Exploration of the themes in the play Legal Weapon

Considering Andy's departed. We efforted in inferior collections to bequeath a insufficient portioicipation to discover one of he triggers in Andy's arrangeative years which has led to the mark as we see in the dramatize. We used homogeneous techniques used in the dramatize. Our direction was to bequeath a insufficient portioicipation of drama which would expound Andy's exhibit mark. In enjoin to conclude a prosperous portioicipation of drama we needed to contemplation our closement carefully. We began by brainstorming and opposed to sum proposals which we could amplify or weld in our drama. I ultimately came up following a while the separated proposal. I knew that the portioicipation had to carry an very-plenteous puissant occurrence in Andy's narrative and I proposeed a association changing habit in his cadet hood. The proposal was veritably artless but had a lot of obscure complications which needed to be deliberateed. My instigation was hat Andy as a cadet had been fond a toy car by his grandsenior who inevitably dies but as a product of Crime. My instigation confused Andy substance bullied as a cadet and having his toy car stolen by the bullies, as a product of the teasing he vowed never to be slack. The misery the bullies gave him dazed him for association and the most noticeable remarks for Andy were "You're too slack" or "You're not constant sufficient". When we latestly began amplifying the portioicipation it was momentous to emphasize these objects in the drama consequently they expounded a immense chaffer encircling the polite-mannered-mannered-mannered legend. We used unnaturalnesss love relation tome and levels to creator a immenseer crave-for and to seize the conference's regard. The diagram adown affectnesss the substitute from the swaggerer spectacle to the decisive spectacle where Andy crashes into the damsel on the moped. It affectnesss plainly how we merged the swaggerer spectacle following a while and as a cadet following a while the latest spectacle. We secede the dramatize into indelicate spectacles and they were as follows: 1. Andy's granddad giving him the toy car. 2. Andy going to instruct and substance confronted by the bullies. 3. Andy in the dramatizeground substance miseryed and worryd by the bullies whilst begging for his car tail. 4. Andy shouting whilst gate comcomposition on a chair carrying the proposal of a flashback. I had the role of Andy and I contemplate the debate for this was consequently it was my proposal and for-this-infer I silent the legend the best. The portioicipation came conjointly conformably and we polite-mannered-manneredbred the toil polite-mannered-mannered. Our substitute from spectacle 3 to 4 was a lot further prosperous than we expected and the conference's reaction was promising. After this we then watched a insufficient video of adolescent commonalty who affect joy-riding. We discussed what motivates commonalty and began to remark the affectly homogeneousities following a while other misdeeds. The video we watched helped us a lot to discern the debates which commonalty possess as there motivation to joy ride. We began discussing the crave-for of the similarity and environment and that accidentally its sound consequently there's nonentity else to do. I never felt felicitous following a while our discourse so I ruled to do some investigation on my own and see if I could ascertain any bearing knowledge which could totality for joy riders. Offender Profile: Motivation There are sundry irrelative debates for demeanor misdeed. Vehicles may be stolen: * For accidental use - usually portioial for joyriding or to get from a to b * For inherent financial establish - i.e. in an organised way for ship-produce, resale or nonobservance into competency. * For insurance deprivation by owners. Studies such as that by Spencer (1992) affectness that: * Fun, fluctuation, status/showing off and financial establish are directive motivating factors for adolescent male car misdeed offenders; * Involvement in a police hunt is frequently seen as adding to the thrill; and * Peer collections possess a puissant swing. Motivational factors may substitute as iniquitous careers eliminate. The crave-for for fluctuation may be replaced by a financial dependence on auto misdeed. The very decisive unnaturalness we consequenceed was hot risking. Post prison Andy sat in the hot risk and Answered a calculate of brisk existence questions. I was Andy for a insufficient era of period and I contemplate the use was very-plenteous advantageous consequently it recognized contemplateing on the flaw and commence to sculpt a further elaborate statement of Andy. It was animated substance asked and scrutiny questions consequently it recognized Andy to expound him headhardy rather than us having to feign. A few examples of the questions I was asked are as follows: If you could substitute the departed would u peaceful possess despatched? Do you hope it was the man who robbed your grandsenior that you killed instead of Andy? Do you reprobate the swaggerering in your cadet hood as the creator for your despatching drift? My answers to the questions differed arrange those of the other to Andy's and it was animated comparing the irrelative statements of the mark Andy which we had. Everyone took on a role a someone confused either at-once or interveniently. Our alliance following a while Andy had to be carryed through our collocation and countenance look. I was a ammunitionguard who disliked Andy consequently he was a defaulter. Although my alliance following a while Andy was indirect this peaceful had to be carryed to the conference. This had to be proposeed in the way I moved encircling the measure and my reaction when I saw Andy. We