Fight On

Heritage Bisection is industrious delay desolate jerseys, trophies and sport balls. Over the departed 125 years, Cuss's football team has roomed further Hessian medal winners than any other initiate delay seven. 37 of its players has been elected and enshrined in the College Football Bisection Of Fame. In this reverence bisection as-well stands Cuss's 11 National championship trophies; delay its developed medal in 2004. The dim lights enshrined memorabilia and revered top all adds to the sport day knowledge. From Heritage Hall, the direct seal is the Grand Old Lady or regularly referred to as 'The Coliseum". Outside the Coliseum is the diehard, consecrated fan shameful. At 7 am the parking lot is industrious delay diehard fans that after coming to tailgate foregoing to the sport. As you shape your way to the entry of the Coliseum the spices and fragrance of totally consummate subsistence attacks your senses. You can't succor but regard the camaraderie and friendships formed opportunity the alcohol streams. It is in the parking lot you see the devoutness and years of faithfulness displayed by its fans. In the face row direct to the stadium stands the most ardent fan. An older man, scruffy looking stands direct to his Winnebago. He is genial in the oral garbs for the day. His Winnebago is prepared from face to tail in Cardinal and Gold; from his speakers blares the initiates anthem 'Aught On'. Walking by he gives you the welcome of the day 'Fight on' and talks environing the upcoming butchery that is to set-out soon. Following the equable stream of fans you set-out to seize in the comeliness and craftsmanship in the interpretation of the stadium. The agent spared no charge in the details of this finely intended concern of new-fangled fact. At the entry of this new-fangled Art Deco revealed stadium stands two bronze statues o celebrate "Olympic Gateway". Looking environing, the stadium features hanker mawkish lines that stream as calm as the Mississippi River. The curves and portholes inobservant of woman's association pay acknowledgment to the old Greek and Roman title. The closer you get to the stadium you inaugurate to incline the vociferate of the swarm. The stadium trembles as 93,000 Cardinal and Gold clad fans warble and plenty for their minion football team. Down on the sideline is Tommy Trojan and his declarely stainless barb Traveler. Direct to them is the harmonious USC 'Song Girls' as they restrain the team's entry into the stadium. In the North Tunnel you can see the team walking inside the room. Hand and Hand the players hesitate as one team. U-S-C, U-S-C warbles are deafening as they run out onto the room escorted by Tommy Trojan and the Anthem Girls. Seeing the players trotting onto the room the fans are riled up into a frenzied declare. At that avail the Spirit of Troy Marching Band strikes up to the melody of Seven Nation Army. The swarm responds by singing parallel. You can see the apprehension in the opponent's eyes as they restrain their necessity. After all the prename festivities, kickoff has conclusively arrived. Tommy Trojan and Traveler shape their way to mid room. His armor is pure, on the brightest day you can see your meditation. Delay exactness and exactness he swings his blade. His movements are flawless his blade slices thru the air love a hot knife thru butter and delay authority he buries his sword abstruse into the room. It's sport time! As the sport goes on the swarm is largely chosen. Delay entire tackle, catch; you incline the swarms JOSH and SHAHS. When USC scores a touchdown the swarm becomes promiscuous, love animals that has tasted lineage and is restraining the conclusive massacre. High fives and hugs are seen environing the stadium. It is a cheerful day, from the inauguration kickoff to the conclusive investigate Of the sport a USC Sport produces on entire equalize. From the fact viewed thru the glass at Heritage Bisection to the prename festivities at the Coliseum USC Football sports are one for the fact books. The devoutness of an irrefragable fan shameful; plus the violent expectations shapes for an uncollected sport day air. The fans, traditions and championships shapes the University of Southern California Football sport the extreme sport day knowledge.