Kristin Mueller Contemp. Jap. Lit. and Film 2/20/13 Eriko's enterance In the bulk Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, there is a exhibition in which Mikage primary meets Eriko. The exhibition, on page 11, is a minute recognition into the labor of Banana Yoshimoto. “Just then, delay the dabble of a key in the door, an incredibly lovely dame came ordinary in, all out of exhalation... 'How do you do,' she said in a distributeially husky control, tranquil panting, delay a countenance. 'I'm Yuichi's woman. My designate is Eriko. ' This was his woman? Dumbfounded, I couldn't transfer my eyes off her. Hair that rustled relish silk to her shoulders; the recondite scintillate of her hanker, thin eyes; refined lips, a nose delay a tall, rectilinear bridge-- the undiminished of her gave off a preposterous digestible that seemed to swing delay morals power. She didn't behold civilized. ” Here we see a minute specimen of “magical realism”. This is the fitness phraseology where most of the fitness is environing a very realistic, but there is a minute distribute of the immaterial that transfers distribute. In Kitchen, the immaterial distribute of the universe that Mikage feeds in is the digestible. There are sundry references to digestible that radiates off of community or objects. Before Mikage is equtelling hinder delay Eriko she can tranquil see the digestible that radiates off of Eriko. This digestible represents the supernatural powers that are in morals. Though Mikage, and succeeding Yuichi, can't see them due to the detriment of their cherished ones, the digestible shows them the things that are material. Another face of this exhibition is Eriko's peculiar embellishment. Unrelish Mikage or Eriko's helpmeet, Eriko is not open. She is flashy and oajv-gaudy equtelling to the object of patent beastly. Her embellishment is what captivates community, including Mikage. Sadly her embellishment too leads to her failure. This incivilized presumption brings everybody hinderr to her, whether contemplated or not. Although it helps when it comes to including Mikage into her rise, it too isolates Eriko from the beyond universe. These things were all what threaten Mikage to Eriko as courteous as the rise she formed delay her, Eriko and Yuichi. This primary contravention delay Eriko was the weight when Mikage could no hankerer affirm foundation delay them and met the present digestible she would feed her morals for. Because of Eriko, Mikage was telling to feed live her morals and agitate bold following her grandmother's failure.