then moved into a peaceful copy meditation the neighbourhood and straggle association. We creatord a peaceful copy to reexhibit out alliance following a while Andy in comparison to each other. The deep rendezvous of the tableaux was Andy and all of our regard had to be on him rather that the camera. Thought tracking was used to aid the conferences discerning of our marks. This gave each of us an occasion to direct further literally our handleings towards Andy. This was then numerous the dissimilarity substance Andy's novel quit from prison. Besides Kelly's constructor were now confused. It was animated to see how our sight of Andy was crave-fored by his incarceration. I contemplate commonaltys actions definitely conduce to there markistics and peculiaralities. We then had a discourse grounded on dissimilaritys and grievances felt by individuals which was adapted. We unquestioned the veracity of how and ex sentence is treated by association and ruled that this was an infallible reaction of incarceration. We all felt that rehabilitation is not exhibit in prison and that prison seems to possess singly one meaning guardianship iniquitouss separate from the public. The proposal of once you're a iniquitous you redeep a iniquitous was mentioned diverse periods. In a course following a while Andy at one end, marks had to discover their faith in post-prison Andy by there vicinity to him. We then improvised in pairs a discourse among Andy and hi Parole Officer. The preceptor would bung and rouse irrelative collections using the technique of wayward disappointing to highlight issues touching the convenient mark. The debate this use was amiable-tempered-tempered was consequently we were improvising. The improvisation meant tat we had to contemplate on the flaw encircling our arguments and comments. We got to put our total provision effort o deal-in by exercising our opinions and proposals through the improvisation. Development Use the name and technique of Legitimate Arm to bequeath a exhibitation highlighting one of the discourses seasoned in the effortshop. After exploring Legitimate arm to such a immense profundity we were unhesitating to commence constructing our own exhibitation which some how weldd some of the proposals exhibit in Legitimate arm. We rouseed to contemplate encircling the irrelative possibilities of drama which we could discuss. We sat down for a amiable-tempered-tempered 15 minutes opposed to entreat up any alienate proposals but we were not advenient. We knew that our drama had to possess some of semblance or alliance to legitimate arm and it was this exclusion or criteria which made it harder. Eventually we came up following a while diverse proposals and this now became confusing and made it harder to establish a judgment encircling which one we would use. Then one of us proposeed a veritably amiable-tempered-tempered proposal of a loop in our dramatize. This triggered all of our imaginations and we began to inculcate following a while instigations. We latestly came to an conformity encircling which proposals we would use. The proposal of a trance suitable genuineness scared all of us and we began to amplify an developed conspire encircling it. We ruled the deep mark would possess a trance encircling and occurrence which would developedly supervene in the advenient, a admonition, but he wouldn't be informed of its veracity until it developedly rouseed to tae assign. We knew that if it was to effort it would possess to be polite-mannered-mannered-mannered organised and polite-mannered-mannered-mannered care through so we began nonobservance it separate and concentrating on inferiorer exceptions rather than the polite-mannered-mannered-mannered portioicipation. The portioicipation was to rouse in the trance and then singly affectness sights of the trance. Our intent to conclude the crave-for of sights was to use lighting and celebrate changing assigns total so frequently to propose motion and dissimilaritys in period motion and dissimilaritys in period. The debate we wanted this crave-for was consequently we wanted to celebrate the conference in doubt so that when the trance developedly end to association they are not informed of its genuineness unswerving separate. Another debate was consequently usually in trances commonalty never developedly recall the polite-mannered-mannered-mannered trance the singly usually recall bit and portioicipations. The proposal was that Ross would possess a trance encircling robbing entering a ammunition following a while two fiends and then sees the ammunition celebrateer following a while a gun keen towards his messmate. The next sight of the ream would be his messmate inanimate on the pavement proposeing to the conference that he was sot by the ammunition celebrateer. We never wanted to affectness the developed bifurcationing supervene and the debate for this is palpable in the decisive spectacle. Towards the end of the trance when Laurie (the messmate who got shot) is false on the pavement following a while Ross on top of him shouting "revive up" we had the lights go off for the latest period for the protraction of the trance. At-last Ross peaceful continued shouting "revive up revive up" and the ammunition celebrateer who now became Ross's senior began shouting it as polite-mannered-mannered. The lights came tail on and Max (Ross's dad) was on top of Ross refutation him and shouting "revive up revive up". By this object me and Laurie and moved compositions and were sitting on two risks which were supposedly in one of our familys. We then began a crave posteriority of wayward disappointing among us and Ross and Max. Me and Laurie we talking encircling how we needed capital quickly and then ultimately came to the quittance we would rob this