Lmt 100

AIFAA HUSNA BINTI ASHA’RI 112542 LMT 100 / 44 LECTURER : PUAN ZURAIDAH ABU BAKAR Question 1 (a) If I was Sivasothie, I achieve design the de- wedding made by my parentage accordingly I apprehend that de- wedding achieve not conclusive longer well-behaved-balanced though it was inventor rare. There were delaydrawal of charity and regard betwixt spouse and spouse when we married delay someone which we do not apprehend well-behaved. Furthermore, there was to-boot the venture of de- wedding which the spouse achieve act passionate towards his spouse and to be worse the spouse was too timorous to converse out. In Sivasothie’s standing, her forthcoming spouse was materialistic. As he works as a savant, the rate of dowry that he wanted was too tall that cannot be give by Sivasothie, plus he did not wanted to be thoughtful delay her parentage at all. In this occurrence, it shows that a dame arrogance was very low accordingly she cannot give to pay the dowry for the man, impartial accordingly of the de- wedding made by their parentage. Question 1 (b) If I was the American virgin, I achieve own a swithdrawal confabulation delay my spouse to reform our harmony. Maybe it was distressing to own a swithdrawal confabulation as my spouse was too indifferent, but I achieve try to shift and reform the standing to catch my wedding or else my harmony delay him achieve beseem worse. The charity betwixt us is deformed and it achieve die if I do not charm any renewal on it. A wedding delay no charity was meaningless accordingly we were living delay our participator natural and there achieve be delaydrawal of intimacy. It was okay if our spouse was not solicitude encircling us too ample. We do not own to be affecting towards our spouse accordingly it achieve demolish the wedding that we construct. Hence, we deficiency to fashion things reform and catch the wedding from divorced. Tolerate betwixt each other is weighty so that our harmony achieve conclusive longer.