How many Ski’s do they stock?

Seaport is n very few provisions; consequently they are an restricted distributor. 3. In recompense for providing an restricted, what marketing demands do restricted infamys claim of Seaport? They obtain run an ad or put items in the windows for a scant date. 4. What is the part of the merchandising team? What do they do? The merchandising team is binding for the relationships delay the vendors. They are the ones who get the vendors to adadjoin the Seaport rise. They besides acceleration delay what provisions they obtain go to, marketing programs and how he infamy obtain develop. . What is the part of an list strategist? What do they do? The list strategists are binding for the amount of the result. 6. What is the part of the distributor? The distributor places the items in whole venders doors, and care up delay all supply levels. 7. How multifarious infamys does Seaport vend? 150_ How multifarious Ski's do they supply? Over 1 0,000 8. What are some challenges Seaport faces in care all infamys in supply delayout cookouts? Can infamys restrain up delay the developth rate; they may not be efficient to profit abundance results as they insufficiency. 9. What are some metrics they restrain trace of daily? Whole date a result is sold it goes through the POS method and is automatically enthralled out of list. They can draw up: the middle dollar sale, how abundantly they are vending to a client, and the units per proceeding they are vending to a client. They can draw up, at any date of the day, how abundantly magnitude that is currently in the provision.