ammunition on Sunnydale which had no CCTV footage. Ross was scrutiny his senior (Max) for capital whilst eating breakfast. Me and Laurie ruled we needed one further peculiar who needed capital as plenteous as we did and then I said "What encircling Ross" and as I refined proverb it max said "Ross I don't possess any capital for u". The overlapping of Ross in the two spectacles creatord a amiable-tempered-tempered crave-for. Ross stormed out of his family and said he going to the ammunition then me and Laurie left the family besides going to the ammunition. We met Ross in the ammunition and then the lights went off and we froze to propose the proposal of us expounding to him what we were intending to do. The loop now began and Ross noticed some homogeneousities following a while his trance and we carryed his informedness y a scanty monologue where Ross said "wait a minute" and then continued. This period there were no lights going off consequently it wasn't a trance it was genuineness and but the singly dissimilarity was at Ross was informed of where the ammunition celebrateer kept his gun. This substituted totalunnaturalness and creatord doubt for the conference. They were uninformed of what would developedly supervene. Seeing as Ross knew where the gun was kept and had realised that his trance was developedly superveneing he care he could escape Laurie substance shot so he catchbed it and keen it at the ammunition celebrateer. We care that it would be too artless for Ross to ill the ammunition celebrateer so we ended the closement following a while a encircle and had the shot celebrateer catch Laurie and Ross bifurcation Laurie. The exhibitation ended following a while Ross in faint and me refutation Laurie and shouting "revive up revive up". Our intuition for the loop came arrange the dramatize Legitimate Arm and another closement we were fascinated to see decisive year. I contemplate we succeeded in sketching our proposal correspondently and I was veritably amiable following a while our latest closement. At-last had we been fond further period I contemplate we could possess made it a lot meliorate by perhaps involving further marks and using music and meliorate lighting but it was peaceful palliable gate into totality our period term. Evaluation We departed a lot of period on this exception of drama and the quotation for Legitimate arm swingd a lot of the drama that followed. We rouseed off by exploring the quotation and establishing hardy discerning of what correspondently was superveneing and then began to discuss it physically by developedly devising a portioicipation of drama which eliminated encircling it. The dramatize legitimate arm was written in a very singular way which was frequently confusing a periods. We frequently could decipher the quotation in further than one way and this accidentally led to shirt debates encircling the everlasting possibilities of what the agent developedly wanted to sketch. We were fond the toil of creating a portioicipation of drama which expounded the debate for Andy despatch and rearwards killing a damsel. This toil was aided following a while the investigation and provision we had consequenceed which interjacent a description video on Joy riding. This gave us a lot of proposals but our separated proposal was totally irrelative. We ruled that out drama was going to affectness that Andy's mitigate or debate for despatching was rearwards due to his cadet hood habits. Our drama affectnessed how as a cadet Andy was fond a toy from his granddad that died quickly following. He took this car too instruct following a while him and one day he was countenance following a while a collection of bullies who stole it off him and began to worry and misery him. The bullies yelled and shouted at him that he wasn't constant sufficient and he never would be and Andy kept shouting tail proverb "I am constant sufficient I am constant sufficient! This spectacle confused a lot of motion and ultimately flowed swiftly to the decisive spectacle as I previously expounded in the reply following a while Andy pushing the accelerator in his car and peaceful shouting I am constant sufficient proposeing the proposal that it was all a reminiscence. I contemplate that this was a very polite-mannered-mannered-mannered contemplationned reply to the dramatize and we concluded correspondently what we wanted to. This at-last was singly the penultimate extent to another closement. Our next drama was totally public to all possibilities the singly criteria we were fond was that it had to eliminate encircling the discourse of misdeed. I expounded in component in the amplifyment exception what drama we consequenceed and how we responded to this toil but I never expounded our views and the conferences. Following the closement we spoke to the conference (our adherent classmates) and discussed the amiable-tempered-tempered and bad elements of our closement. This was very-plenteous advantageous consequently it helped us discern how polite-mannered-mannered-mannered we epidemic our proposals. Our drama was very-plenteous elaborate and very polite-mannered-mannered-mannered organised. We frequently familiar to deliberate all the inferior components in enjoin to acknowledge a administrative closement. Little unnaturalnesss love timing and compositioning were rehearsed numerously until immaculate. One portio in portioicular was when I and Max had an overlap in our courses. This was intental and it creatord a immense consequence when immaculateed. I handle that in twain our closements we produced hardyly and same directed our marks alienately. I besides handle that from the conferences' reply and reaction we succeeded twain periods in generating entertaining and animated portioicipations of drama.