Indiana Wesleyan University Gentrification Ethical Dilemmas Discussion



  • Textbook: Generalist Exercise after a period Organizations and Communities
  • Article: Guidelines for Intellectual Exercise in Order Organization
  • Video: What We Don't Learn environing Gentrification
  • File: Exercise Exercise Worksheet: Identifying Intellectual Dilemmas.pdf (in the Shared Documents module)

Background Information

While the National Association of Political Workers’ Code of Ethics prepares a open frameresult for intellectual judgment making, as famous in Generalist Exercise after a period Organizations and Communities, administrative values and ethics do not constantly prepare sincere answers environing how to answer to any point doubt in macro political result exercise. A hypothetical concept picturesque in the textbook compares the distinction among intellectual absolutism and intellectual relativism. Intellectual absolutism assumes that almost all intellectual situations can be controlled by extrinsic spiritual standards of demeanor and that all situation can be evaluated in provisions of lawful and crime. Intellectual relativism recognizes that frequent intellectual doubts are nuanced. Whether an renewal is lawful or crime requires an evaluation of the situation, recognizing that spirituality depends on our societal and cultural rules. Intellectual relativism considers whether the renewal produces the most amiable-natured-natured and the last damage.

The Hardina word notes that intellectual relativism comes into personate when tactical methods that disobey political or cultural norms are industrious in order or organizational modify. The respectful lawfuls move in the United States repeatedly industrious aggressive and natural management contrived to harangue structural and institutional racism. These tactical methods influence accept disobeyd political norms and laws, yet were essential to close political modify. However, the costs and benefits of the point insinuation must constantly be weighed. Consider whether insinuation is slight to close the most amiable-natured-natured period minimizing damage to stakeholders.


  1. Review the rubric to execute unquestioning you learn the criteria for earning your progression.
  2. Read the Article: Guidelines for Intellectual Exercise in Order Organization
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  3. Review Chapter 11 of the textbook.
  4. Watch the video, “What We Don't Learn environing Gentrification.” This video contains Closed Captioning (CC).Thumbnail of Video – Click to Play
  5. Download the Exercise Exercise Worksheet: Identifying Intellectual Dilemmas from the Shared Documents module.