaining rule. Take any one; a student can do anything to get an A in his finals, equable if it may complicate sabotaging his member students’ operation. A province can go to unthinkable extents to get to the top, equable if has to charm down another province and despatch turbid of lawful inhabitants. In our province, “Pakistan”, we are going through the similar appearance. Every day we see T. V shows where politicians are industrious shouting and yelling, blaming other politicians, hostile exact to get rule and get a stop of our province’s abundance, or at smallest what’s left of it. No one truly cares environing the inhabitants; everyone is exact ardent in making their own lives reform. We despatch, we demolish, and we torture the feelings of other human’s, exact to suffice our yearn. Is this what we own been taught? Are these our ideal and gregarious ethics? Is this what our Religion has guided us to do? No it is fully abutting everything. But we are all too industrious thinking environing our wants and we obliviate that we are humans. We own figuratively crusty into cannibals. If this keeps up, very upuprightly man himself procure beseem the infer for the cessation of his own self!